How Passive-Aggressive Are You?

– About where advertising ends. All those guys don’t work anymore. – Yeah. It’s so over stlying. – They heard like cattle and sheep. – That’s so interesting. – Play and play and play until
he couldn’t play anymore. – Okay, okay, you’re a grown man and you should really close
your mouth when you eat. – You know what, I don’t
care. Whatever dude. – [Co-Worker] She is just very sensitive and I don’t think that you should– I don’t get it. – You know what, you know
what, you’re right. I’m sorry. – So it’s worth exploring
the beauty of it and (phone ringing) we have noticed (phone ringing) I– Can we find the phone that’s ringing guys? – Moms love us (phone ringing)
so, let’s just keep that up. – (phone ringing) The wires can break. (phone ringing) The wires can break. (phone ringing) You can
actually take that outside. – [Date] It’s all great. Yeah, I can’t believe the magic now.