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♪♪ Interviewer: I like what
you have on. Right here is fine? Can I sit? I’m a little nervous, I guess. Interviewer: Nervous?
That’s alright. I’m a little nervous. Interviewer: Don’t be nervous. ♪♪ Interviewer: Straighten your
shoulders, yes. Interviewer: Smile. Interviewer: Smile. Interview: Chin down. Interviewer Can we get one
[a smile] with teeth? No, you don’t like teeth ones? Interviewer: You can relax. I’m
going to adjust for one second. O.K. ♪♪ Interviewer: Oh yeah, and your friend wanted to
surprise you really quickly. My friend? Interviewer: Yeah. My friend? [Laughs] O.K. Hey Sharon, I’m here. It’s me! ‘Sup, Elvis! It’s me, Sara V! I just wanted to tell you,
I love you. And you mean the world to me,
honestly. I was bullied for four years in
middle school, and these girls, they would say the meanest
things ever. I met you and when I smiled
you said, “You have the greatest smile.”
And it meant so much to me. You know, I was a jerk a lot
of times. And I didn’t really treat [you]
or say things that were, you know, the best. It got to a point with my
eating disorder. They were like, “You have to
make a decision whether to eat or you can’t come back
to school.” You just sat there and listened,
you gave me advice. I’ve never had someone who has wanted to hear what
I had to say. Because of you I felt
more comfortable and I felt welcomed being at
school, being the new kid. Because no one else came up to
me the way that you did. I do know what you do for me,
like I do not ignore it. It’s being recorded in my brain. It’s in there! Because without you, I wouldn’t
be the person I am today. ♪♪ [Laughs] He’s sweet. ♪♪ Oh my gosh. Oh, Kalen! Did you know that you had such a
big impact on her life? I knew that just by being
nice to people, I could have an impact,
but not that much. ♪♪ Like I didn’t know that those
kinds of words would be so impactful on her. So, when you have the
opportunity to tell somebody how much they mean to you-
you need to tell them so that they can keep doing it
for other people. ♪♪