Houston County student who wrote anti-bullying book wants children to stand up for themselves

I dreaded going back to another eight
hours of name calling and teasing. I just couldn’t stand it. Every day I was met with the same harsh
glances in whispers from Olivia and Charlotte my two ex BFFs. The book is about bullying. And the main message from the book
that I wanted to get across to readers was hopefully they
would stand up for themselves. And if they aren’t directly
being bullying, or being bullied,
they could stand up for others. In the bathroom scene, that’s where
I actually pulled my inspiration. I was in the restroom one day, and then I
just hear outside people talking about me. When I came out, they saw me and
they excited the bathroom. And I don’t remember exactly
what all they said about me, but it wasn’t necessarily the good. Every person deserves to be
treated well and with respect. And a lot of kids,
they decide that it will just go away. That if they just ignore the problem
that it will just go away, but sadly, it doesn’t. So this book hopefully will help
people who are being bullied, stand up for themselves. I challenge you to light up
someone’s day in any way possible. Whether it’s making them smile, or getting them to stand up for
themselves or others. [BLANK_AUDIO]