Opening What. What. Is. What. Is. Up. DramaAlert Nation. I’m your host: Killer Keemstar. Lets! Get! Right… INTO THE NEWS!!!!!!!!! Holy Sh*t! On yesterday’s DramaAlert I told you, “If you were new to subscribe with notifications on.” Because… The Martinez Twin’s vid on Jake Paul was about to drop. And it didn’t just drop. It dropped the… F*cking nuke! The Martinez Twins uploaded a 27 minute video exposing Jake Paul titled: “The Truth…” Now before this video hit, this is what we knew. We knew that The Martinez Twins left Team 10. And they said because Jake Paul was a bully. But in this video, there is so. But in this video, there is so. Much more. So much more. But the first point they want to talk about was the bullying… and harassment. THIS…is what The Martinez Twins said Jake Paul did to them on a daily basis. Roll it! Like, we felt so bad. Like, there is just like (2x)… He prank’d us in the living room. We felt bad, and then we mo-we moved to another room. Yeah! So we, and… We were the only ones getting prank’d. Like, the other ones they didn’t get prank’d at all. And we were getting prank’d every single day. Because we didn’t say anything bad to him like-we were like: “OK yeah-” “Fine.” “Fine. Fine.” “Fine. Fine. Fine.” “Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine.” But when you’re like, “Fine (3x).” All of the time, they can do whatever you want. Like we remember when I was like: “OMG! We don’t know if were gonna sleep well today…” (Taser Sound) (Taser Sound) (Taser Sound) (Taser Sound) Jake when he wakes up everyday. So early (2x). So he ca-he can prank us. But there is just like: “OK he’s gonna prank us, but he can prank…” “All-all of…” “All of the members.” Yeah, but he didn’t! Like he only prank’d us. And I saw Jake, so much time like… Going to the door like… Trying to open the door. And I was scared. I was like ready to go to another biggest house and… Like…I’m gonna say to him: “No stop!” Because he’s gonna come back and say, “You’re a P*ssy.” Yeah, like he will say it all the time. And then off camera… A lot of people when they’re off camera, he was nice to us. He was nice to us. He didn’t…like OK (2x), I understand some people might be like: “Well these are just pranks, it’s not that bad.” But if it happens every single day, to the point where they can’t even lock their room. THAT’S F*CKING HARASSMENT! And then top of that, during one of these pranks, The Martinez Twins say: “Jake hit them!” Roll it! He punched me in my face in-in the prank. But like, how would you feel when you wake up? You wake up. And you have someone. Someone next to you just ready to do something. I don’t want this in my life. Like, I don’t wanna be like that. And there isn’t that. We have a locked door. There is like… We have a locked door. But he was so mad when-when we tried to lock the door, he was like: “Yo-yo, open (3x).” And we were like, “OK.” So and then, we were like: “OK, lets try to move to another house.” “Just to have our privacy, to take a shower.” And we were like: “So nick, can we move to another house?” Not-no…not happy at all to move to another house. But like-we’re like, “Oh…we’re gonna have our privacy, we can take showers.” But it’s just like, with uh like my brother and I we thought like: “Oh we can go to another house, we can sleep there, we can wake up everyday at 6:00am, and then come back to the house…” “And it’s all fine.” “So you can make content with them, you can do whatever you want.” But then… We were at the cinema. Nick. Because we trusted Nick. We TRUSTED Nick. And…and we were like: “Can we move to another house? Please, can we move to another house?” And he was like: “Uh…yeah, let me tollerate.” “Let me.” “Let me. Let me.” “Let me. Let me. Let me see.” Because I want my privacy. And he was like: “OK (2x).” There was 5-6 months without privacy. WITHOUT PRIVACY…guys. Jake got mad. Jake finds out that he was uh…that we were getting an apartment or something like that. ‘Cause someone tell-uh told him but uh… I wanted to tell him too. OK? But I tell uh Nick first ’cause he was with me and with us. So there is just like… There is just like, we wanted to move to another house. We wanted to have our own privacy. And-and he was like: “We need to have a meeting right now. OMG!” OK so were at the meeting. Jake was really mad to us, he was like yelling at us. Because… We wanted to move! We wanted to have our own privacy. The only thing, and I’m-I’m telling you guys. The only thing that he cared about that. And that…that… THAT thing! Pisses me off! It’s that, that he only cared about the paparazzi’s that they were outside. Like if we move, they’re gonna say: “Oh The Martinez Twins moved out! OMG Jake Paul!” He didn’t care about our privacy. He only cares about his name. About hims-himself. His name. Unbelievable! Now The Martinez Twins were just sick of having no privacy. They were being harassed every day by Jake Paul. So they decided to like, “Build their own rooms.” So they can have like this different section in the house. They had fan art from their fans. And guess what? When they left and went to Spain… Jake Paul. DESTROYED IT! -every see it and I was like, “Yo man, thank you so much.” And then when I was in Spain. I watched one of…his videos. We found out that he destroyed our room. Good… Bye Martinez room! (Destruction while yelling and celebrating) IT’S EVERYDAY BRO! (So much stuff that is falling apart) (I mean you’re not wrong) Martinez I’m home. (B*tch you’re already home) Woo this is fun man! And we were like… SO PISSED! I was in Spa-we were in Spain having fun with our family. And… Like he destroyed our room, and he destroyed our fan wall. OK so here we are right now. The Martinez Twins said they left Team 10 because they are being bullied and harassed everyday… Jake punched one of them in the frickin’ head… Jake destroyed their fan art in their room and their only chance for privacy… And now things are going to get even worst. Because The Martinez Twins are claiming… That Jake Paul was racist towards them. Roll it! -cause everything changed and it was like this-the first month on Team 10. It started getting worst. They start like, talking bad about us. Because it was funny for them. Then he said to us uh…he was saying to us all the time. “Beaner.” Like… We found out what was “Beaner.” And we were like, “How he’s joking a-about that?” Like he cannot joke about that. He was saying to us, “Beaner.” And there’s in vlogs… That he’s calling us, “Marteaners.” No mar-no “MarTINEZ.” “MarTEANERS.” So “Marteaners” is like “Beaners” but with the Martinez if you can tell. Our…brain was like, “What the hell is going on?” We were started thinking, “Are they joking? Are they no joking? What the hell is going on?” OK that’s pretty bad. I mean that’s… That’s pretty. F*cking. Bad Jake. But it’s not just the bullying and harassment everyday… It’s not destroying the fan art… It’s not punching them in the head… It’s not just calling them a “Beaner.” Calling them racial terms in bullying them and harassing them. It gets even WORST. Jake Paul forced The Martinez Twins to do something… Sexual! To each other. This is F*CKING disgusting. (I mean again you’re not wrong) Roll it! We were in our room and he was like: “Martinez can-ca…Martinez can you guys come in here?” “Can you guys do this video?” And I’m gonna show you guys right now this video. And…I know you guys saw this video. And I know you were like, “Thi-this thing is weird.” (AGAIN you guys are not wrong) “This thing is weird.” OK I’m gonna show you guys right now (Snap). (No no no don’t do it! DON’T DO IT!) (Aw…no.) (I’m gonna go rinse my eyes with bleach, I”ll be right back.) *6 minutes later* (OK I’m back guys!) How?!?!?!?!?! (Yes that was everybody’s reaction to this monstrosity.) So there is just like, HE said to us: “You guys should do that. You guys should do it.” “Do it.” “Do it!” “DO IT!” “DO IT!!!!!!!!” And we’re like, “Wut…” “Why am I gonna do it? I-it looks bad, it looks so weird!” And he was like: “No no it’s like, people are gonna laugh.” “You’re gonna get a lot of followers. Eh whatever.” And…so we did it. Why do we have to do that? I don’t…I don’t care! And I was like, “No no I don’t wanna do it!” And he started doing the same as I told you guys before. He started saying: “Aw you guys are p*ssies.” “You guys are p*ssies!” “YOU GUYS ARE P*SSIES!” And we like, “No I’m not a p*ssy bro!” Because we you don’t do something that he wants to do, like he wants to say… Like he’s like: “You need to do that. And if you don’t do it…” He’s like, “YOU’RE A P*SSY!” Because he’s like the “boss” of Team 10. That’s f*cked up, that’s just extremely f*cked up! And let me just say this alright! I feel it in my F*CKING gut alright! I just have this GUT feeling that Mr. Nick Crompton…(AKA “England is my city) Is behind this. He has been exposed before by other people around Team 10. For him like trying to get sexual favors. So listen dude, I-I-I-I’m telling you I feel it in my gut! That this Mudda Sucka (England is YOUR city) has something to do with this. And to the “Jake Paulers” out there that they’re thinking: “Oh the bullying and harassment, the nonstop pranks isn’t that bad…” “Oh punching them in the head isn’t that bad…” “Destroying their fan art isn’t that bad…” “Uh…” “Calling them RACIAL TERMS isn’t that bad…” “And uh…making them do a sexual act to each other isn’t that bad!” For those of you there who are still like, “Eh this ain’t that bad.” They end the video… Saying that Jake Paul and Team 10… Stopped them from sending money… To their parents! Roll it! And… There’s one thing that we left Team 10 is because… We need money. Like…my family, they need money. And…we’re not rich. In-in Spain. All of the money that we made with them… We tried to send it to my mom and my family. I remember when we did the brand deal wit-with Team 10. We’re like, “Yo Team 10, can you guys send it to my mom because she needs money.” Like (2x). I’m-I’m not rich like, I’m sending all of it for my mom. This thing piss me off a lot and that’s one thing… Tha-why I-I-I left Team 10. And all of the money…they keep if fo-for them. Yeah all of the money. And ’cause we-the…I asked them! Guys I asked them about ba-about bank accounting L.A. There like… And they’re like, “You don’t you guys don’t have any reasons. So you guys cannot…” And then I found out now you can have a bank account in L.A. WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION! So there is just like, they were lying to us! To have our money. OK so after the last 48 hours (2 days later), All the Team 10 members have been making videos taking about this. Trying to say, “We don’t understand why The Martinez Twins left!” Yes you do! Every. Single. One of you. F*CKING knew! You had to them seen this sh*t first hand… And NONE of you… Said a GOD! DAMN! F*CKING! THING! Jake Paul and Team 10 came out after Rice Gum calling him an “Internet Bullies.” But they are the real bullies. They come out saying, “Y’know call this number if you’re being bullied.” Erika Costell did this dumb sh*t When you witnessed it b*tch! YOU WITNESSED THIS SH*T FIRST HAND! And you didn’t say a GOD DAMN THING! How many times does Jake Paul and Team 10… Need to be exposed until this community understands truly who this individual is? I believe what The Martinez Twins said in this video is 100% the truth. And this is why I believed it. Because every single person that’s been close to The Martinez Twins… Has vouched for them saying that they’re GREAT guys. So why would “Great Guys” make up these lies? There’s nothing in it for them. I’m gonna tell you the sad truth of what’s gonna happen in the next 24 hours. #JakePaulisoverparty will probably trend on twitter… Jake Paul will lose a lot of subscribers… People will probably go over there and hate on his videos. But at the end of the day, it will do nothing. Because this individual (Jake Paul) constantly gets exposed time and time again. But has a fan base of young children. Who cannot understand how THIS guy… Is such a monster. (Preach!) If you are new here, make sure you subscribe with notifications on. ‘Cause we’re gonna keep you up to date with… Every. Single. F*cking. Detail. Of this story, and Nick Crompton if you’re involved… Imma F*CKING tell the world right here on DramaAlert! If you enjoyed this video, leave a comment saying: “A-F*cking-men!” And leave a like on the video. DramaAlert Nation now over… 3,100,000… Subscribers! Closing