Former Boston College student charged in connection with boyfriend’s suicide

On May 20th… 22 year-old Alexander Urtula was
hours from graduation… When he jumped from the
Renaissance parking garage. Authorities now say… his girlfriend
Inyoung You.. encouraged his
suicide.. in thousands of text
messages. 6:30 many of the
messages clearly display the
dynamic in the relationship
wherein ms you made demands
and threats, with the understanding that she had
complete and total control over
mr urtula, both
mentally and emotionally. 44 The District Attorney… says BOTH of their friends and
family.. witnessed the abuse — that he
also described in his journal. 6:45 the investigation revealed
that ms
you used manipulative attempts
and threats of self- harm to
control him. it also found
that she was aware of his
spiralling depression and
suicidal thoughts brought on by
abuse yet she persisted, continuing to encourage him to
take his own life. 05 The DA says… You tracked his phone… to the
garage.. and she was there when he
jumped. She has since left the
country — now home in South
Korea. But in her absence.. a grand
jury.. indicted her for involuntary
manslaughter. Allegations
similar… to the Michelle Carter
case — the young woman serving
time.. after coercing her
boyfriend to kill himself. 8:18 domestic violence does not
discriminate. 22
The DA’s office… hopes You returns
to the states on her own. Otherwise they may seek
extradiction. His family is asking for
privacy. Live at Boston College.. SC WCVB NC5. If you need someone to talk to about suicide, in Massachusetts
you can contact Call to Talk. 508-
532-2255. Or text C2T to 741741. 532-2255. Or text C2T to 741741. There’s also the national
prevention lifeline. That number is
1-800-273-TALK. It’s staffed 2