Gretchen Wilson Faces ‘6 Months In Jail’ After Arrest For Allegedly Fighting On Plane – Lawyer Speak

An alleged incident over using a plane’s bathroom could cost Gretchen Wilson. After her arrest, a legal expert EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife com that the ‘Redneck Woman’ could face jail time and pay a big fine!    Gretchen Wilson, 41, was arrested at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Aug 21 over an alleged fight during an American Airlines flight. She was charged with a misdemeanor for breach of peace, and while that may sound like a minor offense, it could wind up being a major nightmare for the “Redneck Woman” singer “Breach of Peace in violation of Con. Gen. Stats. sec. 53a-181 is a class B misdemeanor,” Pamala Favreau, Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorney explains EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife com. “It carries a maximum term of incarceration of up to six months in jail and/or a $1000 00 [fine].”    “It is up to the Court whether or not she goes to jail,” Pamala adds “However, most cases are negotiated between defense counsel and the prosecutor with Defense seeking a lesser offense or an infraction if possible Additionally there are diversionary programs in Connecticut, which are available to persons with no prior criminal record ” Pamala tells that instead of jail time, Gretchen might engage in such programs “such as community service or anything the court seems reasonably related to the rehabilitation of the accused ”  If Gretchen has a prior conviction, and the record is “not significant,” then Pamala says that the “court or the prosecutor could agree to allow the accused person to perform community service or make a charitable contribution to the Victims Criminal Injury Compensation fund” as part of a deal This could get the prosecutor to choose not to prosecute, or just have the court dismiss the whole case  How did this all go down? Gretchen allegedly got into a confrontation with a fellow first-class passenger over the one bathroom in their part of the plane Allegedly, she got into a shoving match with the other passenger. When the plane landed, the authorities met her out on the tarmac “While interviewing the accused on the jetway she became belligerent towards the troopers, and caused a disturbance The accused was ultimately taken into custody for Breach of Peace,” the Connecticut police said to HollywoodLife com in a statement.  Gretchen reportedly was issued an in-flight citation during an Oct 2007 American Airlines flight from Nashville to Los Angeles, according to TMZ. She reportedly said “f*ck you” to one of the flight attendants when they asked her to put her dog back into its traveling case Whether or not this alleged incident influences her current situations remains to be seen