Fast & Aggressive ASMR | Tapping and Scratching

This video is brought to you by… Audible start listening with a 30 day Audible trial and your first audio book, plus two Audible originals are free visit or text “gibi” to 500-500 I have been listening to, well, “been listening”… I just listened to the audio book version of Tom Stoppard’s play The Real Thing now I saw The Real Thing in New York a long time ago actually because Ewan McGregor was playing one of the leads Tom Stoppard wrote a couple of other plays I’ve read before like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and, his comedy is really interesting and and it, it’s…. you feel really fancy listening to it the audio book is only and hour and a half, I think so I like breezed right through it again, it was so enjoyable to listen to because they got the whole cast um, I actually think it was the LA cast, um, that performed the audio book but it was so enjoyable to listen to I personally loved it, so check it out if you want something a little bit different but, Audible gives you an unmatched number of audio books, and audible originals to choose from, so you can’t find those anywhere else every single month, members get a free credit to pick any audio book they want the credits roll over, in case, you know you like to take your sweet time and even if you cancel your membership you keep all of those audiobooks forever! They’re yours! It has a really really great app that you can use.. It has a really good website you can use, it’s just a really pleasant way to brighten up your commute, um, maybe multi-task or maybe you just want to close your eyes for a little bit, you don’t wanna do the work with your eyes I get it so you can go to or text “gibi” to 500-500 to start your 30 day audible trial and get that first audio book, and two audible originals for free! Thank you so much for watching! Hello, hello hello hello…………… today’s video is… a bit on the faster side a bit on the faster side, a little bit… more… agressive triggers because sometimes, the super slow asmr just doesn’t doesn’t cut it, sometimes ya know? so now I’m gonna shake a plant at you but it’s got these great beads that I really like the sound of this is from west elm I think I ordered it online it’s getting caught in my hair, though I have a lot of triggers today so we won’t spend too long on each one okay, I’m gonna put theses on the bed – do you mind? this is an egg carton it’s not real kind of similar.. shhhhhhhh