How to Deal with a Toxic Boss (Working in a Toxic Environment)

I am Marat from Emmotion. Toxic bosses cause irreparable damage to the
companies and employees by crushing their performance and creating unnecessary stress,
many of us have experienced similar situations. The decision to leave the job or not is absolutely
up to you, there are some steps you can take before this final action. Try not to take it personally. It’s easier said than done, but letting
rude comments pass you by will actually help your emotional state at work. Do your job to the very best of your ability
and congratulate yourself on it, even if your boss doesn’t recognize it at all. There’s always a cause for this behavior. Maybe his personal life is completely rotten
and he is a very unhappy person. It doesn’t make their attitude fair or acceptable,
but it could also explains a lot. Could you try looking at them with compassion?! Talk it out with your friends. Don’t let it boil up inside. Talk about it with your friends and trusted
colleagues. You can discuss the situation together and
gain a different perspective on everything. Take care of yourself
Don’t let the the situation make you feel little and damage your health. It’s important to value yourself and invest
time in self-care. Take a realistic look at your life, which
aspect of it is getting the least love and attention? That would be the place to start. Don’t let them cross the line. Everyone deserves basic respect. Your boss has the right to give you feedback,
give you directives to complete, supervise your work, tell you when they are unhappy
about something you’ve done, and even fire you. Your boss does NOT have the right to intimidate,
belittle, insult or yell at you in public or in private. As soon as your boss is making demeaning comments
and remarks about you, do not delay it and talk to him about it. Karma is real. Mean people get what’s coming to them. When it comes to business, some people think
that success means not showing any signs of humanity, making shady moves to get ahead
and treating their employees like garbage. If your boss is one of them, you can take
comfort in knowing that karma will eventually get them. Keep your CV and LinkedIn profile up to date
and ensure you maintain your network. Plan your exit from the toxic workplace before
the situation becomes unbearable. For more information and tips on how to manage
your professional relationships subscribe below.