Heads Up | Mentally Healthy Workplace

Managing the mental health of the work force
in a big business is challenging. Lots of employees, conflicting priorities and different
working environments are some of the challenges business leaders and managers face in supporting
the mental health of their people. Promoting mental health in the work place benefits everyone;
employees, managers, and organisational leaders. And everyone has a role to play, both in looking
after their own mental health and creating a mentally healthy environment for others. Unfortunately around one in five employees
are likely to be living with a mental health condition, which can affect their wellbeing
and productivity. And with untreated depression and anxiety costing employers around 10.9
billion dollars every year, creating a mentally healthy organisation is a key to improving
business performance. Thankfully, there are a number of cost effective actions you can
take. Here are 10 ideas to get you started. One: Increase awareness of mental health conditions
by providing awareness resources and training to staff and managers. Two: Reduce stigma and build understanding
in the workplace by arranging for someone to share their personal experience of a mental
health condition and recovery. Three: Increase awareness of people’s roles
and responsibilities relating to mental health by providing information to all employees. Four: Increase awareness of your business’
commitment to creating a mentally healthy workplace by letting your employees know what
you’re doing. Five: Support employees with mental health
conditions to stay at or return to work by developing plans tailored to their needs. Six: Build the skills and confidence of the
employees, so they can approach someone that they may be concerned about. Seven: Through training of staff and managers
create a discrimination-free workplace where diversity is respected. Eight: Monitor workloads and working hours
and address concerns directly by looking at resource levels. Nine: Ensure a zero tolerance approach to
bullying through processes to handle inappropriate behaviour. And ten: Provide clarity on job roles by ensuring
employees have an up-to-date job description. This will mean they know what is expected
of them. To find out more on how you can make your
workplace more mentally healthy, visit headsup.org.au, because a mentally healthy workplace is just
good business.