Jason Derulo Explains The Differences Between Americans And Australians

– You just had a big birthday. – I did. 30. 30 y’all. (audience cheering) – What did you do? How did you celebrate? – I was actually in Rome at a friends- – As you are on your birthday. Yes. – I was actually at a friends wedding, which was crazy. Mikey Hess. Yeah, Paul McCartney was there. Katy Perry was there.
– Oh, wow. Ellie Goulding. – Nobody knows them, yeah. – No it was insane, insane. The craziest wedding I’ve ever seen. – Wow. So you got to celebrate there and then after you did something, right? – Absolutely. I’m still celebrating. I’m celebrating right now! (audience applauding) – [Kelly] I saw a video of
you, actually in Europe, performing on a balcony and I was curious what you were doing. – Oh. Prague I think it was. – I don’t know. You were on a balcony with a megaphone. – Yes, so what happened was- – I was like, “Get to ’em!” He was like, “You’re
gonna hear this music.” What happened? – So the venue wasn’t safe
so I didn’t want to continue with the show so we
had to cancel the show. But there was just so many people outside and I felt crazy, you know? It was, obviously, I was on tour. – And artists feel horrible
when you have to cancel. People don’t get that, you feel horrible. – [Jason] Feel terrible. I mean it’s people’s birthday gifts. They spent their last dollars. – They took their night off from work. – 100%. So we got a makeshift performance. We brought out two little speakers. I got on a little mic
and I sang the songs. I even had my dancers
come out on the balcony. They would come in and make an appearance and they’d do a little
dance and then go backstage. – I think that that’s awesome. You constantly tour the world, though. Is there a favorite place for you? I have a couple that I love. – Woo. Sydney, Australia is probably- – Australia is one of my favorites. – Yeah, yeah me too. – It’s so good. – It is so good. – They’re so chill. They’re so ready for a hang. – They chill. It’s kinda like they’re living to live and not living to work, necessarily. – [Kelly] Yes. – Sometimes they take
offense when I say that cause like, “What you
think, we ain’t got no job?” Nah, nah, nah, nah. – No it’s ’cause we work 24-7 all the time and we don’t really
experience life sometimes. – For sure. And they
ain’t got not road rage. You can cut somebody
off and they’d be like, “Have it your way, Bro, it’s all good.” (audience laughing) In America, they ready
to get out of their cars. It’s like, “Bro, I put my signal on. G, like chill.” – You’re hilarious. – My mom doesn’t think I’m hilarious. She’s like, “No, Joey’s the funny one.” I’m like, Ma. – I got game too! You’re hilarious. No, I love your timing. You had a life changing
realization last year. Tell us about it. – [Jason] Oh yes. So I kind of work all the time. I’m a 24-7 worker.
– Me too. I mean I get up in the morning,
I’m thinking about work. You know how that is. So, I was like, if I’m going to be working this hard I gotta live life. You can not do one without the other. So I made it a point to
actually go out and do things. Cause you know how you
go to certain countries and you don’t see the country. – You don’t see it
– Yeah. – The venue was nice.
The airport was lovely. – Exactly. But I’m not doing that no more. So I’m gonna go out there
and I’m gonna live life and I’m gonna do things
– That’s good. for the rest of my life
– That’s so important. and it’s been unbelievable. – That’s so important. I have to say this because
when I saw you in your room, I didn’t check out your whole side. Look at your hair right now. – Yeah. I’m going to do the
rest of the interview like this. Don’t even trip. – Great profile. Has there ever been anything
that you are too afraid to do? ‘Cause I always see you
doing lots of crazy stuff. – You know. Black people, we don’t really
like jumping out of planes. – I’m white and I ain’t
jumping out of a plane. – Okay, so we on the same page. – Why a perfectly good airplane. Why the hell am I jumping out of it? – Why? Why? I just don’t like the falling motion. You know what I’m saying? So I did do something cool. I hung off a building,
– Nope. I aint’ drop though. I was hanging off the side. – [Kelly] Oh hell now! – [Jason] Look at the fear. I’m so scared! He was like, “Give me a high five.” I’m like, ugh. – I have to ask you. Why? – It’s that thing. It’s like just doing
things because, you know? It’s just exhilarating. – That’s when I just eat some cake. Or have a really good cup of coffee. – That’s also amazing.
– [Kelly] It is. You can do it all though! You can have the cake
on top of a building. – Hell no. Nope. I’m not your girl..