I Want to end this problem || Bullying Short Film

DIKRI ARYA GUMELAR YUDA FANKA TRI KEDATON RIO HARDADI VENA DEWI WAHYU LINGGAR BAYU SETIAWAN I want to end this problem One day there is one new student named Bayu [music] He did not have a friend so in always in the bully with everything [music] hey! [music] After the incident. There was someone who always help Bayu he named Yuda and the Bayu later felt tired to live in this world because always in the bully by her class [music] i want to end this problem The next day, when in class the Rio, Vena, Dikri ransacked the contents of the bag bayu and the veins found a letter And the of directly in take quickly by Bayu [music] [heart rate] **SENSOR** After the incident recur, Bayu then ponder and pulled out the letter to read [music] After reading a letter from the old, Bayu than recalled time ind the bully by his friend then Bayu decided to end of life with the way kill yourself. But his actions in prevent by yuda and get bayu tell everything to yuda [music] Some time later the Rio, Vena, Dikri, came to bullying back [music] After that evantually Rio, Vena, Dikri finally make friends with bayu thanks to help yuda