Mark, is that you? Which one of you is Mark AY YO! Good morning Logang, what’s poppin’? *weird voice*! I’m feeling good! It’s been a good morning man. But I got one question: Where’s mah boiiiiiiiiii wierd ass accent no one can understand Hi*i dont have any friends* I’m good. Really good. Like really, really good… Because we got another AWESOME DAY ON PLANET EARTH, BABY! Yeah guys it’s – dude – it’s just goin down always. If you’re new to the channel – which you might be because we are gaining a lot of new family members every day! Welcome to the Logang, we are SAVAGES, we are the best, and WE ARE MAVERICKS! *yah yeet* See, around here we – Yeah, thank you Maverick. See, around here we like to break the rules Challenges society, we do our own thing, We’re unique, we’re different. But das ok baby, WE’RE PROUD OF IT! oh BYE The word “maverick” itself means: someone who is independent in thought and action. That’s me – I’m a vlogger bro That’s you like look I talk to my fake roommate cardboard cutout Hi, how are ya Evan? *silence* ok cool He’s never gonna respond cuz he’s not reeeeal. Anyways, as you guys know, we just dropped a bunch of new merch – THE HOTTEST MERCH IN THE GAME Including the famous Yeti backpack. These are this close to selling out guys – we’ve – we’ve sold like WAY more than I would’ve ever expected Then again not really cuz THAT SH*TS FIRE and y’all are loco BUT Get one while you can OK KOOOOOONG It’s good to have you back buddy. The Logang missed you buddy, but don’t worry we saved you from your kidnapper Ayla *creepy music* Anyways, what you got there bro? You got a plate? Ok I’m gonna take it from ya and then just watch – SEE YA! *plate breaks* NO KONG DON’T DO IT! Uh-oh, that was a bad one. *dies inside* Yeah guys this is probably why they’re kicking me – Hi Brendan’s camera Anyways, yeah this is probably why I’m getting evicted uh, To D – words? I meant to say the To Do List: #1 find new house to live because apparently I’m not capable of being an adult and living with other adults in an apartment that requires a level of responsibility that my simple mind clearly cannot handle because i’m a vlogger bro! Yeah guys, you know we’re being evicted. We got like 54 days to find a house. Evan bro, what are we gonna do? *silence* Still not responding! Life dude. Straight up LYFE. Ok I think [THE SQUAD AND I] are going to Beverly Hills, so let’s roll out OK, we are here at: creative artists agency This is my acting and entertainment a-a-a-a-a- FUUUUUUUU -agency Otherwise known as: CAA These are the ones who helped me become a movie star bro. Can I get Kong? Thanks Lydia. Anyways, we’re not allowed to film inside cuz like – there’s like celebrities always walking in and out. So, I’m gonna go inside and uh take over the world I’ll see you guys later! Bye bruddah. Bye. Wanna go get food? Dude, I’m starving. Step 1 to becoming a movie star: SUSHI Manager Jeff, Agent Paul and Agent Avie We’re missing Agent Jack. He will be here in a little bit, but yeah, sushi, board meetings… Yo, it’s goin down im yelling timber thanks jeff thanks i appreciate that enthusiastic vlog man, also bro let me just say you look spicy with the mavrick hat and the grey v neck yeah mavrick tie ohhhhhh we gotta get Avi a mavrick tie and the socks , damn we gotta hook u to up dude i think i have something actually i have somrthing better than merch bro its, this isnt even released bro do,do u want fany packs bro paul take is this a yetti fany pack a yetti fany pack bro its not even available bro i dont even know why i have that dude this is sick thanks for giving me movie rolls i appreciate it *laughter* ayy, ok so we finished our meeting and across the way i see brendon and lydia running away with kong there they are, doing kong montages i can only imagine what that looks like was that a montage bro that was a kong montage thaaasss muh boi i kno bro kongtage *creative mind* kong meet my agent paul his first name is my last name and look uncle jeffary hey boy big equipment our dog you just
gotta find out my vision for Kong’s entertainment career is like we make
another Kong like King Kong right but it exactly bro agenting next item on the agenda as u all kno i am entering the music industry but i am not a singer but i can sing yoooo we at da why dont we house boyyyyyyys boiiis jack danial where r u mormon johnaaah where u at boiis why dont we find out where u are cause i dont know why did you enter this line in the video nobody gotta know what where u r I’m just kidding I think they’re in
Dallas they’re like touring across the United States much cooler than it all we
still don’t like that fire yo Socky yeet back at ah boom boom boom boom ass boom boom ass gonna make heat to break the internet ass boom crazy Logan Paul mop a little bit of a
headache from that but okay look that I Hey
okay but I’m not a singer guys I’m not a singer I can sing guys but I’m not a
singer candles LED lights down playing bullets shot weird noise brendon bro i have been here for five hours time it is a lot sorry why don’t we boy
this is not my house bro at this point my vocal cords are for apparently not
anyways yeah man we’ve been riding for a long time in here I guess said the
hardest part about being a vlogger and trying to sing is not being a singer as
usual I’m gonna give you guys a little sneak peek so let’s go listen to what is
this call out of my hair welcome to the bunny let’s doing my hey I’m walking
down but I’m not a singer I’m not I’m not a
singer yo I’m not a think yeah the track is Flyers guys I’m actually working on
an EP like a five song EP you’ll hear about it when it comes out but it’s
going to take a little longer to get the music and shoot the music videos horn
money into it bubble blast nothing like this track boost to write scum Jay Paul
bull waitwhat shots fired back so much drama on YouTube now but yo here’s the
thing guys it is like 12:30 a.m. right now let me tell you about that vlog
light brah the vlogs not done I don’t have a title
I don’t have a quick man awesome man this is where vlogging gets interesting
luckily for me because I’m a blogger and I have followers I have real-life
friends okay I got the attendance just catch your brother I just left his house
for you yeah yeah you can have some of my
followers oh really no anyways yo I have a fun idea our game on how would you
finish is ramen oh no no no no you got heavy rolling not know Evan hey why my
thumb’s like squeeze just cuz you should punch you a little good hey it’s not the
same Evan when do you close back hello gang Mitch did you stop talking to a
piece of cardboard damn it I talked about it this morning man and you don’t
like watching my vlogs you look at me like what is wrong with that kid well to
answer the question I can give you a list okay here’s a game we are gonna
play blind hide-and-seek no yes it’s not welcome to do it everyone oh here we
play of that down you’re like creases straight out the street on the wave is
Brooke okay anyways blind hide-and-seek we’ll put that new youth merch on mark
as a blindfold Logan Paul calm /op and then that’s the point of blind agency oh
yeah okay so we’re going to turn the GoPro on Mark’s gonna walk around and
try to like find us well he’s obviously blindfolds I hope no one’s are going to
distract them or anything exactly no no I know you do well you’re
making things of the camera don’t know okay no where you do well I mean our dad
might have been straight but I still know you so silly right now but that
much still fighter those okay mark I’m as disorientating you here you go
disorientate you go hey that’s me up okay Casa 10 and then just go for it you
are trying to find me and Lydia and I guess coms like a little bonus please to
the level takes do not step on no promises but I’ll do my best
what oh man it’s stuck oh there’s the pillar of the 7th ed oh hi Bree say
Marco Polo’s oh hi I hear you I guess prepare your wife Nicholas what is this
come on this is not a drill oh oh oh I’m Marcel running for me don’t
ever put me down I hear a little girl screaming not for
not where you are girl bring on the roof guys we got here you guys Arthur comport stop drop roll oh yeah Wow gotta
make like direct eye contact with the kögel didn’t work
then where’s melted it goes out pretty good mark that’s fine it’s fun right no
gentlemen I hope this isn’t the worst vlog I’ve ever made but like skiddooed
huh but I’m about miss a million I can do another car walk yeah please have me
a boy bro you ready you guys ready Jory take or
you take me now yeah wow yeah wow wow those are fake punches you’re gonna one
two dropped out of college dad the advantage of this situation is
that it’s my house so I kind of know where everything is I’m a little faster
on the draw will you at donor I hear you I’m running around here collect I hear
you bro I’m climbing I’m climbing you know this is dope Chris literally I know
where everything is oh no no stuff nothing I hear the merch
cannons you don’t know how to use it you doing something like this up as we soft
brush it oh right there you know what I deserve that go dad go what did i do I
feel like oh I’m moving too bad no I hear someone are you good bro follow the
kick you out think you can go in the kitchen fool me huh mark mark mark says
are you Mark mark what mark where’s mark I know you know our market
mark is that you with money with mark son of a bitch I know you know where
Mark is smoking ball that comes by job hold on I heard another plate you son look I got a iphone charging cable throw
this game is much harder than I expected I’ve never got by Marsh on Tobruk
stripper oh hey what oh oh I thought those were mark but Lydia as my new
assistant could you help me clean up mark please my fault damn bro I I made a
mess how about doesn’t want to M plate
breaking all right look about more flip very soon let’s go okay I didn’t make a
mess but I’m the 10-million note do you guys have any ideas of like how we
should celebrate we’re singing uh stuff over here but like ten million like guys
we’re breaking records no one’s done this in a year of vlogging before no
gang for life if you’re not a part of make sure to subscribe that is 100 times
today but get your maverick merch logo bubbling up slash our link in
description it’s the movement guys marks the part of it just check it out baby
baby let’s go okay he’s wearing youth merch normally it’s it anyways I love
you guys no excuse tomorrow when the vlog will be more epic I promise hi guys
take it easy melanism jumpy we’re gonna put that new use merch on mark *inaudible*