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There we go everywhere guys jake Paul here He is the man the social media and YouTube sensation with millions of followers He’s a former Disney star and is now dropping albums in Addition to his daily video vlog nokia and his pop-up shop in New York City opens today. He’s here with us now How are you? I’m busy. I’m busy I Guess starting with that you have so much going on right now from YouTube stuff the Christmas album everything in between How do you carve out time to make it all work? You have a good team are they scheduling stuff for ya shout out the manager Kevin oh Yeah, we have a we have a really good team a ton of people are always working hard team ten everyone behind the scenes were Always, we’re always grinding and working on something and it’s every day, bro. You got a grind everything always been this driven I have yeah, I’ve kind of had that like I’m from Ohio so I got that Ohio work ethic Christmas album litmas and we’re gonna take a quick look at your brother’s reaction to the song jingle Paul Hey, why’d you just moaning like a gorilla? Why do you think that Logan sounds like a gorilla So yeah, so basically there was like this whole thing back and forth with my brother I’m like I was trying to get him to do this song like super last minute But it was like the day before we have that had to turn the album in and so he like was Busier we were doing whatever and so I just had to get on the track And I’m kind of like I’m one of them yeah any other feedback from Logan about your album I mean no he liked it I mean it’s like we took Christmas and made it fun for like kids and and took our like put our own spin It’s really good With tons of people we’ve had gucci mane and others who’s still on your list of people you’d love to collaborate with kind of get On board and share your vision I’ve always loved Drake since I was a kid like Drake’s Drake’s one of my favorite artists it’d be awesome to do something with him, but I’ll be putting out the calls guys Girl: ohoaohaoaaohaohoahnuipfrwfhjfrnuewp; 21 in a little over a month that’s very exciting now any big plans how extra are you gonna be for tour? You know everyone keeps on asking me. They’re like whoa? What are we doing? Are we going to Miami? Are we going here are we doing it in Los Angeles and like honestly? I don’t know I’m like I’m kind of laid-back about that stuff yeah, and so I’m kind of just like playing it by ear I just want to be with my friends and Your birthday stuff, but not about your like videos of stuff. I feel like you’re gonna be you’re gonna go all out aren’t you? – to commemorate are you it? Yeah a little yeah a little I have some tattoos Yeah
but like I Don’t know I just I’m gonna go with the flow and I feel like the day before my birthday if I want to like go somewhere do the Bahamas Or whatever that like I’m spontaneous just spontaneous well one of the roles for the team 10 house There’s no alcohol in the house will that band be lifted when you turn 21 I think we like have this like image of like pushing positivity and stuff like that and so like I want we want to be good role models for So I don’t know I mean like that’s good There are a lot of kids and look what you do Privately is your thing and then else is another thing in whatever so you keep the rules you do things, so look you move to Jeremy Kuo, just get vague the things that give you a long way to get the thing and do You look a new home in Calabasas worth about seven million Dollars you had a few issues with the neighbors in the previous home. How are your new neighbors? How are we doing in the old you know Calabasas is the move it is the right a lot of stars out there? yeah, and like there’s so much space and you know everyone’s like everyone’s chill, and we’ve met all of our neighbors and It’s just like so much fun, and we have like over four acres to be able to like fill more videos does the space mean you can be more rowdy without any repercussions from neighbors or Have you actually like kind of toned it down a little no? I I think I’m a little bit of both like I’ve tone it down and then also like Yeah, there’s more space so because you can’t they can’t hear me Kardashians live there have you run into the famous family yet, mom. I haven’t no haven’t run into them I’ve like ran into a couple of other celebrities and stuff and a lot of like that the Celebrities like kids are Jake Pollard’s, and so they’re like run up my dad is this person my dad is that? Would you invite them over for team dinner I’d probably just think yeah, what’s up? Hang out the Calabasas Starbucks, I think they’re there Oh, yeah, just rolling through so look. There’s been this massive fire in LA fires going. Yeah. Have you been affected at all? What’s what’s the vibe there with all this going on it is the smoke is everywhere even if the fires not new here I literally made a video about this yesterday like the one of them is like Look you could see all the smoke coming up over the hill like like right outside the backyard in my house And I actually like went in a helicopter over the fires Really, yeah, and actually we like put out a piece of merchandise. We’re like a hundred percent of the proceeds are Going to like firefighters, and my family’s affected. That’s great Yeah, the firefighters are putting in unbeliev work, and it’s so devastating. Yeah, yeah, that’s crazy I’m living under this a former team ten member ellisa violet was physically attacked over Thanksgiving at a bar in Cleveland I mean, what do you make of this whole incident? Do you defend her? It’s kind of like a crazy thing that she’s going through. I mean. I haven’t really like Been looking at it. I never talked to her much about I wish you the best of luck Yeah, let’s move on to this one the one and only Erica custo you’ve described your relationship. She said tell ahead and all the Hotpoint Your relationship as quotes, it’s complicated fans online trying to figure this whole thing out and all we’re getting is it’s complicated We want to know I’ve tried to describe this many times and it always boils down to it’s complicate it up to her. You know She’s I like her a lot and she like for me like who here’s what I’ve always said about relationships It’s early on it’s about who can care the least right. That’s that’s who’s in control here’s the least right who is in control right now is the that’s the angle I’m going for I would say She’s she’s just like the homie like she makes me laugh and like I can be myself around her and And she’s really attractive to you What’s the most romantic thing that you’ve done for her are you the romantic type um honestly Yeah, but I’d like bring it out like I have to be like super Super into a girl, but I think I like what is there anything? I don’t know I Like you because you’re so busy. I feel like just giving someone your time is actually pretty romantic Do you know what I mean like yeah to carve out like actual time to spend no. I like your sacrifice It is like I’m always like working like 24/7 like focusing on You know my career and stuff like that and and I have like my group of friends That’s always with me like team ten and so Yeah, I think time is 101 problems where Like anyone at one time. Oh, yeah, yeah a lot Now you’ve been very outspoken on social media about bullying and you know experiencing it growing up also navigating through social media trolls Which we know in this day and age, there’s so many of them what advice do you give someone is experiencing? Maybe cyber bullying right now I would say ignore ignore like as much as possible like people want a reaction out of you and keep your head high focus on and focus on the positives and just know that like tons and tons of other kids and even adults or girls or whoever it is or going through that some of the same thing and I go through it and celebrities go through it and I know a lot of like celebrities and stuff talk about it and Ignore it and don’t let it get to you. Yeah, it’s good that you’re saying that Because so many kids I mean you hear these tragic stories of Kids save their lives and things like that and they just need to know like my gosh this happened to everyone don’t take it so personally easier said than done But good that you’re putting that out there your Paolo Paul more than 1.5 million followers. Even your pup has something. It’s like naked Talk about that because the dog so the dog is beautiful. What are you getting Apollo for Christmas? Honestly, he should be getting something from me for Christmas. He is a he is a rowdy dog. Yeah Do you do puppy clothes because look some people? I don’t know I try to avoid it like you He just looks like a beast already yeah Yeah, he’s comfortable in his own skin don’t like a matching outfit or something Honestly if you do like the matching Chris everybody’s is matching Christmas PJs you should do that with your dog, man I’m down like an all gold all gold yes down on them haters Junior your brother loved and got your start on the popular app vine So last week to create our vine set or what he posted something and just said So I mean if the second wave of vine hits. Are you gonna jump right back in that no No not at all you would do any vines vines that I know he tweeted that but like I guarantee you there won’t be a vine – really yeah, seems like that’s what I meant and and like I If it’s the same people running it and they like treated their creators terribly last time and not gonna happen no son, yeah See you don’t believe that no I think the wave was gone I mean as soon as Instagram started videos and stuff and felt like it was kind of gone anyway, and there you go I think he would know more than more than me So moving out of this and we’re hitting everything you got the chance to go to Houston after so many so many Thought it look like this So you help with relief efforts there in Houston and everything going on he raised over $200,000 for local charities there What was that experience like for you? How important was it for you to kind of give back to that community? it was such an Eye-opener it was it was crazy to see the devastation there and be a part of it firsthand And they needed so much help, I think that’s what it was about for me is like being able to help myself but then also Activating a younger audience who doesn’t necessarily watch the news or know what’s going on there like I didn’t know What was going on there because I don’t watch the news I just saw like tweets and stuff trending and like videos of the floods but like I didn’t know how I could help and so I thought it was like my duty to go to Houston and and Like show my fans how they could help or be involved so that like we can make a difference and that’s like Part of the reason why I use social media is to like create a big influence on people in a positive way I love that you’re using your platform for good things now. You’re gonna. Have a pop-up shop in New York tell me what fans can expect at this one because Getting shut down there were so many people are you expecting that yeah like New York’s even more lit but? They can just expect like an awesome time Hanging out with like some of the team 10 members exclusive merchandise that they can’t that fans can’t get online And it’s just like an overall fun experience There’s like different activations and like fun Instagram mobile moments and just a good vibe They all like is there advice for it for fans on how to be excited, but not get the thing shut down yeah Yeah, it is. It is. It is a legitimate problem, but I think I mean honestly the Jake Pollard’s are the strongest family out there dad and I’ve said it before I’ve said it before and Honestly like I don’t think we can calm them down Hey, Jake Paul, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for letting us grill you about literally everything no I like that. I like that we’re gonna be following Thanks so much. Man you?