Hitler Plays Bully: Scholarship Edition (Part 2)

Mein Führer, what are you going to play now? I’m going to play “Bully” in my new computer. Of course, I want to bully some students and the teachers. Don’t forget about Steiner, my Führer. Well, Steiner just stole the game’s CD from Nazi Store which is located in here. The owner of that Nazi Store is my fish. She wants you to bring it back. Fine, Jodl will change it, Fishy man. But my Führer, I object to you playing this game. HOW DARE YOU OBJECT ME? GTA is way better game than Bully. Goddammit, you idiot fool. I DON’T CARE! Object one more time, I will kill you, idiot bald ape. I’m here to tell you that you are playing “Bully: Scholarship Edition”. I f*cking know that. My name is Hermann Göring. Uhh. I’m hungry and I want to eat this game. Göring! You can’t eat this game. Just eat yourself Dumbass. I’m gonna stop them. Fight, *****! Fight *****! My Führer, stop being racist to that poor guy. Shut up, ******. I can do whatever I want. Please calm down, my Führer. It’s just the game. Goddammit, you piece of shit. I DON’T CARE! Speak again, I will take your mouth out of your face. Come fight me, you freak. Do you think you can beat me? You are running away like a pussy. FEGELEIN! What? I have to go to the class FEGELEIN! What? Can you stop touching my ass? It wasn’t me. It was Keitel. It wasn’t me. DUMBASS. Please, stop lying to the Führer. Shut up both of you. – My Führer, what are you… – My fish can do better than that. – I’m hungry and I want to eat your fish. – You did the right thing. Silence, I have to take this geography class. This is my favorite lesson. I don’t know, my Führer. I thought you’re stupid as everyone in this room. I learned this at the academy. F*ck! So f*ck! So f*ck! What? You just said this is your favorite lesson. Shut the hell up! How many times do I have to tell you to shut up? F*ck! So f*ck. Maybe you need my help. He doesn’t need your help, idiot. How dare you call me an idiot? Actually, the Führer can’t do it anymore, Skeletor. Have you lost your mind? I just offered my help. Stop disturbing Dolfy, you idiot Krebs. Please, let Krebs help the Führer, you idiot Bulldog. Don’t you ever say Bulldog to me. You think you’re better than me? Let’s fight me and you. Come on! The Führer didn’t even need your help. He lost his concetration because of you. Shut up, *****! Shit. Fight, *****! Fight, *****! It’s time to bully some teachers. – But, my Führer.. – You have to respect your teacher. – Eat Fegelein. – My fish can bully way better than you. Silence, it is fun. I hate teacher anyway. Eat that, fool. Eat that, fool. Eat that, fool. So f*cked. Shit. YA YA YA YA YA. Come on and get me, you ass-ass. Please, can you stop this madeness? You have to respect your teachers. Shut up, *****! F*ck! YA YA YA YA YA! My Führer, I have to admit, you’re the best bullyer I’ve ever seen. I think you need to see this, my love Monhke. F*ck! Shut up, *****! Eat that, loser. Dafuq? Shut up! Fight, *****! Don’t mess with me. I can’t believe these losers are so strong. And I forgot to kiss someone. YA YA YA YA YA! Fight, *****! YA YA YA YA YA! Please, Dolfy. Let me play before it’s late. Himmer.. Don’t disturb me while I’m fighting, Himmler! Dammit Skeletor. Ask your wife to shut up. Stop bloody crying, you idiot wife. STOP CRYING! Cry one more time, I’ll kick your husband’s ass. You can’t fight all of them, my Führer. Just let me play it, I can fight. Just go f*ck yourself, Fegelein! FEGELEIN! Why can’t I play this game? I’m the master of Antics. I don’t care if you’re master of Antics or not. You have to let me play this game now. If you do, I’ll find Berlin for you. Fine, I let you play it for a minute. *Krebs playing* You need to see this, guys. Don’t you ever get caught by them teachers. I can’t believe you let him play. He doesn’t know where Berlin is. What were you thinking? STFU! If you get caught, I’ll kick your ass. You f*ck! Look what you did! I lost all my weapons. Shut up, *****! Eat this, fool! Krebs, yah. Full of lies and corrupt man. My Führer, I want to play this game. Thank you so much, my Führer. Eat this, bitch! Get me, you idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Come here, you disgusting teachers. Idiot. Idiot. Shut up, you f*cking *****. You’re just as idiot as them. Give my game back! Eat this, fool! – My Führer. – She is the principal. – Respect the teacher. – Who cares? Shut up! Fight, *****! What are you doing? You idiot. You always bully innocent students. Just let me play this game, or my wife will cry again. Watch your ugly mouth. I can’t let you play this game, you Wankstain. Goddammit, stop disturbing me! STOP DISTURBING ME! My Führer, you’ve never let me play. Shut up, you f*cking *****. I don’t care about tou anyway. That’s enough I hate when you call me a *****. I’m gonna kill you, asshole. Why did you just shoot me? I’m f*cking tired of you, idiot bulldog. Now look what you did! You broke your own computer, idiot. – Nobody cares, it’s his computer. – You idiot jerks, you’ve never respected your own leader. – You did the right thing, my Führer. – You broke your own computer. – FEGELEIN IS DEAD. It’s all your fault that my computer is broken. YA YA YA YA YA. Are you okay, Dolfy? No, I’m not okay, you stupid giant. I heard there was a gunshot. Of course, there was. That freak Fegelarse.. got f*cked. That freak Bulldog actually wanted to kill me. He sucked. He failed and killed Fegelein. FEGELEIN! What the? It’s impossible. Nobody can’t kill the master of Antics like me. Do you want to fight? Mind your words.