Jag blev hotad i sociala medier – Nicci Hernestig pratar nätmobbning | NA-KD

Fucking Gold Digger here you have a rope F*cking Gold Digger go and kill yourself NO, it’s enough. The background story to all the hate I received I was together with a public person And he went to his audience and told everyone that I’ve dumped him. The only thing people saw was that their big Idol got dumped I didn’t get the chance to defend myself before all the hate started rolling in The worst part about receiving negative comments Are that you’re feeling very weak You get bad confidence Everything in your everyday life gets really hard Today I deal with negativity very easy All the people that give you bad energy Just erase it. Try to erase everything that gives you bad energy. Try to see the positivities and not the negativities The reason I continue with social media is all the support I recieve from all the amazing followers I have They’re really pushing me to keep going I need to do what I think is fun I need to do the things that makes me feel good And I feel that I like the role of being an influencer and doing youtube be creative Today I feel better than ever I got the opportunity to do something that I’ve been dreaming about in so many years Everything feels so good, its my birthday soon I will release my own clothing line So I feel very good today