Fox Host Arrested Drunk & ‘Belligerent’ At Airport

Fox News anchor Greg Jarrett was
arrested in a bar at the many in Minneapolis Saint Paul airport and it was in the middle of the
day which is always great when you’re getting have heard in the
middle of the day he was extremely drunk according to
reports and belligerent and he refused to follow
police all orders when they showed up and he’s on
leave right now from Fox News for unspecified personal reasons and now
he’s due in court on June 6th because if this incident so
fox news release a statement about him getting arrested they say quote we were made aware late last night that
gregg jarrett was arrested in Minneapolis yesterday and charged with a
misdemeanor he is dealing with serious personal
issues at this time a date at which Greg might return to air
has yet to be determined 0 looks like the this dude right here
might be. having his neck show in your of TV
network that may have been the worst joke ever performed in the history of the
world is what happens when you live in issue from the hip sometimes in a lot sometimes you’re way
off base but anyhoo I digress and let me continue
with this so this isn’t the first time something similar to this has happened with Jarrett on april twelfth Jared had to leave the show early
because he went on air hammered watch House Republicans are vowing to get to
the bottom of the RS candle well what about that the house
ways and means committee voting this week to hold former IRS official lowest learner in
contempt of Congress and officially asking the Department of
Justice to hold her in contempt but democrats fiercely defending her well joining us now for a fair and
balanced debate Richard Goodstein democratic consultant
former adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Martha Zoller joins us radio talk
show host and former congressional candidate for Georges 9 that dude blood-alcohol
level in that segment has to be about a hundred thousand
trillion he is rocked up son so look in all seriousness I i have a
certain degree of sympathy for the guy because it really does look like he has a problem with alcoholism like this
is a situation or where we should just be mocking in he
certainly seems like he has some sort of problem with addiction or something i mean again I want to
speculate too much here because I don’t know what’s going on his personal life
but it’s a shame in that he is in as sympathetic to others as a lot of us are to him so for example this is the guy that said Treyvon Martin
may have been violent because he smoked marijuana he also
defended the killer Michael Dunn who shot the unarmed black teen Jordan Michael
Davis so it’s funny how in the mind of greg
jarrett if your black and young a we’re probably violin if you use a
substance on my goodness you maybe you deserve to die I don’t know
I’m just throwing it out there and you’re clearly a thug but if you’re
a guy who goes on TV drunken who gets arrested for being belligerent and
extremely intoxicated in public you of course are not a thug right you
get arrested you do all these bad things you’re not a thug you’re still angel but those young black kids there the
problem in society for real well all I have to say is good luck mister gregg jarrett and we
hope you do well in your not gonna be on TV Network channel appearance debut