ICE Deportation, Sanctuary Cities Endanger Public Safety & Transgender First Elected Official

security and ice are in Raleigh tonight
calling out local sheriff saying they’re endangering Public Safety a few of those
including Wake and Durham County have stopped cooperating with ice
CBS 17s Michael Hyland digging deeper and looking at the impact every day I
wake up thinking about it this is Chris story with her brother Joe before the
car crash that took his life on Monday she told her story to Chad Wolfe the
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security she says the man who hit her and her
brother was in the country illegally fled after making bail and never face
justice so he’s walking free now and my brother is permanently separated from
his three sons in the years since she says it frustrates her to see the
position that sheriff’s in Wake and Durham counties have taken to no longer
cooperate with ice secretary Wolfe and the head of ice came to rally around a
blasting those sheriff’s this is an affront to law enforcement in to the
rule of law I reached out to a spokesman for wait Sheriff Gerald Baker he
declined to comment referring me to his previous statements on this the law
requires us to to do to get involved in it then we’ll move we’re all Beach
according to the law but until that time we understand where we are with it that
would have forced sheriff’s to honor so-called detainer requests to vote
suspect so that ice agents can pick them up from jails the governor called that
unconstitutional advocates in the immigrant community tried to watch this
roundtable but weren’t allowed in they didn’t invite any of the law enforcement
representatives who have sought to create a different tone in terms of
their relationships with immigrant community House Speaker Tim Moore says
he never called a vote on whether to override Cooper’s veto because he knew
he didn’t have the votes he says that may happen next year in Raleigh
Michael Hiland CBS 17 News the news around the Commonwealth this morning a
major announcement in the case that’s decades-old gen soaring is set to be
paroled his former girlfriend Elizabeth Haysom is also set to be paroled soaring
was convicted of killing haysom’s parents back in nine
90 Hazen plead guilty to being an accessory to the before the fact Sauron
has maintained over the years that he was innocent of the crime he even
petitioned the governor’s office for a pardon the governor’s office says
saurons requests for that pardon was rejected however many still believe he
is innocent in this case now I’ve put in over 5,000 hours representing answering
and I can assure you I would not have spent this kind of time turning down
many many other cases as I thought they answering was guilty the governor’s
office also tells us that Jen soaring and Elizabeth Haysom will be released to
ice they will then be permanently removed from the United States and
unable to return Rockville man suing the Maryland Department of Natural Resources
after he says police unlawfully cuffed him and then handed him over to ice jose
Velata was detained while cutting trees as
Janice Park reports tonight he tells us the situation highlights the confusion
that happens in a local agency caught in the polarizing issue of immigration the
family of Jose the alta fought back tears as they held signs saying families
belong together and he is not a criminal so the past 110 days casa says the 31
year old rockville man has been in a detention center and may very well be
deported back to El Salvador having these kind of situations in our
communities where ice is using Gestapo tactics to take people away from their
families that is the crux of this issue it said it happened back in August when
Villalta was cutting a tree down at a relative’s house casa says Maryland DNR
police showed up and found the undocumented immigrant did not have a
license to cut down the tree lawyers say they’ll all toe was handcuffed and
detained until he was handed over to ice that’s what makes this both confusing
and dangerous is because other state agencies do not cooperate the dice Casas
says Villalta should have been fined only but says DNR officers arrested him
instead casa alleges the DNA officers violated his constitutional
rights and now Villalta is suing Maryland DNR we spoke with the Maryland
Department of Natural Resources they tell us that they don’t comment on
pending litigation but they did share with us this letter that they sent to
the Latino caucus the letter DNR’s acting superintendent says that the DNR
officer ran a check on Villalta and found there was an ice warrant for
deportation but he goes on to say that this was an administrative warrant and
as a matter of policy officers don’t act on detainers Maryland DNR has since
revised their policy and educated their officers the auto remains detained we
are all supporting you that we love you we hope to have you back home with us
soon and to stay strong Janice Park wusa9 horrible and inhumane
that’s how the immigration detention center in Eloy Arizona is being
described in this just released report by two national human rights groups the
report called the human cost of being confined claims that emergency services
are insufficient there’s inadequate and ineffective medication and a lack of
quality food that includes moldy bread rancid beans and water with worms those
are the people filling up these tales Alejandra Pablos recently spent 43 days
in the Eloi facility after being detained for deportation yes we saw
people coming out and body bags we heard we saw people we heard of people eating
batteries just so they can get some medical attention right like I don’t
know how it where’s it can get from that the report ranks avoid one of the
deadliest ice facilities in the country the Advancement Project and Puente
movement are now calling for an end to immigration detention earlier today we
received this statement from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ice
is committed to ensuring that those in our custody reside in safe secure and
humane environments ice does not tolerate any mr.
even of people in its custody there are well-known and well published channels
through which ice detainees may raise their concerns reporting such a vague
and anonymous and inflammatory accusations first to the media is not an
effective method for ice to properly research legitimate allegations
comprehensive medical care is provided from the moment detainees arrive until
they leave ice custody now we’re told the Eloi Detention Center follows ice a
performance base and national detention standards for all its detainees and
posters showing where these detainees can consume submit complaints are
displayed throughout their facility okay so these grips that put out the report
what exactly do they want well they will they basically want to eliminate ice and
eliminate these detention facilities they say the whole system is broken and
they have a lot of people who agree with them whether or not Congress will do
anything about it right don’t hold your breath the 39 year old man had come to
the United States with his parents from Mexico when he was just seven and took a
voluntary departure from the US nine years ago he started a family in Jalisco
but when he began to be threatened by cartel members he crossed back into the
u.s. to claim asylum we’re withholding his name because of the threats he and
his family have received in Mexico when he first entered the u.s. he was charged
with a legal entry which was ultimately dismissed by prosecutors at the
beginning of October but it was then that his ordeal in border patrol custody
began he was held in civil custody at the Chula Vista Border Patrol station
for almost three weeks without being able to call his family or lawyer KPBS spoke with the asylum seeker at the
otai Mesa Detention Center where he’s now being held while he was at the
Border Patrol station his family had no idea where he was whether he had been
deported to Mexico or if he was even alive finally after almost three weeks
in custody a guard let him make a short phone call to his sister oh yes he’s wrong while in custody he
told me he had to sleep in a room with 60 other people and was served rotten
food in a statement to KPBS Customs and
Border Protection said that the agency is under no obligation to notify family
or Council when someone is in their custody
border patrol stations are meant only for very short stays but over the past
year migrants have often faced extended stays in the stations as CBP claims it
lacks the capacity to process asylum seekers quick enough
the man’s lawyer Doron edgar Seto who works the National immigrant justice
center which provides pro bono assistance to immigrants had to file a
motion in federal court just to locate her own client it’s so fundamentally an
American to live to have a system where people are disappeared and held
incommunicado for an undetermined amount of time not even being able to have that
five-minute phone call when you get arrested your family member to let them
know where you are at agar sito’s client says other people in custody at the
Border Patrol station told him they had been held there for even longer than
three weeks max Rivlin Ambler KPBS news blog Indiana’s first transgender elected
official will take office in January and it’s happening in Greencastle Indiana
population 10,000 news eights new multicultural reporter kotero Winfrey
highlights this historic vote many people might find a place like green
castle too small to be progressive enough to elect a transgender city
councilor but veronica petrol says for nearly 15 years this community has
accepted her and they showed that support by heading to the polls musician is one of Veronica Federal’s
titles you could tell she’s quite good at as each note echoes from her piano
but that’s just one title the most important one parent to her twins and
the most recent one Greencastle city councillor elect four more three this is
my first foray into into public life and I’m really excited about that a Democrat
running under the campaign message being a good neighbor
she became Indiana’s first transgendered elected official beating her opponent
with nearly 70 percent of the vote I’ve thought long and hard I thought about
what this moment might be like and I said yeah our community was ready for
this Green Castle population 10,500
historically has voted conservatively but party leaders encouraged her to
throw her name in the race after the incumbent councillor didn’t seek
reelection 14 years ago she started her transition in Greencastle and since then
she’s been presenting her authentic self because of that I really didn’t have
much fear going into this this shop sort of became the focal point for the
election and petrel says she never entered to become the first transgender
city councilor but now that she’s one it’s going to mean big things for people
it’s great that this walls been broken and I would certainly hope that this
might help one or two bullied kids who aren’t sure that they can you know move
on and be themselves on the campaign trail petrels dealt with everything from
name-calling and doubt but in the end her community engagement and being true
is what she says helped her clinch the win I’m not the only one who breathed a
big sigh of relief Petra will be sworn in in January and she says she’s looking
forward to continue her work in the community but this time with city
councilor by her name in Greencastle kotero winfrey news 8 let me know what
you think in the comment section thanks for watching like share and subscribe as
always god bless till next time please