Garma Festival Youth Forum: 2019 Highlights

kids like me come to the youth forum
let’s see what they’re up to we’re in this youth forum and it’s like we go
around to all the different groups and we do all different things from making
rockets to drumming and what we’re doing here is we’re designing artwork
for jumpers that AIME which is like the people that are here
are going to send to us today we’re doing a scientific experiment with the
Rockets so we’re using different variables like the wind and the water
see what impact they have on how high the rocket goes up the tree. Mine was one
and a half cups full, so kind of spiralled to the side. At the cyber-bullying
station like we talked about do the right thing, be nice to other
people, like if they’re going through something that’s really hard for them
like support them We’ve been on the iPads making music
and like putting the drum beats and the bass together I’m it’s fun like knowing
what goes into making the tunes and all that stuff well we were just um singing
songs in the local language it was something that was
really fun to try out at the ABC station we got to do recording with the
green-screen I interviewed Jack and and it was like really fun yeah
a good experience to learn about it we’ve been writing down our ideas
on what we think’s wrong and what should be changed in Australia …they just need
to be open-minded and accept people for who they are and
see what the indigenous culture’s all about you need to find
something that everyone will be into like music that’s what we do and you
want to make music or make a dance or whatever that’s going to get people our
age listening to what we have to say and learning the messages that we want to
bring across them we’re all youth and we’re the leaders of tomorrow but we’re never being heard
because you know they’re like “oh you’re just children, there just silly little ideas” but we have so much to say like
we’ve probably gone through like a whole page of just ideas and questions that we
want answered and stuff we want changed and just to be taken seriously so my favorite part of gamma is it gives other people that are here an insight into a different life I think it’s important
because it kind of like connects everyone together and there’s not such a
separation between indigenous and non-indigenous people I think it’s
important to have that connection because like at the end of the day
that’s just what we have to do as a country even if it’s not your land
specifically it’s like nice to know how other Indigenous Aboriginal peoples
connect to their land so our back home back home it’s just such a set culture
whereas here there’s so many different things to experience for people to meet
and you can learn so many different stories it’s really good yesterday the song where was the love was on and so we all had an icebreaker we’re just dancing you know getting to know each other and you know it was so
beautiful to see that different cultures and different colours of people and it
was so amazing because we live in Brisbane and we don’t normally see that
and to learn their culture and I think it’s just so beautiful