1… 2… 3. (LOL.) Uh~ Uh. *AUGHUHGGHUHG* A-YO, Good morning Logang, WHASPOPPIN! I’m just trying to wake up guys, I’m just.. *eughhh* You good bro?~ I don’t know, I gotta take the survey… JUST KIDDING, F#$% THAT. Cos’ I’m good, you know why bro?~ *YAUHAMAHAAYUHAMAA* Look at this merch bro, I just got this, like I’ve seen pictures of you guys wearing this merch The brand new Maverick merch, and I still didn’t have it yet, and I just got it today BRO I GOT A WHOLE BOX~ TAKE ONE EVAN! (man up Evan…) how you doin’? It is a little big on, I threw a large at you… BUT~ YOU LOOKIN’ SWAGGY AS F#$%!!! BUT, you know what else is happening today? (tell us Evan.) VidCon? VIDCON! YAHYAHAYHAYAH! *flapflapflapflapflap* Yeeee~~ Also, I just wanted to say, we are legitimately the sexiest most determined family on YouTube, not on YouTube, on the internet. You guys are getting your merch, and you guys are taking the best pictures I’ve seen for a brand, and using the #BeAMaverick… CHECK THIS OUT. (I LIKE~) HOW CAN WE ALL BE SO AWESOME?!?!?!? Its MUUHBOII, guys, I’ve missed him, I know you you’ve missed him… It’s young doggy Kong!~ Hi Puppy!~ How are yo.. *hehehe* Your tongue is more tonguier (?) than ever! You’re getting bigger Kong, you’re becoming more and more savage everyday… Look at these teeth *RWEEEEGHEEUHH* I’m going to stop bothering you buddy, OK? I guess you can go back to sleep now *CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ OUGOHUGHOGUHG* Look who here… Look who’s here bro~ I’m just kidding, I already intro’d you…. BRENDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! You liking that new merch bro, It might be one of the most fire pieces that we have HEAT! *ha~ ha~* (Evan~?) Its been a while bro, DO IT~ *ha~ ha~* HEAT! What happening today, so, number 1 on the agenda… yeah~ sort of. There are these 2 pretty girls coming over, they are country singers, I think, 2 blonde… twins bro~ (time to smash) Who plays guitar… who are musically talented… yeah bro~ They’re down stairs? No no no, Brendan come back… ahhh.. we’ve lost him No, they should be here in a sec… Ayla! I mean… oh, Jesus… (why have you betrayed me) Come on bro… Evan, I didn’t mean it, Evan, stahhp… Evan… Ah.. ok… fine whatever… we’ll get him later. ANYWAYS~ (you good bro?~) *ding dong* Woah~ look who’s here, that wasn’t planned at all… ANYWAYS~ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH~ So welcome to my vlog channel… This is Dia and Dixie… Hey!~ Hey guys, whaddup?~ (save him Brendan, QUICK) and what do they do? Oh yeah~ thanks Brendan… You guys are making me nervous… you guys are so pretty~ I don’t know… what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? I DON’T KNOW IM F#£$%*! CRAZY BRO~ We sing country music, if you can’t tell by the hat and the boots… Ooooh~ but where’re you from? Orlando, Florida. Flew all the way out here. *EUHGUHGEUHGEEUGHEGUEH* Not like, right in Orlando, like… on the outskirts How do you guys know each other? We’re siblings, all of us What ages are we talking about here? 19~ 17~ 15. Bro, what did you say over there? 15 How tall are you? 6’3″ Ahhh~ sick bro. Get the hell out of my house, I don’t support overgrown ch.. ch… manchilds here, bro~ hold him back~ woah, JESUS, EVAN IS STRONG AS F#$% So yeah, I kinda wanna walk around VidCon like this.. but… ca.. can you sing me a song?.. maybe?.. Yeah~ *HUGHEGUHGUHUHUGH* What instruments do you guys got? I play the guitar… I play the banjo… and this is uh… a box. Just a plain old box I’m going to say this again, get the hell out of my house bro Yo, Evan.. sidebar bro… sidebar Bro, I forgot why they’re here, like I literally forgot, did you invite them? But, I didn’t know they were coming until like… 3 minutes ago Then was it Ayla, maybe? They’re going to watch this vlog, and they’re going to be like ‘It had to be Ayla, right?’ This is awkward… Should we still listen to the song? Yeah~ we should right? Yeah, lets go What we got, what we got? How do we know that for sure? Guys, we could just be assuming… yeah~ I don’t know… Brendan, you wanna go out and dab bro? Ooooh~ Oooh~ Oooooooooooooh~ People are discovering that you can easily get on top of the hotel over there, and… I should stop vlogging about it, but F#£$ it Where they at doe? Yo, whats up guys?~ Hahahahaha~ she wants to buy my merch personally, I got a better idea, stay there Everyone loves a good rubber band dude… what you going to do? UOOOH, you bitch… *AGHAGAH* I’M COMING FOR YA… I’M COMING FOR YA Imma getchya… Imma getchya… F#$%! Merch bro~ merch ball. Yo, that’s kind of a toss tho.. I know that for a fact that someone down there is going to record this and report me I love the Logang, and yo, the people living in this building and monitoring me like… I’m sorry, I live the Logang, I’m going to give them their merch. NOOOOOOOO~ ‘You gotta do that again’… Thanks for coming guys, be a Maverick… Now we’re going to get kicked out It wasn’t aerodynamic enough bro~ when I picked it up, I was like, I need one more rubber band, I was like F#£$ it bro~ I could easily cut that out and make it seem like the one just made it, BUT I’M NOT GONNA…, it’s kinda funny Anyways~ how are you guys? We’re good, we’re good~ Can you sing a song?.. Imma… Imma be right here.. I mean… it was ‘aight… I’m just kidding, that was dope! That was dope! Yo, I made fun of it, but I think I like the box the best You guys don’t know this yet because you haven’t seen the edit yet, but that song reminds me of me and Evans friendship a lot, so I just put an ‘Evan and I’ montage… that we actually haven’t shot yet I wanna sing a country song, I don’t know if you guys know this but.. I’m a country singer # Sittin’ outback in my good pair of jeans… # #The street’s pretty dirty, I got my pick up truck, and my good pair of jeans…# # Eatin’ my can of beans…# # There’s worms in the ground…# # I got country home, that’s where I’m found… # # I milk my cows… # # Wooooow~…. # (Owen Wilson LOL.) Ok guys, back to business… As you know, Evan, Brendan, Ayla, and I are going to VidCon But.. we had this idea where I wanna strap… *PFPFHAHTHATHAH* WHAT THE F#£$ WAS THAT?!! replay~~ (nice…) Are ya good bro?~ Do I need to give you the survey? No, I’m good~ I think you do… Here we go bro, we always got one on deck. Ayla, would you mind giving this survey to Evan?… Hey, wait. Don’t forget the writing utensil Circle one What’d you do? NO, you actually circled ‘one’ you SON OF A BITCH! ANYWAYS~ I had this idea where I wanted to strap Evan on the back of my back You know how in India, where they ride elephants, I want to be Evan’s elephant so that explains THIS. I think this is going to work… Bro we just got to get Evan strapped on the back somehow, like I want to put a platform on here. Evan… Evan bro…. are you good bro?~ If you ask me that one more F#£$&!* time… Are you going to hate me?… Are you good br… *AGHHHH* F#$%, he’s not good bro~ Alright, back to business, this chair bro, lets see what we can do with this… but first we got to figure a way to… OH NO~ The legs are off the chair, lets see what we can make I’m just Logan, I’m not an architect or anything so I’m going to try and figure out if… (good job Logan…) This is going to take a bit of engineering, I did go to college to be an engineer though… You only made it through one year (BURRRRRRRRRRRRN) F#$% Didn’t you graduate.. wait, didn’t you drop out with a 2.3? what the f#£$?… that was f~£$%! up Wait, it was like a 2.3 yeah? By the way bro, they can still hear audio, you didn’t do anything… I know~ Yo, I got it, I got it… Oh yeah bro~ yeah bro~ yeah bro~~ YEAH BRO~~~ What’dya say Evan?~ Let’s do it~~ Maybe, you could try sitting on it first Evan, you need to lean back I think I don’t know how I’m gonna… Is it working?~ YEAH! Is it working!?!~ He’s about to fall off! NO, it’s working bro!~ Ayla! Ayla, come here! Ayla! AYLAAAAA~ look You just going to hold on like that?~ I’m dying bro~ I’m literally dying bro~ *AUGHHHHHHH* F#$%. Alright, here’s the thing… F#$% that, for sure. Here’s the issue, were worried about Evan legitimately being trampled by fans in VidCon.. like bro, you MUHHBOII, I can’t let that happen…. you wanna make out or some S#%&? *slap* Bro, he hits… so F#$%£&! hard… You know what, F#@% that bro~ You’re done fighting me bro~ I can’t beat you back up I’m going to pair you with someone your own size… NOT TO MENTION~ its the next thing to do on the ‘To do’ list Number 6, Ayla & Evan Fight 2 What?~ Dinner meeting… We’ll cut to the time card… NOW! Guys, I had a dinner meeting, I stuffed my stomach with food.. It was DOPE~ Also, I jus.., can I just say, I need a hair cut, I’m aware I need a haircut, I got a mullet going on in the back here But, as you guys know, I’m shooting the movie ‘Valley Girl’ this is way off topic, ANYWAYS~ LET’S F#£$%&* FIGHT BROO~ If you noticed, I set up a ring running around in a circle… oh look it’s manager Jeff Ok.. Look! Look! Look! Look! (wtf…) Brendan, look… there’s a ring… hehe~ It’s going down bro, the only thing left is to get our contenders *CHYAAAA* Are you ready to fight? Round 2? Yeah… (what’s wrong Ayla? πŸ™ ) She’s ready this time? Well.. ok… I know you’re eating Mac & Cheese, but I can finish it for ya~ NO!~ NOOOOO!~ You ready to fight? My… Meal! Cheesy… for sure… Yeaa~ Whaa~ Why are they both just ready to fight? I though for sure it was going to be harder than that… ‘aight LETS F#$%&@! FIGHT BRO~~ but Logan! What are they fighting with? I don’t know, why don’t you take a look behind me bro~ How convenient and not set up was that? ehaa~ What’s the name’s of these things? Zorbs? Orbs? Borbs? Booooobs?~ (Psychotic laughter) I have a lot of energy tonight guys, I’m going to VidCon… I’m F#$%^$! READY BROO~ Are my contenders ready? yeah I feel like their hearts aren’t in this bro~ BUT MINE IS. GET YOUR ASS IN HERE. ALRIGHT, ONCE AGAIN, IT IS FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 2 WE GOT AYLA IN THIS CORNER LOOKING SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC!~ (kill me now…) Thanks Ayla… AND OVER ON THIS CORNER WE HAVE MY MAN EVAN LOOKING MORE ENTHUSIASTIC… YA~ YEEEEEEET! Who you got bro? I got to talk to my partner He says Ayla Ayla? I’ll bet you $3000… $3000 on Evan Beat her ass OK? I got $3000 on you, alright? He always wants me to die. NO I DON’T, I really care about you… (definitely…) You’re such a freaking liar! I just care about my content more… I wish we could play that noise over and over again That was satisfying ENOUGH OF THE STALLING! HERE WE GO, IT’S F#£$%!& FIGHT NIGHT BRO~ DUDE AYLA VS. EVAN IN THESE BUBBLE THINGS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND~ FIGHT. Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Evan: Why wait?~ No! No! No! I HAVE TO COUNT TO 3! 1… 2… 3. (LOL.) Ayla, you got to get up… You gotta get up KILL HER! Kill her bro~ Kill her. Evan has that low centre of gravity so its perf… *UEUHGEUH* You know what?… That was actually really funny… But I have a way to make this more entertaining. LET’S GO JEFF. OH S#£$! I’M NOT F#%^!&£ READY YOU PIECE OF S#£$! I WASN’T EVEN IN MY BALL I never lose.. I never lose. (you good bro?…) I never lose That’s the dumbest thing you ever done Are you [email protected]#$%*! kidding? Woah~ I’m… oh my gosh that’s going to be everywhere dude~ woah~ I don’t know why I did that WOOOOOOOOOOOO~ OK, uh, with that said, lets go to VidCon dhuud~ WOAAAAAAAH~ Guys, we have arrived at VidCon and it’s 1AM, but lets talk about the $3000 that I randomly wipped out of nowhere earlier. Here you go Kong, can you watch that? Thanks buddy~ So you guys know that I love doing money drops, I love giving back to you guys, the LOGANG last time I did this I gave away $5000, I placed $1000 in random cities across the United States we did a little scavenger hunt, and you would find them by watching the vlog. And so, I’ve decided to go even harder, with $3000, and place it at one location at VidCon WOOOOAH, so if you came to VidCon and you’re watching this, lucky you dhuud~ So, we’re about to go and place this money, although I will say, there are fans everywhere here, even though it’s 1AM. So, we have made disguises in the form of… paper plates masks… hehehehe~~ oh, god no. If you guys can’t tell, this is Evan right here, and that’s Brendan, he’s right there. It’ll be like you’re going to blow our cover, you’re an ass-hole, I definitely feel like you’ll ruin everything. No, come back bro, come on~ we gotta do this… Hey! That was Evan! My mask is a frown face ’cause normally, I’m pretty happy so I don’t think anyone would think it’s me Put the hat on bro~ I think we’re good to go Look LOGANG, we got this, we’ve don’t crazy [email protected]#£ before, lets go drop this money off. you gotta hide bro~ you’re going to give us away you ass-hole It’s not going to be Evan, It’s going to be you. Wait a second, is that DwarfMamba? Said noone ever because noone is going to see through this mask YAAA~ Alright, we’re in the lobby right now, ??????????? Alright guys, we’re adventuring out into the VidCon wilderness… nothing to see here folks, just a couple of plates walking through the street We’re good bro, no-one knows its us What?~ LOGANN~ No?~~ F#@$, OK, I’ll take a picture with you, but it’s not Logan Ya, I know…. That’s what you need to know I just like the mask, that’s why I want a picture Well in that case then.. I’m going to give you a very specific clue on my Instagram story, I’m going to give you guys a very specific clue so you have to be following me on Instagram (@LoganPaul) So, around 3 to 4PM tomorrow, I’m basically going to tell you where the location is… Just know and be ready here. and when the story goes live, be checkin’ and checkin’…. go get that money bro~ go get that $3000 bro~ I’m very happy that these masks worked out, THAS MUUHBOII~ HEY, I know that cut didn’t make any sense because I forgot and I’m doing this again, but money looks like this it is in this white bag here, but yeah, anyways, GO! Logang, you guys know I love you, if you haven’t subscribed, make sure you subscribe because we’re lit as F#@£ dhuud~ and, I’ll see you guys tomorrow when this gets absolutely insane… ‘aight, take it easy fam.. PEACE~! This is going to be sick dhuud~ this is going to be dope. Alright, you got the rest. Ah~ sweet, thanks.