#HatNotHate on Fox 5 News!

>>Alright, earlier this year we introduced
you to a very special organization called Hat Not Hate. They’ve been collecting blue knitted hats
in an effort to stop bullying. And we applaud this initiative. And joining us right to tell us more about
it and the results, is Shira Blumenthal, the Brand Ambassador- eh, you know what? Sometimes it’s one of those days!>>Hey! Y’know it’s all good!>>Anyway, she’s the Brand Ambassador for Lion
Brand Yarn Company and also we wanted to mention that you’re the founder of Hat Not Hate.>>Yes I am.>>That’s very important! It’s good to have you here, Shira. You know what?>>Thank you so much for having me back!>>You know the last time you were here we
were talking about your commitment to making sure that we teach our kids, and everybody,
about, you know, the dangers of, of bullying. And you’ve done an amazing job. And you set a goal for yourself and you have
surpassed that goal. Drumroll please! Tell everybody how you’ve done.>>Well I’m going to give a big shout out to
my friend Jessica.>>Woah!>>23,117 hats!>>(applause) This is fantastic! And you have great cooperation and support
all over the country. Break it down for us.>>You know, two years ago when I started this
campaign, over two years ago, I never thought that it would take off like this. I have to tell you, Ernie, and I said it last
time, everyone is effected by bullying.>>Oh sure.>>And I believe that you know with the notes
and hats, getting all these hats. One woman, actually, in Manassas, Virginia
she made 290 hats.>>Really?>>290 hats.>>Thats tremendous. I mean->>And when she spoke to me, she said,
“Shira, these hats were like therapy to me. Going through each one.” And it really- reading, I don’t know these
people. We’ve received thousands of packages of hats.>>But they hear your message.>>They hear my message and they want to end
it!>>You’ve done a great job. You were telling me about PS 16 a Staten Island,
that’s another great success story.>>I want to give a big shout out to Chrissy
Vigliotti. This assistant principal, she embraced Hat
Not Hate with arms wide open. The kids were just so into he concept of Hat
Not Hate and what it means. And that each of those hats they were wearing,
over 500 students, and she had the staff, she had the faculty, everybody, wearing these
blue hats that were made with such love and intention.>>Amazing. Shira, you know, this is so important. We’ve talked about this, we’ve done other
stories on the air you know how people are effect by bullying and how dangerous it can
be. We’ve talked about suicides.>>Yeah.>>This is heavy stuffy.>>It’s heavy stuff.>>Something got to be done and you’re doing
it and I think it’s important. There are some of these great, heartfelt stories. And they come out and they tell you exactly
what a difference- You’re seeing the difference, though. These kids are connecting with one another
better.>>They are and it’s the people that are making
the hats are helping spread the message and then they’re giving. You know, I say that each, you know, that
the people that are helping spread the message of Hat Not Hate are my blue soldiers. They are helping me spread this message of
blue.>>Well, you’ve 23,117, right? Which is fantastic. But we like to make news on our program.>>Oh!>>So you’re going to announce from what I
understand your goal for next year.>>I like to dream big. I’ve always been told to dream big. So, for my goal, August 1st, 2020, I would
like to collect 100,000 hats.>>Wow! Really? 100,000? That’s a huge number!>>It is.>>You must feel confident.>>Oh I feel very confident. Hey, you invited me back and I am here.>>We want you to come back, ok?>>Okay!>>And we’re going to make news to get 100,000
hats!>>Yes! 100%>>Shira Blumenthal, thank you so much,
congratulations to you.>>Thank you so much, Ernie.>>Alright, coming up next here, my question
of the day and it’s all about kids in school. Don’t go away I’ll be right back.