How GOOD Is 13 Year Old LeBron James Jr. Actually

While LeBron James has made headlines for
moving to LA this summer, his son LeBron James Jr. has made his own news by being able to
dunk the ball in middle school and having an all-around game like his dad, but how good
or bad is LeBron James Jr. actually? What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players. It’s ya boi MJ. LeBron has been on a rampage off the court,
arguing with refs, with moms, but he’s just being a dad and his son LeBron James Jr. definitely
has skill, but the media doesn’t always accurately show how good or bad Bronny is
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2K19, and jerseys is out and let’s just get into it. LeBron James Jr. is a 13 year old, 5’ 10”
7th grader and is listed as a forward. As of right now, he’s playing on North Coast
Blue Chips, a team that has went 46-7 in this season! But when you look at their team, you can’t
pinpoint their success on Bronny. Their team is filled with superstars, including
the No. 1 ranked 7th grader in the country, Mikey Williams. In fact, Bronny ain’t the best 7th grader
even though he may be the only one you know. He’s ranked 10th in the country. That’s still impressive, but at the time,
we have to take a deeper look at his game. Keep in mind that Bronny is only 13 and he
has a lot of room to grow so we gotta compare him to the people around him. Let’s talk about the best part of his game
and something LeBron himself has praised: PASSING. Bronny has exceptional passing vision and
above that, his floor general abilities are eerily similar to his dad. Most of his highlights consist of him threading
the needle with his passes, but watching his team’s highlights, I could see Bronny setting
plays up and getting everyone involved. LeBron said that “It’s probably the best
part of his game and that passing at that age is such a rare trait to have.” His basketball IQ is off the charts for a
kid his age and that’s what sets him apart. He gets everyone in rhythm and comfortable,
just like his dad does. That being said, other parts of his game do
get a lot of attention, but that doesn’t mean that they are elite. Although he’s listed as a forward, his skillset
is more like a guard. He has nice handles, he’s a great passer,
and he can shoot from deep. He has a tight handle which is solid for a
7th grader and his use of his body to fake defenders is impressive, but he obviously
has a lot of room to grow and can work on making his other moves more effective like
his crossover. As of now, it seems to telegraphed. It will work on weaker competition, but in
bigger games, he kinda is limited to what he uses. Highlights can be deceiving because they only
show the good, but not the normal regular aspects. For example, Mikey Williams handles appear
to help him get to his spots and his arsenal of moves is greater. There isn’t much variation of moves that
Bronny uses, but he is capable of using them as shown in his workouts. His handle reminds of Chris Paul because he
is calm and because his handle is effective. The same can be said about Bronny’s shots. While he has a good set shot coming off of
the catch and his form looks smooth, I don’t really see Bronny shootings any fadeaways
or leaning shots. This is 7th grade basketball and taking higher
difficulty shots isn’t smart, especially for LeBron Jr who is more of a floor general. In practices, he has shown the ability to
shoot off the dribble, but that is something he is working on. At his height at his age, I can see him becoming
a 6’ 5” point guard and with his already smooth jumpshot, he would be deadly. He needs to work more on creating his own
shot from outside the paint. Speaking of the paint, Bronny’s finishing
skills are great. Because he is good at changing speeds, he
easily gets by 90% of people defending him. He also has a wide array of finishing moves
that are crafty and protect the ball from his defender with his body. I don’t see him bullying through defenders
through power which I think he can do. He can even dunk so he definitely has the
athleticism to do more. His defense on the other hand seems to be
iffy. I’m not sure what type of defensive stances
he’s learned but Bronny’s posture is not the best when defending someone. Still, his off-ball defense is great because
he can read the other team’s plays just like his dad, but his on-ball defense is shady. There is so much hype around LeBron James
Jr and it reminds me of the hype around LaMelo Ball. I think that because people tend to watch
highlights, they only see the good of someone’s game but they forget to look at the overall
game. LeBron James Jr is a great player for a 13
year old and his passing and IQ make him unique, but let’s not get carried away and say every
part of his game is amazing. He has an all-around game and does everything
at an above average level, but not everything is at an elite level. I think he’s overrated only because of what
the media has done and because of the hype of being LeBron’s son, but don’t get me
wrong, he’s still one of the best 7th graders in the country. His poise is impeccable and I love the way
he plays. He has a few more years to grow into the player
he will become and having LeBron James as a guide ain’t a bad thing to have, but what
do you think? Will LeBron James Jr. be a star in the NBA? Is Bronny that good? Let me know in the comments down below. Drop a like if you liked this video and if
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