How to Win Every Argument – Talking Tom’s Brainfarts

I’ve been pretty busy
making my new reality show. Pssst…It’s a show about multiple realities. No, no, no it isn’t. Yes it is. And in one of those realities I
am known as: Never stops Talking Tom! Hey, I can stop talking anytime I want. Look. I give up. I just realised I accidentally
got into an argument with myself. Man, this got pretty weird pretty fast. It’s cool, because
this is what I wanted to talk about today anyway. ARGUMENTS Talking TOM BRAINFARTS
How to Win Every Argument No matter how nice you are,
sooner or later you will get in an argument. Maybe with your parents,
maybe with your friends, or maybe even with your
boyfriend or girlfriend. Ben?! Thanks. But it doesn’t matter who it is,
it will happen. And no one likes to lose an argument. I’m gonna tell you my brilliant
ideas about how to win every argument. First rule of winning arguments. You can’t lose an argument
if you don’t hear the argument. When your opponent
is talking to you, just do what I do. -Blablabla…
– I can’t hear you. Blablabla… Use their own words against them. Listen to the other person,
and then just use the last word they say. Out of all of Shakespeare’s
historical plays I prefer Richard the Third. You’re a Turd. But sometimes
it doesn’t work with just one word. Use as many words as it takes. That was not very nice. You’re Not very nice! Ha! But, but, I try so hard
to be nice…why oh why?! You should be careful with this
because it can get a bit absurd. There is no such thing as multiple realities. You’re a multiple reality. If all else fails,
then there is only one thing to do. You’ve gotta go for the
nuclear option of winning arguments. You repeat everything the other person says. In a high pitched voice. And that’s it, you’ve won. No one can
have a fight with a squeakier version of themselves. And that’s it, you’ve won. No one can
have a fight with a squeakier version of themselves. -Stop it.
-Stop it. Haha. Okay enough. Haha had enough? Yes! Say I’m the master of the universe. You are the master of the universe. Nice. But? I’m you.
So I am the master of the universe! Ahahaha. Noooooooo! -So those were my thoughts on arguments.
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