Howdy! im Frowey! There is a rule in this world … KILL OR BE KILLED Hello! My name is Toriel! Follow me,
I will lead you through the ruins I want to leave the ruins Then you must fight me! But I dont want fight Good, but you promise that you will not kill anyone! heh. hi. my name is sans dont worry, I will not kill you! hurry up! Papyrus comes here! what’s up, bro? you know “what’s up”, Sans! It would be better if you were not joking, but improved your puzzle! (Oh, sure puzzles) See ya, Sans! heh. you can no longer hide Are you ready, human? i don’t want to fight wat STOOOOP Are you okay? How are you? I’m a monster kid i don’t want to fight Please! Give me water! I WILL ADD MORE SUBTITLES SOON