Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the french inline skater! and welcome to today’s video; today I’m gonna try aggressive skating because a lot of you have asked for this! needless to say that this is not my cup of tea, but I’ll try my best! Let’s do this! Allright, I’m a begginer, and today’s goal will be to learn the basics I want to be somewhat confortable with the quarter pipe And then, I’ll also try to do some grinds! Ok, let me try to do a grind right now! Allright, first things first, let’s talk about protection! I’m wearing some knee pads, I’ve lost my wrist guards so… But I didn’t forget my helmet! It’s a cool helmet provided by Ennui brand so thank you very much to Powerslide, Ennui, and Ricardo Lino for giving me this helmet, so I’m gonna use it today! ready to roll! oh by the way, as you may have seen, today i have a friend helping me film this episode for you guys! thank you very much for giving me a hand, Vladimir! and the skates I’m using today are the USD Franky Morales 2 they are a little bit big for me but I still didn’t have the opportunity to get another pair of skates! so, they’ll do for today! Allright, let’s see what type of grinds I can do It’s not gonna be something fancy, but I’ll try! Frontside this one is still fresh in my head! now, Soul slide now let’s try to do this while moving at the same time! it’s gonna be more difficult, but I’ll do my best again! Now, let me try to do the Acid I have no idea if i can do this but I’ll try! It’s diffucult! How do you do this! I don’t get it xD Anyway, I think I’m gonna go to the quarter pipes By quarter pipes, i mean that there are 3 of them in a row! let me try to do this; let’s go! Challenge 1 will be to go up in this quarter pipe, and then have the guts to do the whole thing! That was fun! Allrigh, this is it for today’s session in the skatepark! Will I do aggressive skating again? yes absolutely! I defenitely had lots of fun! And I would like to thank my friend Vladimir for helping me film this episode! Don’t forget to subscribe, And PLEASE help me making Inline Skating more popular, By sharing this video to you friends! YOU can change EVERYTHING! Think about it! All right guys, see you in the next episode! 🙂