How to Deal With Difficult People, Bullies, and Haters

What should you do when someone doesn’t like
you or your business? Some people lose sleep over it I take a different approach. I’m Derek
Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, and in just a second I’ll share with you exactly
how I deal with haters. A reader of mine Elaine asked me, “What should I do when someone doesn’t
like me? How should I deal with them?” the short answer is, screw them. There is more
than seven billion people in the world one, five, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand
people don’t like you ignore them. If they come to your site to harass you ban them.
Me? I take pleasure in banning people from my site. Why? Because it’s my site it’s not
a democracy. Now what does this mean to you? You’ve got to take the same control over your
site. You may not want to be as aggressive as I am but here’s the deal. Every second
you waste fretting over one hater is one second you can spend making a loyal customer happy
or even happier. Ten years from now what will benefit your business and life more? Stressing
out over one idiot? Or wowing your customers? That said when you get your first hater celebrate.
Because for every one person who hates you if you are doing a good job you’ll find that
there’s two, three, five, ten people who love you and those people will end up becoming
your loyal customers. Halpern out.