If Keaton Jones Made a Diss Track… (Viral Bully Kid) 🔥

“that look real?” “you think the cry looking r eal?” “think I should make more…make noise?” “yea a lil more dramat-” “what we gon’ do with the money after this?” “you think…. “…you think “you think maybe I could get a few girls off this?” – ofcourse bro! what you mean bro?
Keaton: “like with some followers and stuff?” “MONEY!” “what about the followers?” “followers?” “put my instagram link in the description” “that look real?” – yea that look hella real bro “think I should ..do this…” – be a lil’ more dramatic! – you know? scream! – scream! – tell them you wanna kill youself “kill myse…” – you gon’ get more attention… nigger! (UGH!) nigger! (UGH!) nigger! (UGH!) nigger! (UGH!) nigger! (UGH!) nigger! (UGH!) nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger! niggier! you is a nigger! (nigger!) (yuh!) you is a nigger! (UGH!) UGH! UGH! “didn’t I told you… ….didn’t I told you the other day you was a nigger” nigger! nigger! you is a nigger! (UGH!) nigger! nigger! nigger! (nah’m saying?) (woah! UGH!) you is a nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger! (nah’m saying?) you is a who? you is a nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger! (UGH!) “hold on..hold on…hold on..hold on… i meant to tell you that…. you is a nigger! (UGH!)..yeah you is a nigger! ouuuu… your penis is a lil’ bigger (penis gettin’ bigger) couldv’e had 58 grand but niggas was tweeting on twitter I pull the trigger .. (ouuu) (yeah..) Tommy Hilfiger (ouuu yeah) when I saw your sister I say “you is a nigger” huh! she say “I’m not a nigger” she say she’s not a nigger but..she was black.. (ouuu)..I say “ouuu thats wack” (that’s wack!) but you know what? it’s all good! all you niggers livin’ in the hood… I might come up there and hit you niggers with my 2 by 4 ply wood ahahah (keaton!) (I’m not a bully!) (UGH! UGH! UGH!) (nah’m saying?) you is a nigger nig..nigger! would you consider… (would you can who?) would you consider giving me back my money you black nigger confederate… I deliver! (deliver!) racism getting bigger (I’m a heavy hitter) when I saw your cousin I told her she was a nigger she was a nigger..he’s black! she’s a nigger! black! take a Tic-Tac (take… take… take a Tic-Tac) your breath is kinda wack… watching ‘Friends’ back to back (watching ‘friends’ back to back) you is a nigger still… catch a nigger slacking at the GoodWill call me the confederate ‘Kill Bill’… huh! nah’m saying? nah’m saying? nah’m saying?’ (woah..nah’m saying?) nigger! hey! you is a nigger! (yeah) I gotta get! skip her! (I gotta get! skip her!) I hit her on Twitter (I hit her on Twitter) I say you is a nigger I tweet that like twice (tweet that like twice) I roll the dice (I roll the dice) mix it with spice (ouuu) everything cool…it’s aight! (everything cool… it’s aight) Is it? it’s cool! Is not the cool then I stool… everything cool… (everything..yea) jump in my pool.. but…don’t jump in my pool.. (why!) If you was a nigger! I pull the trigger… just like I did.. like couple minutes ago… nah what I mean! I think you’re a nigger! UGH! UGH! UGH! hey! you is a nigger you is a nigger still.. your cousin is a nigger.. your pastor is a nigger… your mummy is a nigger… (ouuu)..yeah your brother is a nigger… your sister is a nigger… (she is a nigger) (ouuu).. your friend is a nigger he is black! (he is black!) he is black! call me ‘MadeDDGPontiac’ I’m rich! so Imma go count up a stack… Justin Bieber! nigger! DM me back! nah’m saying! nah’m saying! (Keaton!)