Indian Tik Tok is Insane

Hey Are you advertising at them? Don’t you lie to me who told you to do? That? That’s not how we do things here. Those are nice people You shouldn’t try and take their money Unless Hey, hi. Hello misfits. Welcome back to the channel. How was your day? How’s it going? Are you having a nice day so far? Okay, that’s cool. I’m gonna ruin it but before that Let me just give you a gentle friendly reminder at knifepoint to subscribe to my channel and ring that Silly little bell and maybe leave a well-thought-out comment or two because that’s how YouTube works in 2019 Oh you make good content that your audience Genuinely, enjoys? That’s really cool. Did they ring the bell though? It’s so much fun. I can’t think of anything more fun than Being a youtuber. I love it. Anyways, I have something that I want to say But I need you to promise me something first. I Need you to promise that you’re not gonna get mad because I’m gonna say something that might be just a little bit I’m just gonna say it. I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna get it over with okay Here we go India is weird. Oh, god, please don’t hurt me Maybe I’m way off base, and I’m just a terrible person But I don’t think that that’s that controversial of a thing to say. I mean on what planet is this normal? We’re talking about Indian tiktok today, by the way, if you haven’t figured that out already yay. He’s finally making a tiktok video. Yeah Yay That’s you right now now you might remember the last time I talked about India on my channel And they did not take that. Well, in fact, I still get death threats to this day So I just want to make it abundantly clear that I don’t hate India or the people of India I’m just saying y’all are a little weird sometimes and weird and tik tok go hand in hand I guess it’s time for my second controversial statement of the video. I Love tiktok is that a problem? Is there something wrong with that? Is there something you want to say? Tik tok is awesome. Okay, stop hating. I am living out my dreams of being a Viner Alright, just let me let me live You know, I got a question I have a question for you Hi, there’s something I need to know the answer to if you’re one of those people that hates tiktok have you ever used tiktok or if you just listen to youtubers talk about how much they hate tiktok and You can’t think for yourself and you say that’s you you think tiktok’s bad – I’m just saying I’m just saying Maybe you should I load it. Give it a try. Try it yourself because this is what you’re missing India is full of really talented visual effects artists But this guy’s not one of them. This trend was actually started by a different guy who did the exact same thing, but Not quite so bad, but the other guy did such a hilariously awful job that it just became a meme instead And seeing these inspired me to make this video because I’ve seen so much just uh What I don’t even know what to call it Content from Indians on tik tok and I haven’t seen anyone else like really talk about it I’m sure they have I’ve just I’m I just don’t care. I just want to laugh at this stuff I want to roast it a little bit. I think it’ll be a good time. So just enjoy it. Okay, just be entertained Stop resisting and just let me entertain you. It’s just why is that so hard? Oh God I laughed at a Piques video Oh No Oh, where’s my butter knife? Where’d I put the butter knife? sorry gamers I had to change my shirt that other one had too many wrinkles in and it was pissing me off you saw nothing I’ve had this shirt on the whole time. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah crazy VFX There’s just so much crazy VFX stuff coming out of Indian tiktok that I have to stop talking about it or we’ll be here all day but I just need you to see this last one just Watch Why does she spin like that when she lands just one more time I gotta see it one more time, that’s it Okay, so now I want to move on to what has got to be the worst the most Garbage bottom tier comedy on all of the Internet. eboys Specifically Indian e-boys. i-boys? That was stupid I Think Indian e boys might be so bad that they’re good, but I’m not I’m not 100% sure on that here’s the thing if they’re legitimately trying to be like funny or Cute and they seriously think that they’re making good content then it’s funny but if it’s bad on purpose and they’re just trying to like Bait people into reacting to like weird Indian TikToks then it’s just cringe And in my Extensive research on the topic. Here’s what I’ve learned about i-boys they only care about three things their hair using women is objects and slow motion every single one watch hair Luxurious looks like a wig woman abused he slapped her epic motion Slow no other speed exists. It’s like they figured out the perfect formula for going viral or something Hmm, maybe I should make one of these no, no, no there I’m not gonna make a video slapping a woman No, not gonna happen not me. This is an oopsie free zone. We don’t do we don’t do these around here? I’m not gonna lie. This chair is really comfortable I Seriously want to know why every Indian tik-tok ends in slow motion like they all do when I was writing this video This was one of the jokes that I wrote down Did you know that when you film a tiktok in India, they automatically slow down the last four seconds? But then the more research I did the less it felt like a joke and the more I started to actually believe it because I Seriously cannot find Indian tiktoks that don’t end in slow motion Now once you’ve defeated all the e boys and you’ve emerged victorious from your epic Slow-motion battle with the i-boys. It’s time to face the final boss. Are you ready? I give you indian polnareff. That’s a jojo meme for all the uncultured people in the audience Now what can I say about Indian polnareff other than Boi slim-jim called they said they want their mascot back The i-boys always try to be so threatening and menacing And dude, it just doesn’t work. Like am I really supposed to be afraid of this guy? Am I supposed to watch this video and go? Oh Shit, did you see that? he choked the shit out of that dude. if I saw that guy in the street I would just pee pee in my pants right there. Hey, come on I Could not be afraid of this guy. How you getting a fight with that guy with a straight face? It’s not possible It’s not physically possible Bruh come on. What is this? First of all, look at his pants. They’re already dusty they’ve done this more than once this took more than one take to get how do you convince your friends to film a video like This with you once let alone watch it back and say nah boys reset it we can do a better job than that now that’s a tiktok I would like to see all this dudes friends turning on him and Choking him out for making them be in his crappy tiktoks. You could have that idea. You have that one for free I’m gonna call it here. If you made it this far into the video, then you deserve some kind of award or something I wish I had something I could give you let’s do this. Just leave a comment that says uhhhh Fuzzy pickles and I’ll leave a heart on it or something better than nothing, right? I snizzled my nizzle Anyways, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and tiktok all the links are down in a pin comment used code VILONIOUS for 10% off a dxracer chair and That’s it. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Okay. I love you. Bye