How To Deal With OFFICE POLITICS? – 10 TIPS To Win Over Office Politics | Soultalks With Shubha

As a life coach, I meet a lot of
people with great jobs and careers. Who resist going to work everyday. Reason? They are unhappy and
stressed with office politics. I too have faced my share of office politics. When I was pursuing my corporate career. And I know how demotivating
and destructive it can be… For the morale of an employee. Hi, I’m Subha! And today, I’m going to share with you 10 ways By which you can stop office politics from
taking a toll on your enthusiasm at work. Here’s the first step. Be very careful about what
you say to others at work. You may occasionally be facing
problems at work and that’s fine. But discussing this problems openly makes
you an easy target of office politics. Please know that whatever
you discuss with others… May be repeated and used
as ammunition against you. If you need to talk to someone… It’s a better idea to talk to a friend or a
relative who is not connected with your job. Tip No. 2. Be calm while responding to vicious lies. It is normal to feel upset. And even defensive when someone is
threatening your reputation at work. But it is very important to
take a few deep breaths… and center yourself before you respond. Then state your facts calmly but
firmly and do not over justify. Your words will then have a much greater impact… Than had you responded instinctively
at the heat of the moment. Beyond a point please know that whatever
the others are saying about you. Is a reflection of who they are and
it has nothing to do with who you are. Tip No. 3 Keep a record of all your work
progress and communication. Smart documentation can save you
from being a target of office politics. So keep records of all your emails… Document the minutes of every meeting. And keep records of your contribution
towards all group projects. Tip No. 4 Build a strong support network. Get to know your work colleagues… And try to build healthy professional
relationship with them. Try to have at least 2-3 good work friends. Whom you can count on and who
have positive influence over others. People with bullying tendencies
often tend to isolate their victims. By having people around you. Chances are that they can’t
take advantage of you at work. On the same lines… Try to maintain good eye contact
when you’re speaking with people. And also listen and genuinely show
interest to what others have to say. Sometimes office politics originates
because of lack of communication. Try to see the issue from the
perspective of the other person. He/She may feel actually that you
are the one who is being political Let me give you an example. Suppose you are being accused
of withholding information… About a project that all of
you are working on together. On reflecting, you may find… That there is a gap between your communication because You were waiting to send out a lot
of information at the same time. A simple solution would be to keep sending emails
every day even if you have nothing new to add. This way, you won’t be perceived as someone… Who is intentionally withholding
important information. Tip No. 6 Follow the rules at your workplace no
matter how absurd they maybe be. For e.g. Your work place maybe having a rule… That office printers cannot be
used for personal purposes. Then, even if everyone else is doing the same. Please avoid using the printer. You never know when your actions. Can be used against you at a
moment when you least expect. Tip No. 7 Always exhibit professional behaviour at work. And avoid getting too personal to anyone. It’s okay to have fun in office
parties and work events But be very careful where you draw the line. Tip No. 8 It’s important to have your accomplishment recognized But also try to celebrate the
accomplishments of everyone else. That way, you won’t be perceived as
someone who is always bragging about… His/Her own achievement. All the more you will be sending out a clear signal That while you are excelling at your work. You also value the contribution
of everyone else. Tip No. 9 Neutralise negative politics. This is very important. Please don’t gossip or spread
rumours about others… Even though they maybe doing the same to you. Try to sort out your differences separately. There’s no need to add fuel to the
fire by joining negative politics. And finally… Try to have a positive attitude towards
your work and your workplace. Hold on to your principles and
stick to them no matter what. So… If someone else has taken credit
for something that you have done. You don’t have to steal credit
from others to go ahead. Stick to your values and overtime
your work will speak for itself. So friends, I hope you found these tips useful
to steer your way through office politics. See you soon on another episode
of Soul talks with Subha. Where we continue this
progressive journey together.