For Honor – The Second Crusade

HAAUGGHH HAAUGGHH aughh… *kicks off ledge* peacekeeper shakin’ it OHMYGODDDDDD *balanced Bleed is fair and balanced. Bleed is fair and balanced. BLEED IS F- *drops and rains hell from above* *shooting star meme incoming* Is this meme outdated yet? The music video was posted in 2009 and it clearly has been around that long, if not longer. Now you see, if the meme is outdated then why are people still using it? I believe it’s because people enjoy it and they find it funny blah blah blah filler text. *whee* BLEED IS FAI- “What the fuck?” *Guy in background: Excuse me?* *Guy in background: You see, he was running from left to right.* “I saw that” “Okay, Uhhhhh” *conversation in background about pk* Background nerd: You left? “I did?” Oh, pfff-god