(Jazzy music plays) Chaoshander Giantdad Bandit Soul level- 99 48 Vitality 66 Endurance 12 Attunement 16 fuckin’ strength 10 Dexterity But don’t tell anyone you leveled that up, u fuckin’ faggot What are you? A Casual? GIANT’S GIANT’S GIANT’S Become UNSTOPPABLE What rings you got, bitch? Havel’s Ring. Ring of Favor and Protection. Stamina, Health, Endurance. EVERYTHING you could ever want! Black Flame. Black Flame. That means New Game+ bitches! Father Mask- the best looking mask in the game. And of course, *don’t fuckin’ forget* Your chaos Two-hander and Grass-crest Shield Well, what is it? Are you PRO yet? It’s time to fuckin’ PWN some noobs. “Initiate phase one” (Existence VIP by Excision & Downlink playing) “Power up the BASS CANNON” “FIRE” (Beat drops quite hard) WUB (x1) WUB (x2) WUB (x3) WUB (x4) (Various WUBs) WUB (x1) WUB (x2) WUB (x3) WUB (x4) (Artful salt production) (Music reverts to a more docile state) (Another drop begins to build, symbolizing the persistence of the jam and the Legend)