How to Report Harassment | Elephant in the Office | EP 3

In our last episode we spoke about sexual harassment against men In this episode Let’s find out how we can make sexual harassment complaints clearer and safer As we all know sexual harassment can happen to anyone regardless of their gender Sexual harassment isn’t confined to a specific location either It can happen anywhere especially in an office There are also many forms of sexual harassment It can happen physically as well as verbally If you feel uncomfortable in a situation you have every right to say STOP! Personal content is important when it comes to sexually related conversation and interactions If employers or HR don’t take sexual harassment seriously employees may not feel safe working in that space anymore This could contribute to a hostile work environment Verbal complaint might often be taken lightly or ignored by employers However, they shouldn’t make you feel like you’re being petty or oversensitive Please remember you aren’t responsible for other people’s inappropriate actions The easiest way to file a formal complaint is via email or letter Now let’s dive into the deeds First, give your email a clear and concise subject line such as Official Complained of Sexual Harassment This will ensure your complaint gets the attention it deserves When it comes to the recipient we encourage you to include both your superior and HR Unless you have a specific reason not to include either party By adding both parties you will increase their efficiency in following up on your case Let’s compose an email together, shall we? Always start off your email with a clear and concise intention Nothing more, nothing less Dear Beh and Harimaunager, I’m writing this email to you because Baya has been harassing me. The following incidents have occurred You can now recount the incidents and harassment This will put things into better perspective for your recipients Here’s how you can recount the incidents List the events in point form for easier reference It will help if you can state the date of the incidents, mention names of potential witnesses and also attach proof such as screenshots of text, pictures, emails and so on The more detailed your information is the more helpful it will be for the team investigating your case. To wrap up your email let your recipients know that you are willing to cooperate on any part of the investigation Lastly, clearly state that you want the harasser to leave you alone Now you can sign off Of course, once the complaint is made things just get started Your supervisor and HR will need to talk to the accused as well to get both sides of the story That’s why it’s important to recount incidents as honestly and clearly as possible It will smoothen the whole investigation process We hope this episode of elephant in the office has helped you to gather a bit of courage to fight against sexual harassment Please let us know if you have any questions and leave us a comment below