Jess Phillips accuses Boris Johnson of playing a ‘bully-boy game’

I want to, I suppose, speak really,
really plainly and say that tonight I will absolutely vote against
a general election, just like I would vote against pretty much anything
the current prime minister put in front of me. Because they have … I’m going to warn, Mr Speaker,
that I’m not cracking on the old parliamentary protocols and everything,
but I fear I may say some things that are unparliamentary. Please feel free to alert me to them. I have absolutely no faith in anything
that the current prime minister says. Literally none. The prime minister that we have at
the moment is playing some bully boy game from some bully boy
public school that I probably won’t understand any more than
I understand parliamentary procedures. The reality is that what we have
here is a game, where we are not being told what the rules are. The prime minister could bring
a deal to this House. He could tell us what his plans
are for Northern Ireland, he could tell us what his plans
are for trade. The prime minister has stood
in front of us and said, “I don’t want an election.
I don’t want an election.” This is some game that three men
in No.10 Downing Street have come up with to try and game
the system so that they will win.​ My democratic responsibility is to try
and do the absolute best for the people in my constituency. At the moment it’s not not all that clear,
we are all a little bit confused, but I am absolutely not going to use them
as a chitty in a game for the prime minister to achieve the ambition that
he has only ever had for himself, and never for this country. I am not going to use my constituents
as collateral damage. I will give way.