Juice Wrld Dead After Seizure in Chicago

Boss Hogg Sunday service
late night pardon me for being a laksa days achill but I was really enjoying
the day recharging my battery had a hell of a night last night I was hanging out
with Tasha Kay yeah she had a private party I was invited mmm I went through
for those of you who follow me on Instagram yeah eight pounds of king crab
legs when I took to the party you do the math eight pounds Alaskan
king crab leg not to be confused with snow crab and I had a great time and
then I’m I got home this morning at UH 6:30 a.m.
roughly thank you – Tasha kay her husband her beautiful family and friends
but I had to make a detour after I left Tasha Kay’s house let me just keep it
real with you if you remember the fire coochie I had out here
a month or so ago she saw me stuntin on the gram with the king crab legs shot me
a text and said hey you haven’t brought no you know king crab legs through here
so um I had to make that detour you know spend a little time and then get the
fuck up out of Dodge before the Sun comes up you know I get down anyway so
I’ve been relaxing today and I wasn’t sure about doing your show tonight but
here I am nonetheless and I want to approach a few topics the young man
who’s now deceased 21 years of age passed away from a seizure juice world I
know very little bit about him although I did like one of his tracks yes the one
where he took the music from sting staying from the iconic band the police
out of the UK a familiar with that track and I think did
Col Bennett direct that video I’ll do a little research as we go here but um
there’s not a lot I want to say about that young man because he his life was
cut short but I do want to try and be a little bit informative and supportive to
those of you young people who are coming up and all generations lose some of
their central figures I’ll just say that some of their central figures going back
to James Dean a Hollywood actor who’s died in a car crash if I remember
correctly and then you had a host of others from the 60s you had Jim Morrison
of course Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin John Bonham from Led Zeppelin who might I
know I’m forgetting a lot of people a Keith Moon from the who and and if we
fast-forward into hip hop eazy-e and a host of others that have lost their
lives very early so I want to try and be accurate and at the same time you know
um I don’t want to just go at this young man if if he was doing drugs that’s what
the reports are saying I don’t know some people were sending me links to
accusations of percocets and things like that
I don’t know so but phone lines open we will discuss it and I sort of ramble for
a little while before I bring in coals and things of that nature also on the
screen ah did brother Nature did he ask that
ass-whippin oh now this is the guy in case you don’t know who brother J is
somebody down there Miami he’s the guy that was Consuela
is that the name of the um those deers that he has always done those little you
know funny entertaining videos let me look into the live chat hey good evening
how you guys doing I do not have my contacts in yeah I think was Consuela
and you know great content he’s been putting up over the years and he got his
shit rocked got his shit Rock somewhere down here in
a sandwich shop if I’m not mistaken also he was exposed
for having racist tweets about a year or so ago correct me if I’m wrong but I do
want to just touch on that because no footage has come out since the initial
footage of him getting stomped out some I stomped his ears together and
everybody was you know attacking the person who stomped him out because
brother Jay was saying he got jumped now the tide has turned and the sandwich
shop owner has released footage of brother Jay from what I could see being
the aggressor running up on two guys you know act like he wanted to smoke and the
guy who stopped his ears together first he got up and he just you know like go
ahead man get out of here brother Jay makes the exit and then he’s trying to
get back in a whole lot of extra shit so I want your thoughts your opinions did
he ask for the ass-whipping so sometimes you can be doing too much you know and
get your shit rocked you have to take your L and go home
also tonight I want to put some respect on somebody’s name a very good friend
and a pioneer with regards to weren’t just one of my brands one of my many
brands and this man helped me in a big big way DJ alias I’ll talk to you about
that a little bit later and also I smoked hip hop on YouTube he went hard
at juice world and you know what I have to respect it because that’s his
generation I can’t say the things that I smoke hip hop said but what’s he
spitting facts I would say you know he has the right to say these things you
know being intertwine with that generation and knowing what it is that
they do whether it’s lean juice pills you know I saw the footage of juice
world on his private plane the only thing I can say is did he work himself
to death sometimes the industry can be so demanding and I know I know nothing
about his team has crew his family whether he was you know supporting
people helping them eat maybe he put too much pressure on
himself and I don’t know I don’t know so anyway you can talk
about that if you like and a few other topics as well we will approach here
tonight all right hey again soluta Tasha kay had a great time and I got a little
soft last night I held her beautiful baby her husband if they let me hold the
baby I’m patting the baby and I said oh man I want one of these that’s what I
said here take them back second I got to knock this off and you know just you
start thinking so let me just say salute to those of you fathers who you know no
matter how gangster how tough you are once that beautiful little life force
looks at you and you look at it it can break you so salute to you guys you know
you you may have been you know gangsters back in the day but once you have them
kids shake gets different huh all right so let’s get into our first topic phone
lines open goose world dead at 21 years of age after a seizure here’s something
I do want to touch on with regards to his track lucid dreams let me just make
sure because I’ve been relaxing all day was it lucid dreams somebody say yo you
got to talk about this it was actually a young lady and I got a an email I want
to talk about as well from a young man who listened to me back when he was a
preteen he’s now a lawyer so I want to make sure I remember that as well okay
yeah lucid dreams so the writer of that particular song sting from the police
what is his name Gordon something I forget I was I liked them back in the
days a lot I never saw them live but um to my knowledge and I haven’t pulled the
research yet sting owns the majority of that mechanical royalty so that would
include the streaming airplay and other things by a way of the bundles today if
I’m not mistaken you know with regards to that particular song
so I don’t know if you if you or we can be mad at sting and let me tell you why
because um for those of you who know I worked at record labels for it for a
decade before I ever start doing radio I started doing terrestrial radio in March
of 2007 cran-grape tonight um going back to the days of Biz Markie De La Soul
taking other people’s songs sampling them looping them there’s a history here
Vanilla Ice and a host of others Diddy is staying owns the UH I think a hundred
percent of what I’m Diddy’s biggest songs uh oh god is it missing you about
biggie you can’t just take the music loop it and claim it agencies were
created back in the late 80s and I used to have to deal with these agencies I
was in Northeast promoter for Atlantic Records Asylum at go east-west you can’t
just take someone’s music claim it without paying the person I think Nicki
Minaj just went through a legal battle with uh
Tracy Chapman so yet not knowing this knowing the history of how how these
lawsuits work and and the the publishing you’re taking a big chance so I don’t
know the people in his camp but someone else was suing juice world as well for
the the proceeds to that song lucid dreams that’s about as much as I know if
you want to say different phone lines open and I will also have Bostick Ronnie
calling in and I have some some other things to address by way of some of the
beautiful troll babies hey let me pause right now and say good evening to the
troll babies again how you guys doing how was the weekend anybody give a shit
about the rematch Joshua vs. Ruiz do you give a damn I saw the highlights I did
not see the whole fight Josh will have scared to me you know and 12-round he’s backing up II
listen you know Floyd Mayweather and a host of others in the lower weight
divisions they can do all that you know backpedaling dancing bobbin and Weavin
but we want to see the heavyweights slug it out yes or no till the bitter end I
didn’t see that the fight looked like trash
I did not see it live anybody give a damn : if you like not we’ll just keep
it pushing all right all right other than that I’m
feeling great we just saw loosen up Oh rocking the trash yes New York Knicks
fitted tonight trash and left hands if you’re out there so if you have time
shoot me a text if not don’t worry about it or the New York Knicks considering
getting a female head coach are there any other female head coaches in the NBA
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how you know not your brother let’s let’s start out right tonight all this
world man I hope you hope you ain’t hooked up with your man shares over the
weekend I saw you had the crab legs the homey he’s good people
I was out last night with Tasha Kay and her team I had a great time great turn
and I know I had the crab leg the old bay and all eight pounds did you do the
math yet come on hey okay okay can we get into one of the two topics either
brother Jay or juice world dying at 21 years of age where you want to start
I don’t know nothing about brother Jay man all I know is the juice world care
to know he died from a seizure and you know the stealing generation a hip-hop
man you know guys is you know doing all type illicit drugs making music and they
catch up to you man okay any theories on why the generation
of today is dropping so fast yeah Mac Miller give me some of the other names
it’s been a bunch in the last six years well you got Mac Miller the xxx kid and
they just he was murdered he didn’t die of an overdose xxx tantastic
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah my bad who else I’m not really not really privy
into you know all the young the young generation you know what well do you
have any theories on why the younger generation you know is dying in the
fashion that they’re dying any theories about counterfeit drugs what well well
okay okay they just you know you get high you make a song start Wilding now
you know the records are selling and everybody is jumping around and half the
time let you look at some of the songs and the music they make
I don’t even understand what they saying there but you know people like it it is
what it is sir you sound like an old hater how will you hold you 38:30 you
cowboy from the Furious Five do you know how he died pioneer cowboy let’s get him
out of here come on come on come on respectfully you’re calling up I want to
talk about these times I want to be educated don’t let the 55 year old you
know lay some of these things out before you tell me your theories cowboy huh how
did he does he look alive you see much my troll babies no huh I’m
not gonna sit here and just dump on the younger generation I I can’t not when
I’ve seen Janis Joplin again Jim Morrison and a host of others just you
know died off of drugs come on let me go to cash that real quickly I’ll come back
to the phone lines Jack how are you sir he says are you up to speed on the loose
Sasol documentary no can you send me a link I’ve been relaxing today Simulink I
appreciate the the donation Jack I may have seen it I don’t know but I
appreciate your donation nonetheless sir okay let me go to Gucci Marx how much
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while hater thongs since um oh man 1998 on public access cable even
before we get on to hot 97 so I’ll keep you posted
thank you I’ll let you know all right thank you so much for your donation hey
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okay thank you sir Elvis the chef Rosenberg hey Ronnie okay
uh Bostick Monty hang on a second I’m just gonna take a few calls Ronnie I
will bring you in oh wow okay so she Ronnie just sent me brother
nature’s anti-semitic tweets whoa okay this goes back to um October 2018 and
the source is Huff Post calm this is brother J brother nature why am I
thinking brother J X clan brother nature okay he apologizes after racist
anti-semitic tweets resurfaced yeah okay so he got his shit rocked in Miami can you guys do me a favor in the live
chat can you tag a kid Mel it Mel does great content on YouTube I am pretty
sure he’s in the 305 and I smoked hip hop can you tag him I see both of those
guys have my direct number it Mel if you’re out there and brother bless one I
smoked hip hop if either one of you guys want to call and of course promote your
platforms and just chime in on brother nature getting his shit robbed and I
would appreciate okay Thank You Ronnie come right back to you
let’s go to area code two one five take it evening two and five are you there
and yeah what’s up big homie this is no love hey what’s up man how are you good
evening none I came hour our call with an opinion and a question okay hi my
opinion who is regarding the ante release and Joshua site okay we you seen
the highlights this it was lackluster and ultimately how the fuck do you come
in there and digging and what the hell you came in the first fight yeah it
looked like a he’s like a hot dog short from butter being yeah the thing was
just rounded a big ball of mass so you really can’t knock Joshua
you know tagging him i pitty Pat saghini monk box because you just gonna let the
fat boy frankerz the fat boy because I’ve had yeah well I’m not blaming him
but I just thought you know based upon the highlights that I saw
it looked like trash Jimmy listen you regained the tape it was yeah yeah it’s
trash man but I don’t know why Andi Ruiz put on that much weight did his camp
give an explanation all right they asked him how did you put on 16 pounds within
48 hours his answer was yes so you know I’m gonna try to you know give him my
heart he he did everything he could to ignore the question okay but I mean his
camp had to have some some knowledge me it couldn’t have just been his decision
unless he was just sitting around just you know inhaling cheeseburgers me his
camp it looks like he was it looked like you know it looked like he was snorting
cheeseburgers Bubba he’s straight up good
Thank You Man just keep it funky now now my question are you ever gonna let some
of them gems out of the vault from the public access radio yeah I mean like
listen I’ve got a whole catalogue of stuff that I have licensed out over the
years if you’re talking about the universal hater a show you can google
that on youtube I think those yes I’ve seen everything you got on YouTube and I
love that shit but you also took some of that shit oh hang on a second cuz I
don’t like to go too far back I have documentaries that have been put
together so I mean I have a host of stuff that I want to put out at certain
times I don’t want to just throw it up on YouTube because as we all know
YouTube keeps changing their Community Guidelines so I’m not in a rush you know
and that’s not to sound cocky but I’m just I’m taking my time and there’s
other things that I have in mind but thank you for the call that’s what’s up
man okay thank you sir thank you yeah yeah universal haters on public access
Manhattan neighborhood network you know what else hold on a second I got a lot
of shit on my desk you hold a second even since he mentioned that for those
of you newer viewers I don’t like to always you know try and take credit for
what I’ve done I am I’m at a point in my life where I’m
still energized creative and strong in terms of going forward but there are
some things that you may or may not know about I used to be a writer for four
years with the Source magazine my pen name was buck wild and that’s where a
lot of things popped off from I’m not gonna put these on the screen but uh
these are some of the columns I have all of them laminated remember that Source
magazine written by but well again fuck was my pen name huh I actually have a
book compiled already of these columns you know column picked up a lot of
traction and and I have all of the the fan mail that I got over the years from
different Penitentiary’s different countries and I have a book that will be
put out at some point later on but thank you for your call sir let me bring in
area code seven five seven good evening seven five seven okay okay
so now how will you sir can we as man how will you first fire two years old
okay so they’re dropping like flies low peep I forgot to mention low peep Mac
Miller a host of others do you think that today’s generation is dying faster
than the legends icons pioneers of yesteryear you think they’re dying
faster because of the yeah you know I mean they listen it put now kind of
chemical on testing all kind of things you know I mean right you trying to get
a different type of high yeah I mean so that’s why the dropping like flies did
not last long and I mean little wee little win and I mean stop this thing
kind I know you know that yeah and it’s been going on before with their with
their boys on so then you Stan recalling boy you know I mean they
come up with the sizzurp Anala all that you know for all you know I mean they’re
not all it what is young cats nowadays don’t know
what to wall it before they eat they drink and before they eat you know I
mean now you just said little way now if memory serves me correctly are you
giving a little Wayne credit for the syrup or or are you forgetting DJ Screw
well you know in kind of in kind of remix the scissor if you understand what
I’m trying to say yes sir he remix it all a heads like me you know how to do
certain remedies for last lung that’s why you’re doing this at 50-plus okay
you understand okay as I user as I X user you know I mean
you know if we cleanse the body these kids ain’t cleansing their body they
ain’t purging are not like that yeah I mean okay you can’t just keep putting
these things in your body I’m not taking a cleanse
he’s a smart man so you know what they do yeah you have to purge your body
purchase system he understands that their mother job soon and trust me we’re
not to be fair you know my generation the 80s you know people were getting
high doing blow and if you got a wholesome good blow your fucking heart
would bust you know and there was a there was no social media then so you
know who knows me if we it’s hard to say but I mean there were people that were
dying all off of the Year the raw blowing and the raw fucking uh
the hound if you look at the 60s and the 70s in the Helmand shit yeah but another
da star we are they we are they L does that was
I knows I didn’t a daddy certain little things you used to do you could take
quick fast and get it out your system on perform again and you know I mean the
food the food was beer to kind of balance it out right no it is these kids
not eat in room you know I’m saying I mean I’m not saying all that but then
wasn’t doing it enough my man all these entertainers they do these substance
drugs to keep up the energy and indoor endurance to perform you know I mean but
these young kids know you can’t tell them them yeah you know I mean like you
said you’re not trying to stifle these young generation but they’re not
listening at the same time I will say that I think Colonel make
sure you get a salad with it yeah I think that the spice and the k2 is more
dangerous than you know back in the days people who smoked woola’s yeah yeah
that’s what easier killing people they’re buying a bootleg and I mean I’m
wanting to cheap out fast I’m quick on Ali things you can let’s better go with
a real thing whether killer slowly instead of quickly yeah I mean after
marketing concealer quickly yeah but any other one I’m gonna kill it slowly yeah
I mean we’re going aboard you know sorry for these kids that’s coming up well you
know hey listen like you say America is capitalized capitalized yeah my brother
hang all of the time but now he’s respecting my space thank you keep doing
it doing blood yes a bless yeah you know back in the days if we you know if I’m
gonna take the position my generation you do some blow you want to do
something freaky to a girl or or two girls you know I was weird like that you
know just I would ask a chick hey or powder your face just straight like that
she said huh you know nose candy booger sugar oh oh and then I would say you got
a friend no two females they just you know back in those days I was a man
who’s nothing better now you do some Flocka you wanna you want to bite that
you want to bite a hole in a girl’s face different different type of ha you know again Thank You Ronnie let me just go
back up here a second guys full blast radio on the check-in oh shit yeah with
the fax full blast radio.com that’s the homie DJ tiger he said cowboy died at
age 28 of a coke overdose yeah I forgot it I knew it was something to do with
drugs was he smoking it I say that respectfully Thank You DJ tiger full
blast radio calm there was people dying off the coke don’t get it fucked up
sniffing that raw and back in these the 70s if I’m not mistaken when people they
had epidemics of people especially in the New York tri-state area dying off of
the heroin and it made people want more than heroin oh you people die off that
shit I gotta get some hey thank you someone sent me a email here yeah we’re
gonna try and get to that tomorrow Oprah Winfrey producing a documentary of sorts
with regards to one of Russell Simmons accusers let’s discuss that tomorrow is
is Oprah Winfrey now an agent of chaos or something is if she going after the
black man let’s do that tomorrow because to my knowledge she has never even
married the black man she’s been with for all these years
Stedman you know why not why not you jumped the broom coming from Michael
Jackson and those boys were exposed those so-called victims making
accusations about Michael Jackson when fucking the Neverland Ranch wasn’t even
built yet claiming they were in the ranch when the goddamn ranch wasn’t even
built yet it’s gonna area code uh 908 believe me 908 talking about juice world
y’all gone off our toe a sir hey I’m girls going on that I told my juice
world any thoughts yeah man I want I want to address that yeah man it’s fat
man 21 years old 21 crazy and it’s closed because I haven’t really heard
from him in like maybe a couple of months I notice when I need projects the
last time our current ending of bottoms with that situation was being that was
the only thing I remember mmm but yeah man we lose a lot of these
rappers younger days and shit I remember just briefly French Montana yeah you
should look back to you yeah I didn’t uh i’ll try figure out why he went to the
hospital but he just left the ICU and you remember back in those days
look little Wayne he’s sitting on that lien so much everyone was concerned
about his health yeah you know I mean Lodi no touchie was
double cupping and even I mean I could lick it lick it
lick it like a lollipop call me I can make it juicy for you call
me oh that was my shit I remember that song yeah yes or no good but you know
when you think of when you think of all these like celebrities man that almost
could something could I what happens in like I know Johnny Depp he said smoke
cigarettes like crazy until his fans told him to chill out with that then he
stopped but when you think of people like River Phoenix remember him he dies
Joaquin Phoenix brother River things yeah exactly and then you know Heath
Ledger you know died of cardiac arrest see they said that he might appear in
this don’t quote me on this but they said he was taking sleeping pills know
any deaf you took too much of the point that he actually died I used to be so
high off of coke I so have to take sleeping pills you know just to go to
sleep you know look at myself in the mirror and say damn nigga stop stop stop
yeah and then they look at all recently undercut off topic but John with his
phone man worked himself to death you a take a single break never took a single
break just because you know he loves money wants to work and then yeah and
the passing away John Belushi I can go on and on and on you know yeah
absolutely absolutely so let me ask you a question Theo do you think that maybe
it just it is what it is and these people that are living these
high-profile celebrity lives they are they’re a partying you know enjoying the
high and they check out and we should all just fall the fuck back is do some
are ip’s and just let it go these people are coming and going at the
same time they’re climaxing and then dying I mean we definitely should
because it’s not like it’s not like they’re paying our bills like they don’t
live their life and weak on the lip gloss we just got
make sure if we actually make it to that level that we don’t make the same
mistakes they make you know but unfortunately when you when you get to
that fame you know I mean you you get to it so quickly that all this all the shit
that just comes at you out of nowhere that’s why you were saying you have to
have people protecting the cash cow making sure that they don’t end up
getting hurt or sick whatever the case is I mean when the yeah I hate to cut
you short man blessed ones trying to call in from I smoke here pop I want to
take this call all right all right thank you thank you feeling the check it
blessed one where are you sir I smoked hip hop let me see if I can find him in
the queue yeah salute to my Puerto Rican uncle who’s gone now Daniel Kinsler he’s
the one used to telling me Troy take a good look at yourself it’s the dead of
winter and you’re sweating the life you save will be your own that shit used to
resonate with me hold on a second guys bless one I smoke here pop is that you
sir man 2 look though he met Lucas starts
range yes how are you good to hear your voice man I was watching a part of your
clip earlier but I was I was so tired man I just I fell out promote your
channel first of all and and go ten toes down
you called juice world or what I called them a crackhead yeah let’s talk about
goddamn crackhead come on he’s a he’s a crackhead and it’s like I’m not trying
to disrespect the young brother he’s a young man
first of all rest in peace to that man I said in the video but then I went in I
want the hey go hit that dislike come on like I seen this story over and over we
can go back to ODB you know I have nothing against the alphabet community
you got little Pete his mom’s to know they’re crying bitches see that nigga
when he was up in his room throwing tantrums
snorting away you probably help them buy the shit all these first allegedly we
don’t know don’t don’t talk reckless but his mama she might say no I didn’t
salute to that man’s mama but I’m just calling it like it is like I’m not gonna
be a hypocrite like I didn’t try certain things this and that but thank God I
ain’t no goddamn daddy like when we was growing up you know we had our faults
over everybody I’ve got it look if my son
falls victim to this society in generation I rather my son be the
pleasure i’ma say what you gonna tell me he’s
gonna end up dead he’s gonna be certified this from seeing passing out
in airports motherfuckers passing out a Mac Miller and he’s going patching Sarah
Grande left them or whatever you pushing this to society and I’m posed to tell my
kid son was an a.1 nah man like I got a call like it is he was a crackhead and
he got a crackheads death we used to condemn that now we have a whole side of
your future and forgetting future poor the GZ saying he don’t even pop pills
well how about that 50 don’t drink but he sells vodka a boy
suit v I ain’t even goin off its east it ain’t no crackhead Jesus so now have
they done the autopsy on a juice world yet I would imagine not it’s kind of
early they’re saying a seizure I don’t know if he was doing percocets a couple
of people sent me some screenshots and I don’t want to push a false narrative
right was that what he was talking about on his IG page and other platforms
yeah these popping vans percocet he even had mixed a cocktail of a combination of
exam pronounce that word good I mean all these IDs because like me being a
content creator you not have all of them in idea there’s always some weirdo said
you you might tap in to see what live going on
I can’t stay 30 seconds with that shit is like this dude is Fenian half of them
sitting for dudes no females everybody’s on now come on foaming at the mouth like
there’s videos of this dude foaming at the mouth
you dudes crying right now at this funeral where was everybody saying you
know I see the shadow staring in my room I see yeah let’s hope you go to heaven
if you believe in that to a board because you died a crackhead yes Wow Wow
I want to hate I want to hate you I want you to be a
monkey if I never fuck with you in real life I don’t want you to be at my
funeral I don’t care if it’s just my goddamn kids people so scared the
Liberals truth so they surround them so with so many fake shit so that that
facade it feels comfortable so you get the fake crying
comes a trend but three weeks later on to the next rapper you’ve got a very
popular video on your channel I smoked hip hop with regards to a xx extant
accion over 2 million views and he died a tragic death he was shot and killed so
with regards to juice world do you feel that the people around him should have
stepped in or do you think that everybody was just you know along for
the ride and we have what we have now I think everybody should like honestly
step in and it’s certain things about the X situation you can contribute the
drugs to cause first of all that video I did I had to get permission from the mom
because I know the cousin you’ll see one of them in that video and with X I feel
like you know what Broward County is like that’s our neighbor like you’re
walking around with over 50 stacks on you so I think these drugs make these
dudes and co or whatever or incoherent whatever you want to call it and they’re
just on this level of high and they’re not in reality and it’s like everybody
is yes men are so when I see dudes my age or older started getting mad at me
cuz you’re all overgrown yes man like mad at tipping point already is messed
up like it’s a it’s a generation of crackheads yeah every sock hey before I
let you go man um the miami-dade Police and a few other agencies over there in
Miramar did you do a video about that you’re in 305 did you cover that uh no
no I didn’t cover that at all yes door okay okay do you plan to I mean
everybody talks about you know guns to crippled sons and all that extra shit
and then you get you got the other the the somebody called and said that’s how
the brown gets down any afterthoughts they let it fly I mean now I don’t have
more thoughts on that yeah I didn’t do any proper research on that to give uh
I’m not gonna give any fake response to that okay I mean other than that salute
just just keep bringing up this topic store I don’t care which side you’re on
on this as long as you’re talking about it then it’s better than being fake and
crying and acting like you gave a damn about this man
you never even followed one song I can’t do it so if you want to be that part to
everybody listening that’s the cool thing to do and the crying and you can
have all that maybe because I’ve seen deaf too much I’m like that’s the
generation of crack head get over it okay
you’ll be all right tomorrow good to talk to you and you want I smoked hip
hop on YouTube yes yeah bless for my mama just for you to have me on the show
store I don’t even promote that let’s just promote enough of crackhead
generation going on stay blessed our salute me thank you bless one okay bless
one on the check in does great content right now oh and also I like to give
props where props to do I was laying down today and I caught a little bit of
thought crimes on YouTube they always have great content they did a did a show
two hours and forty minutes I heard about maybe 20 minutes of it juice world
how the industry’s sabotage and exploits okay check them out thought crimes
that’s th o ug HT c RI em easy on YouTube okay they did some really good
research and they were talking about the number of tours that juice world had
gone on within a two year span a lot of tours so that’s why I’m thinking maybe
he just overexert himself you know and just push himself to the limit and and
you know a lot of times the body gets sick and tired of being sick and tired
you’ve heard me say that for many many years me that’s what ultimately led me
to stop doing cocaine in 1991 you know I mean the coke was different because they
were manufacturing it you know in different warehouses in places like that
so it wasn’t even real coke around that time or I couldn’t get a hold of real
coke and it’s probably a good thing and my body said hey we’ve had enough now I
didn’t find finding Jesus or anything my body said enough is enough you fuck
black race is good evening sir he’s on the check-in via super chat he says
every entertainer I think wants to get famous rich as hell and then get high
out of their minds until they drop dead everybody wants to go out on
top you may have a very valid point there sir you know you get that money
and you just you lose control Richard Pryor lost control he said hey sir he
couldn’t stop freebasing max power will good evening sir sends in
a super jet they should get Youngberg to play juice world in the movie market
price is 22 times 8 is 175 okay okay he’s talking about the king crab legs
the second market price is $22 times eight pounds 175 boss nigga we want the
Eton walled project story actually I paid close to 200 for those uh but but
let’s say yeah I don’t talk about prices I just threw that out there to you but
um I had a great time last night and everybody even there was a bunch of kids
they enjoyed the Alaskan king crab legs and I bought just enough you know
everybody was there with the scissors cutting them open and had a great time
thank you um max power who’s this I’ll break up
bitch star for one of the Haida thongs can you wear one of your old Kangol hats
and some Jay Electronica sunglasses and black the fuck out we need that not on
rock angles anymore man that’s that old shit but Thank You Man
I appreciate the donation that kid kayo so I’ve been told you have a kid you
laughed at me and said you have troll babies a daughter and specific we’ll
bring out the ultimate man in yourself well sorry listen I keep it true as
these to say on this microphone I thought it had some kids back in the
days and I even tried to stay in touch with a female vicious Italian bitch from
Scotch Plains back in the days and for a while if she told me that I was the
father I tried to be in the child’s life and then one day she just said hey you
fuck can you stop coming around or else I will take my life savings to have you
murdered by my uncle so I stopped coming around and then I
contacted her brother years later he said now you’re not the father she’s
she’s a liar yada yada yada um but I’ve always said I want daughters I don’t
know how far back you go with me on the microphone I’ve always said I want a
bunch of daughters daughters will always love daddy you know till the bitter end
no matter how much of a piece of shit you are so but thank you for the
donation Bush kid said start I guess fat women are willing to marry low Wayne and
the fight was great true skills with Joshua hashtag those were not king crab
legs sir they were they were Alaskan king crab legs I went to the supermarket
and I was about to buy the whole goddamn box and yeah maybe you don’t know what
king crab legs look like those were not snow crabs sir get your hey tup but
thank you hold on a second guys let me um and Ronnie I’m gonna bring you in
shortly just give me a second one make sure that I get through some of these
super chats and cache apps yeah I smoked hip hop
thank you sir he says bless hey bless one thank you man I got your cash yep I
appreciate you speaking of cash apps super chats and things of that nature
let me let me just pump the brakes right now and say salute to DJ alias DJ alias
on with myself started star in the morning no one deserves any more credit
than DJ alias and I just I need to say that because you know sometimes people
try and twist the narrative and with regards to donations and things like
that that’s the man who back in 2014 and we used to call it star in the morning
up in Scranton PA salute to hood and hood promo radio we went through hell
trying to figure out back then the algorithm we started on Ustream channel was shut down then they charged over
billed us because we had too much traffic but DJ alias make sure you
always put respect on his name in terms of who started star in the morning
that’s the man along with myself and then it was number nine from those early
days and then other people came into play later on I’ll break that down at a
later point in time but you know just want to make sure that alias has given
his proper credit great man a good friend and what we went through in terms
of trying to figure out how to set the Machine up to play music at times not to
play music dealing with losing pages and all sorts of things
DJ alias again just want to say that that’s no shot anybody else but let’s
let’s let’s keep it real as they say all right
I’ll break it down a little bit later at another point in turn pull the hate on
the check in via cash at SLU tehrany working on her day off we see you okay
Ronnie you ready to call in Boston Ronnie where are you I’m gonna look for
your number in the queue Ronnie if you have time to call in now and again guys
will get to Oprah tomorrow okay Ronnie says I’m there let’s get her in here boss shit Ronnie area code seven three
two good evening hey hey how are you I’m doing pretty good and yourself great
thank you for being available um what do you want to jump in because I know very
a little bit about juice world we have been talking about some of the other
musical artists legends icons pioneers that have died tragic drug related
deaths what do you wanna start yeah when you
guys were listing them you kind of you left off little peeps so he’s one of the
recent deaths as well as Mac Miller and this guy juice world he actually just
turned 21 last Monday so if it was that lucid dream song that you mentioned that
actually went to number two on the Billboard and sting actually owns 85
percent of the song now yeah and there last month news broke that another group
called Yellowcard is also suing because they claim that
the same song lucid dreams takes from their 2006 track called Hollywood died
so they’re seeking their seeking 15 million in damages as well as a cut of
the royalties and co-ownership of the song what right well you know listen I I
with regards to business I just I’m trying to say earlier that
you know we should not be at this point right now in hip-hop
with a hip-hop genre where people just take a sample and loop it and then think
that that’s okay again there were agencies created back in the late
eighties when I worked at uh Atlantic Records that specifically found groups
that were sampling you know rap groups hip hop groups that was sampling another
artists and not paying them I mean that people were not trying to page or Jew
Intan they were not trying to pay James Brown so that was lawsuits in the early
days and I’m just I’m surprised that this even happened the way it did with
regards to sting and them or I should say a juice worlds team whoever they are
taking this sample I mean why not replay it but they just took it good right
because all record labels have what’s called a musicologist and that person
sole job is to listen to every track before it’s cleared to make sure that
it’s not taking any elements from any other song so you’re right
who knows you know how that song made it past them and you know of course we know
the fallout now you know that song garnered a lot of money and he really
didn’t see much of it because he did things backwards he didn’t handle the
business on the back end up front right well you know some some artists and
their teams they also have this mentality well we’re just gonna put it
out and then we’ll we’ll deal with the legal shit later some people just they
don’t give a fuck you know right and I remember earlier in the show you made
reference to the situation with Tracy Chapman and Nicki Minaj I actually was
listening to funk master flex today that Nikki was on his show
and she was previewing that track and that I loved that song it was Nikki with
nods and you know they had remade the Tracy Chapman song but she said no she
did not want Nikki remaking that song so the latest development in their case was
that she asked a judge to force me Nikki to turn over her text message records
because she believes that she sent the music to Funk Flex via text spiteful
intentions yeah well the judge said no so she won’t be getting access to
Nikki’s text messages okay now what song was that was that a fast car was that
one of her sampler that was a big hit yes it was yeah it was a big hit but the
spin that Nikki put on it it was it was fire and I tried so hard to like find it
on YouTube so that I could you know like rip the the actual sound and save it but
they just they took it down too fast you know some artists don’t don’t care you
know how big of a rap artist you are they just don’t want their music
intertwined with some of the the messages you know I don’t know the
actual details but um you know that’s one of the angles with regards to juice
world if we can shift gears for a second brother nature did you see the video
with him getting is uh your stomp together yes and that is a classic
example of somebody jumping up to get beat down you know you don’t pick a
fight with somebody who is with somebody else if you’re by yourself that just
really wasn’t smart I watched the video he was arguing with the guys he
approached them actually he was arguing with them you know for several minutes
and so you know he got what he had coming to him yeah this was a sandwich
shop for those who don’t know somewhere in Miami
um and I heard a little bit of an interview with the guy who beat
brother nature brother nature was he came in late he wanted to sit in an area
where the tables were the chairs were already put up on the tables he then
starts whooping and somehow he walked over to the guy because a girl whispered
and brother nature’s ear that they were filming’s he then comes over and you
know when that rah-rah shit and and then we have the new footage that came out
and the guy the guy still didn’t he didn’t he didn’t initiate it from what I
could see inside the the restaurant brother nature leaves and then he’s
trying to pull back in yes is that what that would happen it seems to me that he
was the aggressor in the situation and he hit first that’s what it sort of
appears that way to me because it goes from them arguing inside of the store to
the fight outside to him running back inside the store and getting beat up a
little bit more and the guy was so charged up the main guy that was beating
him up that he just started throwing all sorts of drinks on him all sorts of
beverages from the counter you go fuck something like that actually he said
that he called him that when they were outside the audio portion he did say
that to him so yeah he threw everything under the Sun on that guy and kicked him
in his head about five or six times yeah I didn’t see him get jumped did you he
said he was jumped I didn’t see anybody else jump in I didn’t miss that part
no yeah there is a part where when he runs back in the store he grabs one and
he starts hustling with one and when the other one realizes what’s going on they
both are fighting him so it was at one point a two-on-one okay but outside that
was a one-on-one yeah well if he started it then he got what he had coming to him
you know I can you know you don’t start a fight with two people yeah yeah can
you hang out sure okay can we bring in every coat
three four seven good evening three four seven we’re talking about
juice world passing away 21 years of age are you there hey Ronnie hey how you
guys doing hey hey hey I heard about the juice boil thing today my niece actually
called me she is 18 and 2 talking and she was like oh I see my favorite rapper
died today I was very laughing and she said you smiled all the true crazy have
you done she said Ceaser so on that junkie shit they didn’t say that I said but you know
what it is she was like yeah because I don’t know if this means that El Nino
maybe two songs like a popular one and maybe one more but she knows the song
she was like yeah he talks about that stress a lot he was even talking about
xxx and little peep and you know they don’t make the barely make up to 21 they
don’t make it 27 or something like that like they don’t make it they don’t live
that long yes I can’t there’s a bunch of junkies
and she was like yeah I said you know I know you guys consider music and it’s
like the music is okay in terms of the beats and stuff like that I was like but
you’re there bunch of bunch of crackheads she was like I know I know
but I still feel bad but he died well to be objective you know art imitates life
art imitates life so we we’ve got a lot of kids you know and older kids in their
20s 30s that are doing a lot of pills syrup lean so are we going to just
dismiss him as being a junkie or is there a deeper problem in America there
is a deeper problem but they are junkies nonetheless junkie the junkies period
but is there a deeper problem sure they’re not the first to die of drug
overdose or they’re not the first to do drugs
but they’re you know this is what’s happening to right now and that’s what I
was telling her today like the music is cool and all that but the fact that this
is what they’re talking about you have to be aware because their audience our
kids also like someone my niece is 18 she loves God okay so this is who their
fan bases and people think is cool and they follow and you know we come from
the era of nothing that’s better but it’s different we come from the era of
the drug dealer being making the music and this era is the drug user making the
music and as you can tell from our era a lot of people wanted to also be drug
dealing I heard someone say the exact thing that you just said who would you
hear that this this generation is the drug user I was I wasn’t trying to play
maybe that’s a common reference now I don’t know um why don’t you want to jump
in about juice world any any other information yeah so um what crystal was
saying it’s actually a lyric from a song that he has called legend that he
released it was like a tribute to little peep and xxx and he says what he says
what’s the 27 club we ain’t making it past 21 no no motor prosthetic that’s
always pathetic but I never heard the song but my niece was telling me about
it today and and and it’s sad it’s sad that this is happening so often again
this is not new I wasn’t I wasn’t around 60s when it was happening before or shit
I was too young in eighties when it was really poppin off from the crack ever
but either way I know it’s not new but it was never always felt like back in
the day people weren’t like publicizing their drug use and the way to say yeah
this is great it’s kind of like I know what I’m doing
it is what it is well you know there was no um well there was an access to the
internet back in the sixties in the 70s I mean the as I said earlier you know
when people when people were dying off of heroin it was spoken about you know
on the streets and it made people want what the heroin even more where people
are dying off sadly but that’s what these kids are all
right now they’re on these opioids and stuff they are literally on heroin
there’s young kids that I see I saw a young guy the other day I was driving in
my hat and on how history and a young guy I’m talking about like 20 within the
middle of the street I guess he wanted to be begging but he couldn’t stay a
week and he was in between the cars cars are moving a shake and I’m like the
light and he’s like don’t this and the middle of the street these young guys to
shoot up heroin head yeah okay crystal good you’re here for me anything else
want to mention tonight any other trending topics piqued your interest I
thought I don’t know who brother nature is but I saw the video who is that he’s
a content creator he does a lot of stuff with animals and I became familiar with
him a couple years ago when he does that whole thing with uh I think it’s
Consuela the the deer and he feeds her and you know it’s cute I’m an animal
lover so I took notice to him then but yeah shit rock shit robber
oh yeah I saw that I know he was but I know he’s like the body said fun what is
it God jumped up could get me down yeah I think those guys recognized him and
that’s why they gave him a pass at first like yo homie your Wallen tone it down
we know who you are you know fuck out of here and then he was the aggressor and
that’s where I got a shit Rock but thank you all for calling it crystal have a
great evening good night thank you okay hold on boss
chick Ronnie let me go to uh super chat black racers on the check and he’s a
star stop lying you brought those king crab legs from a Chinese man in the
parking lot on the south side I know him too no sir I bought those King Alaskan
king crab legs at Publix and it cost a pretty penny they were more than $22 a
pound thank you sir for your donation salute to you as always
tranny chaser on the check-in says another druggie kicks the bucket so why
are people shocked question mark shout out to the trannys that
keep that buzzy poppin Jesus Tran terrain says star tell us about your
trendy stories and have you ever been tricked by one in the club or somewhere
else or did you know anyone else that was so I don’t have any training stories
I just had that one where I choked I choked and kicked the tranny over a
grandma coke he tried to play me that’s the only man oh yeah but thank you for
your donation hold a second let me just check on cash up here do work MEK good
evening coke and perks is everywhere heavy right now I wouldn’t know about
coke I mean I have no interest in anybody who does coke I have it for
years I would imagine that it’s still you know a popular drug but um you know
I’ve seen stories I report different stories things of that nature if it’s
still poppin as you say I would imagine that it’s got to be some type of even
more than before some type of factory produced cocaine you know because now
you have moon rocks you have a flock you have other stuff it’s probably even more
dangerous than it was back in my days good good evening to a Gangu roach star
I’m calling it from three four seven let me get on the line okay hang on a second
oh did I just pick him up seven yo hey yo hey hey how are you man good evening
I got you cash oh yes sir what’s poppin hey how you doing man I want to get it
boy sick or anywhere quick okay she’s right there sir
hello okay uh who told you uh a musicologist works we regulated specifically who told me that I really
can’t remember okay I mean I’m going through printers
now I I had to hire one they don’t work for record label support labels don’t
have them on the job no no no no to you a copyright
Department of a clear record that’s their job to create to clear the record
if there’s an infringement issue you would hire a musicologist to support
your case got it okay you guys come on yeah so yeah so you know musicologist is
independent they don’t they don’t work or regulate well listen not to jump in I
want you guys to have the discussion you know who knows musicologists can be
hired by the label I mean they can be put on a retainer the same way you put
it yeah yeah then why are you correcting me about it you’re saying yeah of course
and what exactly are you correcting about because they’re independent they
don’t work for directly you said no no no yeah just like they’re independent
just like I can hire one they can hire one there’s an infringement issue if
they don’t believe me they’re going to get a musicologist to go against what
I’m saying you see I’m saying do not say that the label you made it seem like
they’re sitting at the label like they clear the records they don’t they
everyone you do that I said a lot of record labels have musicologists on
staff yeah well they don’t a lot of them don’t have them on set they know you
know you hired him to independent you call them up like you know you caught my
you and say hey you musicologists over they I need you fur to support my case
they were splitting hairs because it sounds like we’re essentially saying the
same thing but I’ll let you have that anything else no no you mean you need to
seem like they’re at the record label when they’re not that’s that’s that’s
how I took it in I said record labels have them on staff they are they work on
a freelance basis but that doesn’t mean you can’t be on staff somewhere I never
heard of that okay okay well I yeah and I gotta yeah like I got like
four I got like four or five infringers right now okay can you tell us about
your infringement and you know your money can agree to disagree with it and
it says these individuals are hired to provide assistance to record hired hired
they don’t exactly but youth like I just said okay somewhere without getting
hired can you be on staff without getting hired like I said if you have to
majority people where you meet a senior you mean it seem like they work at the
league all right sir can you tell us about your infringement for other people
who may not have the knowledge with regards to you know taking a sale I got
I got I got I got two three I got two three records on a radio that I want a
piece of that’s a cardi B and French Montana related okay so um they didn’t
clear it they didn’t clear it you know I’m saying so um we reached out they
clear to do some work to the wrong writers you know so we were hired we’re
hiring a musicologist okay to support that the original that that the sample
is originally ours from 1985 works and um you know it will it will work because
it’ll you know you wouldn’t attack it if it didn’t make any sense are you
registered as a songwriter through ASCAP or BMI where you registered as I own I
own publishing I bought I bought I bought works in catalogs from from
writers okay but I’m asking where are you registered
ASCAP or BMI that’s I’m with both okay okay yeah publisher can work yeah the
knowledge that you have and I think it’s important to tell other people because
you know a lot of people younger people may not know what a clearance form is
would you would you care to explain a clearance form because I used to deal
with those back in the days and I haven’t kept up with that stuff but tell
these young people about the importance yeah please come on yeah I mean like say
for example you got um a song mob ties on the Drake album right so um what
would happen is that D and G clearance has ever made of guard the best out of
Delaware’s she reaches out to us there’s a bunch of writers on the song some of
them from another sample maybe like twelve writers on the song and there’ll
be a sample quote you know and then there’ll be a breakdown
what your quotas and then you gotta sign off and then you know you get your split
you register your splits but then sometimes there’ll be like other samples
in that record that didn’t get recognized or the producers or that they
were going to get away with and and you know it might have been something small
was like part of the hook or something like that if it was recognized it might
have got like five five or 10% of something like that but it wasn’t
recognized then you pop up out of nowhere and say hey they’re using a
piece of my record you know and then you know you could put a cease and desist on
it but you probably wanted to make money you know I’m saying so you just let it
rock one and then you work on it behind the scenes you want to tell people how
they can get a clearance form but before a song is released oh whoa I mean when
you in the studio you make a split sheet right there
you don’t think yeah but I’m also talking about filing that clearance form
through ASCAP or BMI that’s what I’m ultimately getting it you can say
anything in the studio and and the reason why I’m saying this is because
people can talk about a split in the studio but whoever signs off on that
clearance form and that’s what gets registered that’s very important because
when that when that song gets air plate and then it gets picked up by that
encoder if you absolutely if you’re not on that clearance form you don’t get
paid I’ll give you a last word okay you’re right you you’re right you got
three years to fight that yeah you know I’m saying you got three is the fight
there’s such limitations that record comes out I’ve seen a lot of people get
lazy and let it go by and stuff like then they’re lost tons of money but if
that does happen to you young guys or anything like that you got three years
to fight that I’m not gonna say any names but there are a couple of
well-known black record label owners that will buy out your rights and you
will never even see a clearance form they submit it and you get nothing nada
from the airplay correct give you work for hire you know all sorts of ugly
things here and um hey you’d never say yeah yeah
why didn’t you send me a tax I’m sitting here talking to you and I know each
other very well I didn’t want to disturb you because I know you’re black and out
sometimes when people text you you are a day one with me man and Ronnie hold a
second estate is so cool listen this is your area of knowledge you have worked
with people you can say some of the names if you want of cases that have
already been resolved you worked with Aliza real um you work Eliza yeah I got
the big cut I got yeah I got the big pun estate back for the big point of state
um I’m working with um if you see right now I got a two million dollar case
against Sony ATV and BMG for being greedy and its producers that’s that’s
current that you can check you you can check that out on Bossip we’re about to
do something to Teddy Riley real quick soon I mean um you know I work with
Styles P locks a little bit you know I mean cool you need to get a banner mass
we can put your banner on the guy first man so hang on a second also I know this
man this man gets the bag for people if you have ever been jerked or you you
need someone to help you find some money because you were helping me look for
some money one time yes yeah next time when you call and just say your store
it’s good all right I got you oh yeah I’ll just text you up there hey also
anything you want to mention about some of the pioneers because you have a
flight I formerly a cold chillin have you guys ever gotten together and done a
podcast or just you know chopped it up like that no but I would love to 12th oh
I’m cool with Molly Moll you know I’m saying and I’ve hung out with Marley
numerous times and he’s told me numerous stories about coach Hill and the things
like that you know hung out with G rapper Luke yeah I mean yeah absolutely
those guys are legends so honestly they’re all the guys the guys from the
eighties like EPMD I’m talking to himself like those
guys like that parish I really I really work really hard for them to their life
you know that’s what I grew up warned so I’m more
that’s a whole nother show EPMD that’s a whole nother show man yeah yeah 80s and
90s guys I really you know they’ve been they’ve been they’ve been they’ve been
sampled a lot you know they got you know some of these guys have on publishing
catalogues at numerous at numerous some publishers over their 20-year career
some of that stuff has to get like consolidated importance of one house and
things like that so you know over the years you know some people just miss out
on things what’s going on and they overlook you know their money sometimes
money sitting for 15 years and one account they didn’t even know sometimes
the artists world he’s recouped ten years ago they didn’t know you know do
I’m gonna put you on the spot man can I put you on the spot you agree can I put
you on the spot didn’t I ask you a couple years ago if you wanted to go on
Vlad TV and talk about some of this stuff about that yeah hey Bo I got I got
a start date um I got something going on right now with um there’s ain’t no more
set of illicit text text me tomorrow I’ll holler at Vlad you can really you
could open up a can of worms all right yeah I got something big star I’ll tell
you tomorrow about it alright solutely good that’s it alright alright okay
talking to you take care yes sir okay that’s the homie cool what
do you say his name was on the goddamn cash I’ve hole in a second
very knowledgeable man he’ll help you find some money if you’re an artist and
you’ve got George mattified reached out to me and I’ll forward your information
to him hey Patrice thank you for your donation darling she says star spends
scrilla king crab legs on my wine oh thank you darling thank you for your
your cash yet Tasha K’s good people and as I sit on my IG post you know when
people invite you to their homes you don’t go empty-handed you know I had a
great time last night okay Ronnie hold on a second I’m gonna bring some more
coals in area code two six seven good evening two six seven are you there
hello 267 yes no maybe okay sitting in the closet with a rope around
your neck and around your penis right there you go six for six good evening
hello big of us to chef Rossum hey what’s up man how you
oh man I’m tasting the American dream everyday you know late as you should be
what’s going on man we were story just world please okay so
my son is a little sad about juice world and he’s only nine years old and he says
to me dad I feel bad because words are spells like you taught me and all he
talked about was dying and it’s true you have to be careful what you say words
are truly spells yeah so that happened today okay I just wanted to share that
from a 9 year olds perspective how I can teaching him to be careful what you say
yeah hey and if I can also I recommend you Elvis if you’re interested I thought
crimes on YouTube they did a great two-hour episode I only heard part of it heard you say that they had some really
good info with regards to juice world and they were talking about his touring
and his workload so that may have also played a part I don’t want to just you
know a junkie yeah yeah you know just there’s so many artists over the years
and actors and and different entertainers that do push themselves
beyond the limit you know it’s not just for themselves but for their family you
know and then uh this happens good okay respect Thank You Man salute thank you
okay Elvis the chef Rosenberg Ronnie what
else with regards to brother nature I know he sent out a tweet with regards to
getting jumped as he said has he responded to the new footage that’s on
tmz.com inside the the sandwich shop that the
owner has released nature no and the only thing that I saw that he said her
was his condolences with regards to juice worlds so that was one of his last
tweets that I saw I didn’t see that he said anything about the fight oh wait he
did say that he got jumped and that everyone in the pizza shop just watched
with their phones out and did nothing but what did he expect them to do you
know he started the fight you can’t start a fight lose the fight and then
say nobody help they just watch yeah 20:19 that’s what we do
that’s right all right hold on a second let me go back to super chat okay black
races I got you max power that kid ko okay I think I missed troll baby 1,000
what you thought about the Andy Ruiz Joshua fight salute boss nigger see you
doing your thing again I just saw the highlights I didn’t and I probably won’t
go back and watch the full fight I know the andy ruiz in the first round
Joshua hit him I started leaking you know on the side I’m just I’m kind of
disappointed in Andy Ruiz I don’t know why he put that weight on whose idea
that was I don’t know I don’t know I just and do
they want to do a trilogy do they want to do a third fight I would hope so
did you watching the highlights Ronnie the fight I did see some highlights and
it just you know it was very snooze worthy it wasn’t like an exciting fight
yeah yeah it was just trashed and you know what else kind of weirded me I’m
glad you know I wasn’t there in person did you see that see the big four
columns it could you imagine sitting in the goddamn arena and you can’t see
around the damn column did you notice I don’t know or am I being too technical
here no I didn’t notice that craziest I didn’t know that okay and I
also want to go to something here tonight hold on a second did I mention
anything earlier that I did not go back to Oprah okay Oprah Winfrey going after
Russell she’s gonna produce executive produce a documentary with regards to
Russell’s one of Russell’s accusers are you up to speed on that or no should we
just wait till tomorrow uh yeah so apparently she’s going to be doing sort
of like it’s gonna be almost like the the are Kelly and the leaving Netherland
sort of expose and you know this is like what the third or fourth time Oprah is
throwing somebody under the bus that you know she used to be really cool with but
I noticed we never see her say anything about Harvey Weinstein and he’s financed
a lot of her projects you know that was a very good buddy of hers so you know
before you tell us about Russell let’s talk about Harvey Oprah let me ask you a
question from your perspective is Oprah Winfrey a black man hater you know some
of those films that she has been involved in if she was you know behind
them I think she was behind that film beloved and she just always seems to be
in these films where the black man is just projected as just a lowlife and I
know she had all right kind of someone sort of remember her talking about she
was raped by her uncle when she was younger do you remember that I know am I
going too far back no um well she didn’t write the color purple so I mean that
was the movie adaptation of the book I’m talking about beloved beloved
she was quarterback that that production oh yeah she did quarterback the
production on beloved but I don’t know if it’s necessarily an issue with
Blackman in particular it might just be black people in general you know Oprah
has always sort of pandered to a certain audience you know when you look at her
audience of you know how she built up herself
it were middle-aged white women you know she wasn’t pandering to to a black
audience so you know I think 50 cent named his dog
after her because she had a strict policy of not allowing rappers to come
on her show so you know I played with that dog a few times down at the hole
the old g-unit office my homie Nelson used to a quarterback g-unit and I used
to granny to hang out with him and 15 those guys sometimes and that little
doll used to run around Oprah yeah and don’t forget she also had some scandals
at the school that she built in Africa so Oprah before you do another before
you do another hit piece on another another person let’s see a documentary
about what happened to those young girls over there at your school yeah how about
that let’s put that question on the table tonight nevermind tomorrow is
Oprah Winfrey a black man hater phone lines open something else that that
struck me very odd about her and her her going after Michael Jackson and now
clearly Russell Simmons so to area code nine one two good
evening 911 – oh you there hello though and I want to know okay hiding in the
closet again somebody but it’s bringing area code six one four good evening
system more today she’s doing something I’m gonna hang up on you are you picking
up yes you know at the bar corner whoever that was it’s gonna area code
eight three two good evening eight three two are you there let nigga hey sounds
like three prosper come on man let’s go logan’s I’ve been trying to get in your
will you order a big-ass crab that’s regular shift me Houston I’m not trying
to you know flex but many many years going back to the 80s man when I lived
on Martha’s Vineyard that’s regularly shit so what I heard to say use older inky
crab legs I said what this big over there prospers in the buggy what’s going
man how you feel oh man I’m feeling great dog I tried to
hit you uh Thanksgiving this shit but I was tired of cooking dog I said I cook
too much shit yeah and I was eating good – I like me I was like you know I always
say remember my government name and your will did you pop up with the goddamn
king crab leg like what you did most of the cooking things giving her your wife
chimed in yeah man you know what’s crazy I had both of my kids okay yeah in the
baby lovers they still mad at every cuz I was eating good yeah but not
respectfully your wife is Mexican so so you had a you had the best of both
cultures yes Thanksgiving women yeah they’re my wife masks and then I be
Holland black towel I be on there fuck can you chime in about a juice world man
dead at 21 years of age and he thoughts any theories with regards to today’s
generation or is it just the sign of the times I think is just like my homeboy a
smoke he said exactly what it was like we feel bad for but it’s just they they
just want everything possible is I don’t know what it is that they own everything
possible as soon they start getting a check the parents don’t step in they
don’t say nothing nobody’s around them in the team saying nothing chill out or
nothing but then when they died everyone chime in and then old niggas that’s
trying to get they named I got to be like all right Ian shit if it reminds me
of when temp died every my meal when I X died it
embassy puts him in spec on his name policy biggie huh
Pimp C what’s my spec on his name man yeah my nigga man dog Joe and then like
when these people die from this shit they not telling them trying to
intervene with these people and then when they die they want to goddamn make
a post and being a used a shit there’s like I come on man yeah come on that I
don’t know if you ever heard me say this but Houston Houston but you know going
back to 2002 I remember I was in a radio and I was talking about investing in
funeral homes and I was just as serious as colon cancer and things happen over
the years I got switched around and I wound up investing in a trailer park so
now that was great money but now they have drive-through funeral homes you
familiar with that yeah you know I’ve been right with you for the longest dog
I remember they’re not looking out it drive-thru funeral homes they said you
can drive up you can look it looks buying the casket they see they care
folks out there between 6:00 and 8:00 when you think about it I mean it makes
sense you know everybody doesn’t want to go inside I’m gonna rush I’m getting
that bag I’m gonna come through there you know they roll down or roll up
there’s a couple of drive-thru funeral homes right you have time can you google
drive through I went to see my nephew today he did them right now gonna go
back to business tonight Munir I’m trying to get my
cutter you know the wheel dock also what it is about lately near that you love
about it but it’s something what is down there
it’s nobody that’s why nobody’s there especially at this this time of season
and when you go early in the morning when it’s rainy and you know gloomy
nobody’s there that’s what I like the beauty the tranquility I could smoke a
cigar in peace don’t tell me you down there will
overthrow Sadler’s enjoy life good to talk to you keep me posted okay
yes sir salute okay Houston a day one day one good guy
a hold a second Ronnie I’ll come back to I’m gonna get to some of these super
chats dude how do I say this name I’m just gonna say papi star any contact
info and the man goo that discussed a publishing question mark my
great-grandfather was a composer a forward slash band member with Cab
Calloway I’m looking for residuals shoot me an email
the hater one nine six for yahoo.com I will put you in direct contact with goo
very very knowledgeable guy he and I have hung out on multiple occasions and
he knows how to find that money if you’re as I said an artist or one of
your family members created music there could be money that nobody’s claiming
where someone else could have been claiming it that’s a real business black
races on the check-in via super jet he says starts not my business but you have
to ask Elvis the chef Rosenberg why is he riding around late at night letting
Asian boys rub his feet it was very weird about that did he say something
about that Ronnie Elvis the chef I missed that whoa did you find anything on them
drive-through funeral homes Ronnie I’m looking that up right now and by the way
you were right that was Cole Bennett that directed that
dreamz video okay Cole Bennett yeah yeah let me see in Google hey guys hold on oh
wow what do you got what do you got I see
the drive-thru funeral homes oh my gosh it’s like driving up to a bank like it
has that huge window you know where you can see the workers sitting inside and
you just pull up in the casket you never heard of this you never heard of this
guys I thought you were joking I’m looking here right now going back to
2014 Michigan Drive through a funeral home
I see 2018 a drive through funeral home 2017
whereas this is another one here yeah I mean just we’re talking capitalism here
guys business and I again back in 2002 I say yo I said there’s a lot of people
you know well we have more people on the planet so clearly there’s gonna be more
deaths and I was talking to a young lady who just came out of a what do you call
that school is it mortician Airy mortuary school I don’t know and we were
talking and she say hey are you serious and I said yeah I forget the name of
that school but you go to school to learn about that you know embalming the
bodies and so on and so forth and now here we are now I missed out Mau Mau Mau
mu grieving am I missing something question mark I thought that crackheads
couldn’t afford to fly airplanes juice world was a drug addict drug addicts
lived privileged okay are you referring to um bless one when he called in that
was his term that he used crackhead he’s a younger guy you know um check him out
on YouTube I smoked hip hop and false-negatives on the check and he says
I need to get my hands on whatever juice world had and give some to whoever gave
that bum hundred acre trash his first fisher-price keyboard back in 1976 and here’s a co woods uh clapping right
back did you think honey Aker woods is trolling any and that’s that was his
under a different name could be well yeah he’s showing himself talking
himself possibly hang on a second now honey Acre Woods if this is him he says
I said it first star drug dealer rapper equals drug
addict rapper drug counselor rapper is next there’s a whole timeline I’m on 911
sent okay hang on uh where are you honey echo woods hey is that you honey Aker
woods good evening yo hey how you met your Ronnie stop hey
now pay no money to trow my so he’s really paying to hate on me but that’s
late cuz they paying attention right right right
listen did you send me a link yet so we can send people to your page what you I
think you better back a little back boom I’m a surgical link tonight because I’m
really setting everything up again I’m bout to put all another music mixtape on
Spotify music and title and all that so I’ll definitely get that over to you
yeah send me the link so we can pin that to the top of the comments and they’ll
be broadcasting right I nigga Charlie keep listening throw my
screams up bro shit I with your friends – I hope it makes you sick to your
stomach hey so now you do you’re taking credit for what um crystal called it and
said earlier is that what you saying now new super jet yeah I’m not saying that
she took it from me but I actually do that up in the chat earlier and I was
saying it before cuz I know we had this conversation a clear overdose in as far
as the industry goes and it’s true like the generation that I grew up in in the
90s it was more so about the drug dealers the flashy guy Sean also they
can have money for girls and people started to respect that
okay and nowadays you have the the kids who who soda and they dealing with a
problem they dealing with problems trying to be anesthetized with
the pills but is more so the the medical industry that’s pushing the pills on
them like when they when kids are hyperactive in school they try to push
the Ritalin on them right when people but surgeries they throw on the pain
pills on them so these things leak into the culture you know I’m saying by
osmosis then when you’re going to cops you’ve seen all these these white kids
doing that adderall the vicodin a licks and all these things so it becomes a
party theme and that’s how it blended throughout the culture no I’m saying so
it’s just sad that these kids today they’re not hearing a different message
then just say no because you got people like future you know I’m saying I’ll
just throw him under the bus because there’s a whole bunch of them that is
promoting music pills so that they could come down off that that buzz of being
onstage but these young kids they they not understand in that aspect of it they
just think oh their life is hard my life is hard they using these drugs so you
know I must use these drugs and there’s nobody stepping in from our generation
I’m 34 we’re not telling them that in the right way that that’s not the way to
do we’re not making being sober seeing lit why because Allah is tough they mad
about their job so they drinking they getting high so it’s like how can they
preach not get high to these kids when they when they anesthetized
themselves if I can jump in for a second and point people in the direction if
they have not seen this documentary from 2007 Michael Moore he did a documentary
called sicko did you ever see that Ronnie yeah okay what about you Hundred
Acre Woods you ever seen sicko not having seen that one yeah but I’ve seen
like a few documentary about the pharmaceutical industry about how they
they basically got paid so push these drugs and they actually got busted there
was a drug bus where it was the doctors who are prescribing these drugs got
arrested so they definitely cracking down well this was one
your earlier to my knowledge documentaries came out in 2007 again
Michael Moore it was just distributed by Lionsgate
through The Weinstein Company and it’s just about just that health insurance
and the pharmaceutical industry so there’s a lot of merit to what you’re
saying about you know ritalin being pushed upon younger children in school
and other drugs that could quite possibly be at the root of what we have
now in terms of you know just people popping pills more so than ever give a
last word though it’s so good the music is coming yeah keep hanging on if you
want to learn how to make beats there holla at me you know how the nigga was
everywhere I think are run okay I hunt anchor woods on the check-in good man
horn guys big nigga key on the check and he says brother nature should have been hanging with Canelo not Cannella okay
thank you for the correction at some point as a man you have to defend
yourself and fight back can’t expect others to yeah yeah Canelo you ever seen
any of those videos running with them brother nature and Canelo no I haven’t
seen any of his videos but there is a channel I’m following on YouTube this
guy has like a pet monkey and so I’ve been following him and watching his
videos with the monkey yeah what’s the name of that watch those is it’s a white
guy right closed on Tuesday that’s nothing that’s a different one yeah
thank you a big nigga keep your donation black racists on the check and he says
store what happened to the weekend warriors people would get high on the
weekend and then function on their jobs during the week not everything is excess
except it just says exc e excuse maybe I think that’s an old term now to be
honest with you man about that was a popular term back in the coke days oh
yeah I’m a weekend warrior because you could you know
you could get lit on a Friday night you know turn up all all day Saturday crash
on Sunday and then go back to work on Monday thank you for your donation smell
God’s on the check and via cash yet half of this is for Newport Ronnie half for
boss nigga thank you sir for your donation Ronnie you sent me email what is this
Wednesday family it’s actually yeah the name of the channel is every Wednesday
family that’s what it is and what’s that about what is that that’s the guy who
has a baby monkey okay and so he like he’s always like he takes the monkey to
like try different foods to go get coffee to go get doughnuts it’s you know
it’s it’s pretty cute I think the one that I watch it’s called monkey poo
monkey Boop army never heard a monkey boo
no do you know the actual monkeys name no I’m looking at it right now I forget
monkey boo mo and keyb oo 2.3 million subscribers that’s one I watched cuz I
like those those videos with animals and stuff like that but to him I’ll check
this link out when you sent him a couple more coals here Sunday service folks
it’s gonna every Co six one four good evening six one for you there I don’t
know hello hey good evening yeah hey Ronny hi brother nature okay let’s go
yeah he’s really lucky that he didn’t get killed because he went when he came
back in and planted or when he was leaving he pointed out both of them
right kills and stuff like that forgot about can he come back he charged at the
dunes like you know I mean as his friend came over there and like started helping
fight or whatever it’s like I don’t know what you got you just came back
have a knife right right you know I mean yeah so yeah I forgot to mention it
brother nature he did say that he looked at those guys and say dead man dead man
he was talking that rah-rahs shit yeah and then everybody on the net like kind
of taken up flooring saying you know they were excessive they didn’t have to
keep picketing like yes they did it but you can’t come in making threats on
people in thank you it’s all good just cuz you some superstar on the Internet
right right but yeah and then with uh with with youth world well hang on a
second before we go to juice world have you heard anything about I mean it’s
kind of early now but legal representation do you think there’ll be
a lawsuit do you think he’s just going to take his Ellen keep a pushing baby
because the sandwich shop owner the reason why he said he put out the video
is because brother nature was trashing his establishment and as you said the
tide of social media was actually coming down on that that sandwich shop and
maybe they were talking about boycotting me speaking of traction yeah yeah I
don’t think you mean do I think brother nature is gonna come back with art is
gonna sue them or is this our shop bunny Coon brother Nate I don’t know I hope
the sandwich shop Sue’s brother nature I hope that happens yeah yeah thank you
because he was he just took it all the way up for no reason and then like even
on the internet like I guess afterwards are they found some videos of him like
playing Gangster well you know listening to that rah-rah music and acting like he
was just like a gangster dude like oh alright I will use such ass looks like
all that has to stop I mean I know it was so easy for everybody to like take
your side because he’s a he’s a nice-looking guy you know he’s he plays
with animals and oh yeah hey I see the beer so I see why everybody was like you
know Gortat the boycott the sandwich shop but he needed to death look the
reason why I’m saying you know possible possible legal suit from the
sandwich shop owners because them a lot of people don’t take into account if
damage has been done to a brand or an establishment you can sue
based upon potential lost earnings my brand is damaged my business is gonna
suffer because you have you you have put forth information or thing false
information or you have said things via social media and now people no longer
want to patronize me and or my establishment
go ahead yep that makes sense because I mean things though like viral really
quick you know so just imagine like how the popeyes chicken sandwich went viral
my business I’m not as big as a pop I so you you know what I mean like you trash
in my business like I can get shut down in no time you know what I mean like
that’s a brand across the world as far as Popeyes but you know I got this one
or I maybe have another establishment in another town but like don’t do that like
I’m not here I have a business you came in here with all that and got your ass
beat just take your lingo and you posted it
now now I’m suffering you posted the video now I’m suffering here’s a lawsuit
Wow anyway so listen you wanted to talk
about Jews right you wanna talk about juice well before we go yeah I was just
saying that you know I don’t I want to tell everybody in shops because like
when Tupac and Biggie died everybody was saying like oh they spoke to her up and
they spoken into existing and it’s like that’s what these kids rap about food
they talk about dying and drugs and all that is matter of fact I just read um
Rick Ross’s book and how he was saying he was on lean and how he kept having
seizures and then just as soon as I heard that about the juice world guy it
just made me think about that like he probably was gonna lean and the reason
in Rick Ross’s book that’s what he was saying like I was just going so hard on
top of doing the drugs you know okay like I’m I’m going now I stopped like
just trying I think every show everything I can possibly do to get
money and now I’m gonna claim have a seizure yes did Rick Ross talk about
being a correction officer in that book did he touch on that yeah yeah he did
which was kind of weird because yeah he talked about it he was saying he was
just saying how like because if you can think back when it all came out about
him being that correction officer he’s been standing oh no you’re photoshopping
my face that really wasn’t he he lied about it anything and then in the book
he was saying like i shouldn’ta lied about it
I did hang on a second so so Ricky Rozay admits that he was once upon a time
officer Ricky in his book yeah yeah he said that in his book he sounds like I
just I just kind of forgot about it it really didn’t mean too much to me like ain’t anything to me once I got on and
like was a rapper just was another job I mean but he talks about how he sold
drugs and it was a lot it’s a lot but yeah he admits to being a correctional
officer in his book he was by even saying that gun play like all gun play
was kind of mad that I had like a state job player or a city job and he wanted
to get a city job so like I used to go pick up some play after my shift so I
wasn’t high in it that’s me now hang on a second did he also talk in that book
about crashing his rolls-royce was that 2016 he was driving somewhere down there
through a little Haiti or somewhere and those boys was testing out the choppers
he panicked and crashed rolls-royce he talked about that and the book – yeah
yeah hate who misses nothing pay attention girlfriend at the time his
girlfriend at the time was in the car – and when they when they shot the car
I don’t remember what type of anything were hungry I don’t think they shot the
car they were just shooting in either in the air in his direction he panicked
they I don’t think they shot the car he he’s now staying
the book that shut the car up I don’t know well maybe they did yeah maybe I
didn’t come on crashing fire a shot he crashed the car cuz he was yeah she he
told her to get off the car man why why would you man he thought he said
he grabbed his gun it was like the people and I made it sound like a
superhero right yeah I grabbed the tool you know because I don’t Negus was you
know coming at me and then and then I back them down fuck out here
hey Donna thank you for your call yeah I’m gonna wrap it thank you so much
appreciate you okay hold on Ronnie folks that was my last call them I’m gonna
wrap it up tonight I gotta get up early Ronnie Wesley Pipes sends in a super
chat yo Ronnie don’t forget about me I got something okay long black and
powerful for you I’m still in Jersey waiting patiently now I’m sweating okay
all right hey Ronnie thank you for being available 20 and let’s say let’s chop up
tomorrow at some point all right thank you thank you for your help take care
good night I hold on folks mmm hustle on the check-in via super chat
hustle says I remember an interview wait did you did you judge world dude what is
this Jay you de did he mean juice okay said
future inspired him to take lean and drugs Wow okay it’s a known fact that
future doesn’t do drugs he fakes it okay I don’t know I know he had the song
Molly percocet right percocet blade on the check-in via super jet star did you
see the Mafia is now allowing gays to join after it was revealed a mob boss’s
son is living as a drag queen they allow gays
before blacks I said they’re probably always been gays in the Mafia you know
just I just I’m I’ve never been one of those people that just like you know
wave the flag for the Cosa Nostra you know I was born in New Jersey and I grew
up around a lot of those the kids whose fathers were captains
I was never you know impressed like that and you’ve heard me say before they
there were snitches don’t get it fucked up Lucky Luciano he’s a snitch they want
you blacks us to believe that they were such men of honor fuck out of here and Malu last superjet says a shout out
to Ronnie she was spot-on about Oprah Oprah’s got beef with successful black
men Stedman don’t count let’s get them both up out of here okay maybe we’ll
address that tomorrow Oprah if anybody has any other information on Oprah with
regards to you know going after black men please send me an email to hate her
one nine six for yahoo.com I say again the hater one nine six for yahoo.com
and let me get my banner promote myself tonight for change and smell goods sends
in a cash at last one star with the iron tongue Ronnie with the iron lung okay
thank you all right I’ll see you guys tomorrow at some point I’m not sure what
time but I will keep you posted via my Twitter page troy terrain and that’s
Troy with an I okay take care of be safe and good night you