Hatriot Mail: Aggressive Edition

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today’s new member of the day is Laura Saint John Laura thank you for being a David Pakman
show member the David Pakman show absolutely depends
on members like you let’s go to hey treat
male I want to warn our audience Louis
there’s some very aggressive stuff this week in our two hatred males let’s go to the first one right away vs
dieser owned your lip tarde Constitution
denying access one question baby are you for the people bowler for their blood-drenched the
Leafs I RA and then just as a reminder if you
don’t remember what hatred now is we get crazy hate mail in our email and we take that and its red by a professional voice-over
artist and then we turn it into hatred male here is one more alluding I think if I
understand correctly to some kind of gay sex with President Obama or something kinda
implying that we love everything Obama does on this
show let’s take a listen to that one you know Obama at least give you the
courtesy of a reach around a while you were getting it up the rear
demand is a fraud rights so it you know i mean that’s
obviously whole areas and absurd Louis but do people really watch this show and not
realize that we’ve been criticizing Obama for a long laundry list of stuff
for years earlier or is that just something people like to say because the show is progressive I think
that’s probably it babe there’s a lotta assumption there that you just love
Obama that you’re an Obama bot or old and Obama time and I think it’s easy just to throw insults at you
just because you’re liberal but you’re right we have been very critical
of Obama but I guess unless you want him dead you not being critical enough yeah maybe
that’s the barometer that the standard to which job by which were being judge I really
don’t know in any case there’s hatred mail for this week I very very very dull elaborate
criticisms if nothing else out there Lewis indeed yeah