John Cena Shows How He Psychologically Intimidated College Football Rivals

-I want to talk about your movie
“Playing with Fire.” -I want to talk about that, too, because we always just
ramble on about nothing. -I know, we —
-And the people in the back who I’m suppose to promote
the movie are like — -“You didn’t even
talk the movie!” Yeah, let’s talk about it. But it’s a great movie
for family and kids. -Let’s just get the formalities
out of the way. “Playing with Fire” is going
to be in theaters November 8. Great movie
for the whole family. It’s fun. If you’re
an adult, you’ll enjoy it. If you’re a kid,
you’ll enjoy it. Take your kids to the theater.
Enjoy it. If you’re up late
watching football and you want something good
to do with the family… -“Playing with Fire.”
-“Playing with Fire.” Take everybody to go see it. Now we can actually be foolish.
-Now we can talk about nothing. Yeah.
-Yes. -Let’s talk about the —
‘Cause the game, the big game was tonight. But you used to play
a little football. -I did.
-In college. -I did.
-I did not know that. -Yes, back in the days
of leather helmets. [ Laughter ]
-That’s not true. Let’s see if you guys can
find — Can you find John Cena? [ Laughter ] -Yep.
-There he is. -Yep.
-Look at that. That’s what I’m talking about.
-Yeah. -Tough guy. Little John Cena. -That’s guy, just — His spirit’s not broken yet,
you know? -Were you ever little John Cena? -What’s that?
-Were you ever little John Cena? -I was like a total
back of the comic book story, as a young kid,
like 11, 12 years old that was heavily
picked on and bullied because of the choices of dress
and music that I listened to. And I was really scrawny,
really skinny and scrawny, like 100 pounds.
-No way. -I started working out
when I was 12 years old. And by the time I was 15,
I was like 150 pounds. And by the time I was 17,
I was 225 pounds. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, no one —
-So, needless to say, I wasn’t being picked on. -No, you weren’t
being picked on. You were the captain here
of the team. Is that true? -I was. Man, what a sorry ship
we were if I was the captain. -No. Now, where was this? -“Hey, guys, let’s play
another game of Fish Slap!” [ Laughter ] -But what school is this?
Where was this? -That was Springfield College.
-Okay. -Yep.
-Massachusetts? -Yes, the birth place
of basketball. -Yeah.
-So a great place to play football.
-Play football. Absolutely. Smart. Smart. Respect — Respect
where you came from. Yeah. What would you do
as captain? -So, my role was, you know, the other two captains
were defensive captains. I was an offensive linemen. They’re kind of like
the unsung heroes of the team. They really — There’s not
really many stats for them. They never get their name
in the paper. We just kind of put ourselves
in harm’s way so people can score points.
-Yeah. -We’re — We’re just not smart. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -Anyway, so the defensive guys
were all like the rah-rah guys, and like going out
and painting their face and getting all excited
like I am right now. And I was much more of like the
psychological warfare master. -Like how? Like how would you — -So, you know at the beginning
of these games, you see all the TV shows, or even in the NFL
the way they do it now, with the big pyro, and the teams
run out onto the field. And it’s like,
“Ah, this is great.” Especially in college. College
is pomp and circumstance. Like they just crush through —
-Yeah. -We walked out. Two by two formation. And our pump-up song was “Scotland the Brave”
in bagpipes. [ Light laughter ] -Now, we got the song.
-Yes. -If we played it,
could you give me a taste of what it looked like — Yeah.
-Stand up. [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] From back here?
-Yeah, so — Just try to keep up. -Yeah, I will. Yeah.
Okay, can we start the song? -This would be
us taking the field. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Now, keep in mind… -[ Laughing ] What? -…that was like
a 20-yard walk. So you get these teams traveling and be like, “Yeah, man!
It’s game day!” -“What? What are they doing?” What — An hour later. -So we’d completely take
the wind out of their sails. Nobody watched us play ’cause
we were such a small school. So like the eight people
in the stands were like, “The bagpipes again?” I didn’t have to worry about
pleasing the audience. -Yeah, if there’s no one there
to watch it. -We went undefeated
at home that year, and I’d like to think it was
because of “Scotland the Brave. -That’s right. See, that’s — ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] That’s hilarious.