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filled with educational videos for children, students, teachers, parents, and any kids
in elementary school middle school or even teenagers. Today Jo is sad because she wants
to lose weight and feels like she is fat. Here’s a sneak peek.
Jo: You must be trippin’. Jess: Okay. Whatever you say. But all I’m
saying is you are just one more big burger away from being a fat girl.
Jeremiah: Well like you saw there it’s time for a little fun with, “Welcome to FresBerg.” Jo: Wow. That value meal sure was good. There
is nothing like a double bacon cheddar burger to make a girl smile.
Jess: Like, really Jo. I know you just didn’t eat that whole burger. I mean that burger
with a girl that my hand girl. Jo: Yeah I ate, it and it was good. So what.
Jess: Really Jo. Don’t you think you should watch what you eat. I mean you do say you’re
an athlete. I don’t even know where you at put it all. Wait a minute yes I do. You have
got a little chunky lately big sis. Jo: What are you talking about? You must be
trippin’. Jess: Okay. Whatever you say. But all I’m
saying is you are just one more big burger like away from being a fat girl. Bernard: Well if it ain’t the wanna be wack
star. Oops I mean track star. Jo: No you are not trying to hate on nobody
with that hairdo you got; looking like Mr. Kid and Played out.
Bernard: Yeah whatever girl. My hair its fresh. You just don’t know what you talking about.
Jo: Sure Bernard. But anyway why are you bothering me?
Bernard: Because coach has been asking for you. Why haven’t you been at the track practice?
I mean I’ma leave you in my dust any way at if you come to practice but you should at
least come out. Jo: I’ve been busy getting tutoring after
class. I’m coming out. Stop tripping. Bernard: Yeah whatever. But anyway when you
do come out; you better make sure you lose some weight. I mean you looking kind of swole.
Jo: No he didn’t. Mr. Franklin : What’s going on Jo? Why aren’t
you in the gym practicing? I’m not used to coming in this time of the day and not seeing
my basketball star in the gym hard at work. Jo: I am cool Mr Franklin. What makes you
think something is wrong? There’s nothing wrong.
Mr. Franklin: Now look here Jo. Just because you don’t have means that everything is OK.
I have known you long enough to tell just by how you act when something is up.
Jo: You know what Mr Franklin. Iwork really hare to try and stay in shape. But this morning
when I was talking with my sister Jess; she told me I was fat.
Mr. Franklin: Now come on Jo. That sounds a little silly don’t you think.
Jo: Come on Mr Franklin. Come on Mr. Franklin. I even looked it up on the internet. I might
as well face it. I’m a fatty. Mr. Franklin: Jo I want you to stop it right
there. I never want to hear that word come out of your mouth again.
First things first. Even if you did need to lose weight you never wanna think of yourself
is that. You might be overweight and that is something you can work on, but that word
fat is mean and can hurt people. Jo: What Mr Franklin? It is the truth.
Mr. Franklin: Look everybody wants to be healthy. I get that. But I deal with so many kids who
are hurting and feeling ashamed, because they may be overweight.
Jo: What are you talking about? Mr. Franklin: Being overweight doesn’t make
you any less special than someone who is skinny. We need to treat all people like we want to
be treated and even if you hear someone say the word fat, that can be bullying and trying
to hurt someone. Never use that word. Jo: I hear you Mr Franklin. I won’t use that
word if it hurts people, but I’m still being overweight.
Mr. Franklin: Come on now Jo. Now you are just talking negative.
Jo: Now what are you talking about? Mr. Franklin: Listen little lady. Its okay
to know that there are things you may not like about yourself and you want to work on
. Nobody’s perfect and I think everyone knows that. But you also have to remember that you
are special. There are great things about you that people do love. Am i right?
Jo: I guess so. Mr Franklin: No Jo. You need to know so. Start
by loving yourself. The next time you feel like putting yourself down, think about the
good things in you. Stay away from talking bad about who you are. If you want to lose
weight stop worrying so much about the pounds and set goals.
Jo: Like what. Mr. Franklin: If you feel tempted to put your
body or yourself down don’t do it. You should think about all of the cool things that make
you special and that you do well. Jo: I like that.
Mr. Franklin: Cool, another way to feel good about yourself is to set goals and do it.
It feels really good to set a goal to do something and then do it. Don’t worry so much about
pounds on your scale, but living hell in doing healthy things by setting goals and sticking
with your goals. Make your goals about changing what you can do to be healthy and not about
losing pounds. Can you think of anything you can change?
Jo: Well I do drink a lot of juice that has sugar in it. Maybe I can stop that.
Mr Franklin: There you go. There is a goal you know you want to do and you can keep track
of. You can tell whether you’re drinking juice or not and when you don’t drink it you can
celebrate when you make your goal. Do you get it?
Jo: Yeah I get it. Thanks Mr. Franklin Jeremiah That was a great story on setting
goals, and never talking bad about yourself even when you know you need to work on some
things. Remember with setting goals, that let you know what you want to do, and after
you’re done you can celebrate your success just like Mr. Franklin said. But until next
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