How Spanky Lost His Voice

don’t worry about the score hands up hands up hands up hands up hands up hands up hey hands up if you hear me holler hands up I better see everybody’s hands go up you understand me when I say hands up they go up [Applause] [Music] hey I want two feet together that’s the only way you’re going jump keep the feet up keep your feet up feet up straight come on come on my trail jump into the air come on it’s a photo of my wife and I ladies man when I had hair okay that’s my way 44 years that’s my soulmate my son with the Columbia counts in Chicago my daughter got a bachelor degree from Illinois State we made sure all of us had an education my first week in mind if you’re always interesting because they told me to take this boy up to the detention and the boy told me that he was gonna hit me with a chair so once I get up there that boy hit me with the chair my wife would tell you that I dreamed this school and my dreams nightmares about this school I can tell I can tell you about the kids in school I wake up in the morning talk about what i’ma say to this kid all right 15 years they have been my life they have been my life there you go [Applause] [Music] 18 takes time to believe in Asia it’s time to believe mr. they started to push each other that’s basically all we want I don’t care if I don’t win the game I’m more concerned with them playing together getting out of this school now you learning now you learning what we’re trying to tell you to do you did it right y’all finally learn how to play together and that’s what we want my job is to nurture and educate and protect that’s what we protect them when we do anything we protect them what themselves they family they surroundings themselves first see deaf see the planes landing you know seeing the airport you ain’t never seen therefore either we’re going to see the Paul again Seton Hall [Music] watch your step when you [Music] it was first time at a game never expressionist but he’s never been the basketball game let’s tell you about all these ball players [Music] Cheerilee that’s all you see cheerleader [Music] [Music] one two three [Music] [Music] so what you’ve been doing at home nothing keep all hands on the ball Carla you gotta talk to me man I can’t be talking like that you know you know I know you can talk about or not [Music] if something happened to somebody scare you if your some of your mama say something to you or what what happened what made you start talking about that [Music] look at Minister me can your teacher say you never talk like that last year so some have in their home [Music] you know don’t want to say I know what on eyeliner dark box when I came home I was like oh my god my whole house is not his – so she was in a coma for like a month the her hand was Helen grafted with the skin that’s her left hand that’s fully-armed grafted on this side she’s slowly coming out to coma and she was barely talking I’m coming out like really guys in fair and when she started talking it was like in so low voices and she was like mom you know I try to go I told my child go get grandma oh he just kept senators looking at the fire and we come move because it was sold it was everywhere it was no emotions not when you have no emotions behind it to feel like when you see also sits down belly in and spine for a life at that point that’s not new you needed help he had four different disabilities they try to say my son was um what is that um I said he didn’t you know he was really psyched like a psychopath at different times that they have really tested my ability to stay there with him and he has to my trail he has issues he has issues but I cannot just sit and dwell on him because I got five other ones I got another one who likes gangs likes to shoot got another one don’t like him I almost something like that I got another one who got fifteen brothers and sisters I had been to the house I have brought their mamas to school okay I have done everything I can do for those kids come on mix you’ll know they’re coming – you’ll know they’re coming – oh you tried to eat let’s share alright alright way to go way to go way to go way to go way to go when it was my first day here bellows kids cause I heard that this goal was like Oh bad boy school but now difficult has helped me with my English you [Music]