Do you want to see something crazy? What? You’re crazy! What is it for? -woa
– 3 x 55mm ? You’ll send us a message in the hospital okay? -Do you want to see something crazy?
-yes! So, it’s a new concept A new category of inline skates x) … You can take them in my bag wow! I’m seeing the wheels! -woa!
– 3 x 55 mm ? – 3 x 58 mm ! -What do you think is gonna happen?
-It’s gonna be a good leg workout! yeah, probably! x) -What are you going to do with the footage?
-YouTube! 🙂 Come here! lemme show you something! 🙂 What do you think? You’re crazy! You’re really crazy! What is it for? -I don’t know, I just wanted to test x) ! You won’t be able to do anything with that! I’ll be trying this in a triskate configuration, and a banana rocker! -And these wheels are brand new?!
-yeah! …spent 40 bucks for that You’re crazy dude! -it’s cool! You’ll send us a text message from the Hospital! I’m a misunderstood artist! … :’) – A little bit yeah! Do you like your new skates? -yes! still dealing with fresh new wheels! ( too much grip) -WHO WANTS KINDER CHOCOLATE? -Who brang chocolate?
-Me! 🙂 -You rock dude! I don’t know your name, but you rock dude! My name’s Tiago 🙂