How to report cyberbullying or abuse to Flickr

To report an offensive
photo on Flickr, once logged into your
account, navigate to the page on which the photo is hosted. This can be done by clicking
on the photo wherever it appears on your homepage, or
the hosting user’s photostream. To find this, use the search
bar in the top right corner. Once you have found their name,
click on their buddy icon. Scroll down until you find
the photo you wish to report. Select this photo. Scroll down to the bottom of the
page and select ‘Report Abuse’. From the dropdown menu, select
‘I see a photo and/or buddy icon in public areas that I feel
violates the Flickr Community Guidelines’, then ‘Send’
to finalise your report. To block an abusive or
bullying user on Flickr, navigate to the offending
user’s photostream. Select ‘More’, then ‘Block’. Make sure that the
‘Confirmation’ check box is ticked, then select ‘Block’.