Iyanla Gets Personal with Althea, Dutchess And Minyon | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

– What do you want
me to know about her? Um, she wants better. She wants a better. Mm-hm. So what was she doing here? That wasn’t– that
wasn’t better, right there. Yeah, no, that was better. So when you see
that, what do you see? I was locked up. I mean, I was behind bars. You were behind bars? Mm-hm. Oh, we’re going
to talk about that. Tell me about her. I see a smile covering
up everything else. Covering up this? Yep. I found this one was
particularly interesting to me. So how did we get
from her to her? Because Crystana
was following a man and not following herself. Oh, we all got
one of them stories. Just like me. [LAUGHS] So tell me, what was the choice,
here, for you, Miss Minyon. I want you to read this for me. As far as I’m concerned,
she’s [BLEEP] dead. The thing that gets
me there is a woman talking to another woman. And who is the woman
you were talking about? My sister. Your sister. The being with whom
you shared a womb. So we need to talk about this. How you see yourself, how
you think the world sees you, and how you want to be seen.