Final Showdown – Ending / Final Mission – Bully: Scholarship Edition

Edgar: You’re finished, you buncha bitches! Jimmy: That was incredibly satisfying! Jimmy: Edgar, go help everyone calm down! I’ve got some buisness with Gary! Edgar: Understood! Good luck! Prefect A: YOU! What is that in your hand?! Prefect B: Weapons are for PREFECTS ONLY! Russel: NO! Get off my little buddy! *Roars* Slow down so Russel can smash you! Jimmy: Aw, come on! Gary (via intercom): Your attention please: Jimmy is complete human trash! Jimmy: Gary, you little bitch! Come out! Gary: James! I’ve been waiting. Let the games begin! Gary! Moron! Jimmy: Why’d you do it Gary?! Gary: Why not? I won! I tricked EVERYONE! Starting with you, the head, the loser kids in town, AND the prefects -ME! I WON! Jimmy: You are sad, man! Gary: I might be sad, but I’ve run your world, moron and DON’T YOU FORGET IT! You did all my dirty work for me, Hopkins. You like a puppet! Only dumber! Jimmy: Whatever! Let’s finish this! (Gary Taunting) (Gary explaining his plan) (Gary explaining his plan) (Gary Taunting) Gary: The thing is: if I win, you’re just another punk! You win, and you’ll be sent away even quicker for beating up the headboy! Jimmy: Why’d you do it Gary?! Gary: Because I can! Because making little people like you and the MORONS who run this place eat out of the palm of my hand feels GREAT! Jimmy: But I never did anything to you! Gary: You would’ve! If I’d given you the chance! Face it: I’M SMARTER THAN YOU! Gary: (laughing maniacally)
Jimmy: Oh, congratulations! You’re smarter than me! You hate everyone, and everyone hates you: Genius! Gary: The head likes me! I tied him up, turned his DUMB school into a battleground, got kids expelled UNFAIRLY, put several others into therapy, AND HE STILL LIKES ME! Jimmy: You’re such a loser! Gary: Well, at least my mom doesn’t make her living ON HER BACK! Jimmy: YOU’RE DEAD! (Jimmy and Gary yelling) Crabblesnitch: Smith! I heard the whole thing! You’re expelled! Come and untie me, boy. Jimmy: Yes, sir! Jimmy: Sorry, didn’t see you there! Crabblesnitch: You know, I think I may have judged you too unfairly, boy! Yes, a little rough around the edges, but you’re a diamond boy! A diamond! Jimmy: Thank you, sir!
Crabblesnitch: Now take out the trash, would you Hopkins? Jimmy: My pleasure! Crabblesnitch:So it was you who took on this monstrous little wretch, was it?
Jimmy: Yep. Crabblesnitch: What a hero! A lone wolf!
Jimmy: Uh-huh. Jimmy: Well- no, to be honest, sir, I did have a lot of help from some friends. Like this girl, Zoey! She got expelled because she complained about Mr. Burton hitting on her! Crabblesnitch: Burton?! Well, he’s fired! I hope he rots in Hell!
Jimmy: -and a guy named Peter Kowalski! Good friend of mine. Crabblesnitch: Never heard of him! Jimmy: Yeah, well he keeps quiet. He’s kind of shy.
Crabblesnitch: Shy? The boy must be a genius! Well, he should be head of the school!
Jimmy: Pete? Great idea! Now, about that letter to my mother? Crabblesnitch: What letter?