Is Keaton Jones RACIST?! (Viral Bully Kid)

Hello everybody, how are you guys doing I’m back for another video I missed you guys Today We’re gonna be talking about something that basically everyone is talking about Man sometimes there’s that one story or video or something that just goes so viral for You know a few days and a after that it just dies off But I guess we have no idea what I’m talking about so let’s just watch the video first And then I’ll start talking Just out of curiosity why do they bully? What what’s the point of it why do you find joy in taking innocent people? Finding a way to be mean to them Not okay, (mom talking) “what did They say to you?” they made fun of my nose, they called me ugly, they say I have no friends (mom) “What they do tell you at lunch” poured milk on me and put ham down my clothes threw bread at me its not okay People that are different don’t need to be criticized about it This is so sad like him sad makes me sad, and I know people are gonna commit Ricegum why do you eventalk about this you’re a bully in the first place you think I ever made someone this hurt on top of that I’m A cyber bully no real life bullies cyber bully two different things real life bullying especially in school. I feel like sometimes It’s physical, and you just be feeling unsafe And you just constant go back to school because I mean you have to and the bullies gonna be always there so yeah like nowhere to run
But cyber bullying no I can name like three ways to deal with it as you guys and see the gentleman is over Here is scrolling on Twitter, and then randomly he gets a really really mean comment I call this method the keep scrolling method You know just keep scrolling and act like nothing happens this persons on the internet and randomly he gets a mean mean message well I like to call this method walk away from the computer cuz you just walk away from the computer Ha all right I this one is by my favorite one. Let’s say you’re on the internet and someone is bullying you Why are they doing that it’s all good just close your eyes, and it all goes away Anyways, regardless I feel bad for the kid and like I said this situation was very viral and everyone was talking about it, but a lot of people felt bad for the kid but there was also people that was like researching the Situation and apparently the kids mom Ima stop calling that kid his name is Keaton this kid has a name Keaton’s mom is apparently racist like they search up her old post and there’s like some racist message There’s pictures of her with Confederate flags and after that information went public a lot of people started to assume that Keaton was also racist like for some reason a lot of people started saying that he was getting picked on and why he was crying in that video was because he was calling other kids the n-word With the hard are like n-i-g-g-e-r (pewdipie) “what a fuckin nigger”, and that’s the reason why kids were bullying him And that’s the reason why he was crying so hard and for some reason I started seeing all these people on Twitter just basically Supporting this little made-up theory and I say made up because I don’t know where the proof is I don’t know where this information is Coming from and why people are so quick to believe it but is iteven a reliable source? so the Situation just turn around so quick because I don’t know if I should support Keaton and maybe roast all of his bullies Or is he racist. I don’t know one thing I do know though is I do not like his mom not because she’s racist and said like this thing about black lives matter that Threw me off. I’m not you’re an expose her I just think it’s a very scumbag move of her to set up a donation page for free money because everyone feels bad for her son everyone probably feels bad and just wants to help on her son But the money is going to her and she’s probably saving all the money on top of that What is the donation page for like I understand if someone house burns down they need money to build up a house Or if someone is sick and need medical bills, or you know surgery They need money for that But what is this money? Basically for I’m trying to figure the only thing that money could be used for is to buy him like Gucci and supreme clothes So he doesn’t get bullied but besides from that. What is this money for regardless people sending that money I mean that’s their money. I’ll let them decide what to do with their own money. (Afro)”yeah dude it raised like $50,000″ wait they made $50,000 (Afro) “yeah”, no fifty thousand like pesos or like yen’s or a US dollars (Afro) Yeah fifty thousand dollars like not the peso” bro what oh my god oh Oh Oh my fifty thousand (Afro) “fifty thousand dollars I don’t know how but” wait a minute he is getting bullied and people getting bullied the fact that he still has the Sympathy and compassion for other people hey Keaton. It’s Selena. I saw your video and (keyboard clicking) (Afro in the background) “yeah 50 thousand dollars like not the pesos oh my god afrogum grab the camera Why why do they do it? Why do they bully me why do they do it (afro) “what did the bully say to you” I can’t even repeat the things that they say like (afro) “I need to know like what did the kids say to you” (irrelevant person #1) “Boy you look like a burn sweet potato”(irrelevant person) #2 “when you were 13 you probably had about two friends” (irrelevant person #3) ” he always looks angry cuz his eyebrows are just like this” (irrelevant person #4) “ricegum needs to get a life” (irrelevant person #5) “his face looks like a toenail” (irrelevant person #6) “you need to check out your life get a life and shut right up with you crocodile looking hair BOI” Anyways guys my donation page down there. I support bullying say no to bullying. and make sure you send me money below umm obviously this videos base for comedy purposes all seriousness though whether Keaton is racist or not I don’t even really be knowing but what he felt in that video You know I mean like you could tell he was really really hurt And he was really low and no one should ever feel that way Anyways, if you guys made it to the end thank you guys all so much I’m gonna try to post tomorrow and guys it’s getting hard like seven eight days now. It’s get a little hard I’m getting tired I haven’t been sleeping much But in order for you guys to make it easier on me make sure you drop a like comment your opinions and just any input Or what videos I should make for tomorrow on top of that subscribe if your new, and you if you’re not subscribed to the family What are you doing, regardless? Thank you for all the love and support. Keaton I hope you feel better and dab