Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying

the Lenape Regional High School District
distributes a pamphlet to all students and staff entitled harassment
intimidation and bullying what it is and what to do if it happens to you
harassment intimidation and bullying can take many forms any gesture written or
electronic verbal or physical that threatens or endangers the physical or
emotional well-being of a student or staff member can be defined as
harassment intimidation or bullying this may include acts perceived to be motivated
by race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or a
mental or physical disability or acts or actions taken when one person exhibits
perceived power or control over another the Lenape district is an equal
opportunity and equal access educational institution and it prohibits acts of
harassment intimidation and bullying among students, staff and visitors sexual
harassment can take many forms from constant or inappropriate joking to
threats or even physical assault your co-workers or fellow students can make
your work, study or living environment uncomfortable for continuing sexual
comments suggestions or pressures if another’s actions make you feel
uncomfortable or uneasy you may be experiencing some form of harassment
please seek advice or help through a teacher, coach, counselor or school administrator
by talking about the problem you’ll learn the various options open to you
and gain a sense of control over the situation the entire school community is
a victim when the person doing the harassing is left unchallenged and free
to continue the behavior or free to seek out another person to harass don’t be a
victim seek help and report harassment it shouldn’t happen here