Frogs are Amazing! Learn here with our Top 5 Facts about Frogs for Kids (Educational Cartoon)

Hey friend. Thanks for watching and make sure you hit
the subscribe button and thumbs up for more videos just like this. Let’s go. Hey Moe, I need your help. Good afternoon Franky. How may I help you? I need to come up with Facts about Frogs for
Kids. Frogs are very amazing Franky and I do have
some very interesting facts for children about frogs. Like what, Moe? Well the 1st fact I see in my database is
pretty interesting on how frogs eat. That is because when a frog eats they need
their eyes. Moe, do you mean their mouth? No, Franky I do mean their eyes. That is because when a frog begins to swallow
its prey, it blinks to push its eyeballs down on top of their mouth, that helps push the
food down. That is a lot of work to swallow. Yes it is. Next, for fact, #2 is that although frogs
need water they do not drink water like humans. Frogs can absorb meaning they can take in
water through their skin. So if I see a cartoon with a frog drinking
from a cup then that would not be correct? That would not be correct, but Fact #3 deals
with a frog’s skin as well. A frog sheds its skin about once a week, and
they don’t leave their old skin go to waste. After pulling the old skin off frogs then
eat the dead skin. Gross! That is nasty. Moe: Yes that does not sound like a yummy
treat. But fact #4 is not about being gross, but
being in a group. For example, a group of lions would be a called
a pride or a group of wolves would be called a pack. When talking about a group of frogs they may
be called an army, a colony or a knot. I did not know that. Well now you know. Also, Franky my final fact #5 that is scary
for humans is about the golden poison dart frog that has a toxin that could kill humans
so they can be deadly. Wow! That is pretty scary Moe. I know Franky. So that is my top 5 frog facts for kids. Frankie: This is great Moe. Thank you for all of your help.