Here are some photos that I took there the photos were great but it was quite deserted but it was a very dangerous place guys there they sell illegal products which are dangerous hellooo guys I’m finally back! it’s been a while since we last saw each other but I think you guys already know the reason for that it’s simply because in the past month I was super busy I was so so busy that I didn’t have any spare time to make videos for you guys I have asked you all to let me take a few weeks off youtube Thank you guys so much for letting me take a break^^ and you guys were very supportive in other platforms like facebook, instagram and you guys shared so many news and left such compliments that really warm my heart seeing you guys love all the photos and videos mean so much to me! Thank you so so much! I hope through this video you guys will have a better understanding of my job I guess you are also curious about what I have to do before big shows or long work trips other than packing and choosing nice clothes to wear right? My work is divided into 2 sections: online and offline Online are photos, videos or articles that you guys see on my social media and offline are when I attend shows, events or going to shoot you guys also wonder why sometimes I disappear on Instagram for days or even weeks at those times I was usually at meetings or meeting with my team to plan out for the next month and divide the work, who will do what My work is operated with a strict system And I think that work with a system is necessary because everything needs to be organized needs to have clear plans by doing so then you’d be able to go far in your career before attending a show we need to pack of course then go to the airport and this was me at 4AM at the airport in Thailand why do I always fly at early in the morning or like 5AM? because I need to get home as quickly as possible and arrive as early as I can so that I have enough time to pack! This is Santa always following me around to help me pack Whenever I open my suitcase, Santa and Beedo are familiar with it because they know that it means I’m about to leave soon they just jump quickly into my suitcases, lay there and cry:( every time I’m on the plane or at the airport, i always try to stretch because flying a lot will make you very tired and this is my glum face when transiting^^ it’s when I have to wait to switch plane at those times when I have a few hours of waiting, I usually check my messages and see if anyone on my team is telling me to do something! and check again the work at home to see if I have anything to catch up, that’s why my face is like that:) and now it’s time for you guys to hear funny story of Cao Minh Thang!! This morning I arrived in Saigon at 9AM and I head home to pack my stuff over again then I went to some fittings and then head home to pick out the final one and then went to the gym because the last few days when I’m in Thailand I had a really bad backache so I just did two hours of stretches so that I can survive my next 20 hours flight today Mr Cao Minh Thắng was very subjective he said it only takes 30min from our house to the airport and forget that today is Friday so it’s traffic-jammed so it took me more than 1 hour to get to the airport so I missed my flight babe how do you feel about missing our flights? where’s the toothpaste? what, why toothpaste? we don’t have it here i just feel like I’m having really bad breath now Haven’t brushed my teeth since yesterday’s morning when we flew back from Thailand we woke up at 4AM in Bangkok and last brushed my teeth their blow here 80% of my flights I was flying alone so the times I’m on the plane were really sad sometimes I have Thắng with me and he always joke around which makes me so much happier! This is the most tiring part is packing up the luggages I’m always nervous about not being able to enter the country but they just look at our passport and stamp it before we fly our friends and staff at our booking-office or the ones who work at Tan Son Nhat airport always tell us that we need to be careful because our visas are to enter France but we come to Italy first so it’s not right! so we need to prove that we will stay In France longest and need to show them our flight tickets and booking rooms to prove that we will go to France and stay there for the longest and the result is, after being nervous, we have arrived here we have just put on our passports then the guy only took 1 second stamp it he stamped it immediately without even checking our visa i was very disappointed and sad the guy asked me “You’re from Vietnam?” “Beautiful! Beautiful!” while as soon as I just lend him my passport, I was stamped immediately Usually after I got my luggages I took them out and got back to the hotel get to my AirBnB I’m doing my makeup to go to an event How you doin? I’ve been doing my eyes but it’s still not perfect eyes are the hardest part How do you feel about this apartment? I only care that this house has this huge mirror so I book it don’t need anything much going somewhere that doesn’t have mirror is the worst sometimes the house we booked only had a small mirror in the bathroom that’s only about this tall so I just couldn’t see how I look and if my outfit matches then I have to jump on the chair or the bed and stand like this so then we have to ask each other if our outfits are good what do you think about my outfit? Good and then we think again, uhm maybe not so then we change again Turn over here Wow wow wowa, you’re so pretty then we went to shoot this is behind the scenes of my shoot in Milan and as you guys can see I always try to find locations that people don’t get why we shoot here try to shoot where no one else does but the photo would look interesting! Let me show you the result for this picture This is also one of the reasons why i have sunburnt all the time I can’t never have a fair skin Shooting isn’t just about 1 click and we’re done sometimes it’s like that, sometimes I only need 5 minutes for a shoot but there are times that it takes so long if I’m in the mood and we are spirited then it would be much easier but we can’t maintain a good mood all the time we can’t always be in the mood for it at all times so at times like that we just need to try harder not being in the mood can’t never be the reason for me to not shoot or not go to work and that I can’t let my feelings or my bad mood to affect other people If Thắng goes with me then I have someone to make me laugh and be happier and have someone to share and talk to but other stuff like makeup and packing I have to do it on my own of course That’s the reason why I need to facetime my makeup artist – Simakeup we’re live streaming across half the planet between Chau Bui and MUA – Phuong Si Pham Ngoc Phuong we can see the bright smiles of Phuong Si at 4AM! Vietnam timezone was forced to wake up to teach make up! In Milan the time is only 5 or 6 hours behind so it’s much better than my last trip when I was in the US it’s 12 hours behind Vietnam So Si always have to stay up with me till 4AM or wake up at 4AM to facetime and show me how to makeup! So I just want to say thank you to her, a sister that’s always devoted to me! After makeup is always the best part like after makeup and I love it, I would feel much happier This time we went to an event with Gucci was a really big success to us We are really satisfied with our pictures that day and we get so many flattering compliments about us you guys were really supportive to us Because of course when I go to show, I have to listen to your opinions and the outfit that we wore were said to prevent karma and rumors :”) I still remember during the show Thắng told me that Bò ơi Bò ơii (softer voice) We finally achieved another goal Whenever we watch a show on Youtube or on TV we always say that if we were sitting there together, we’d cry and the day at the Gucci event, we almost really cry I’m very easy to cry like because it was such a unforgettable moment, we achieve a huge goal this is not an easy thing to get because it’s not a result of 1 or 2 days of working hard it’s not easy to get the invitation so this is both an achievement and also a motivation for both of us Ok, fighting! Let’s try harder next year! to attend more shows!! so both of us can go together!! going alone is very sad after the show you guys will see me update the pictures immediately as soon as I get home it’s time to pick photos send it edit them and then update them continuously it’s like for 4 hours straight, we were still editing them at night I still remember our photographer at Milan, told me Do you guys want to go out and eat and both of us are like “we need to edit photos, need to post them immediately!” we are very passionate about this so many times you guys ask me why you don’t see me go eat after shows or why am I in Milan and not posting any food photos because we feel happier about editing and posting photos after the show more and seeing all of your comments, your compliments for us make us happier than going to eat! because we can eat anywhere and anytime but that moment is once in a lifetimes so we’d spend all our time and effort for it! Today is my 3rd day in Milan this morning I have a Gucci resee to see all the pieces from the new collection up close yesterday I was attending shows, it was crazy but I was having such a great time. And now I’m eating noodles to go to the airport soon whenever I’m running shows, noodles are the best choice firstly, is because I can eat it fast to have time to prepare and get to the shows 2nd is Thắng: I always find it’s most delicious 2nd is I’m starving and not having any enery left so I need to it it otherwise I’d faint That’s why I always have noodles in my suitcase then we will be heading to the airport I’m flying back to Saigon and Thắng is flying to Germany to wait for me I’m flying to Saigon for 2 days for work then I’ll fly straight to Venice I don’t even want to think about having to sit on the plane for 20 more hours As soon as I landed at the airport, I saw Duy and Hạnh waiting for me there with a sign “Chau Bui, Chau Bui!” you can’t even understand how ashamed I was because I was looking so bad like I didn’t have any energy left, I just wanted to cry but I was just so happy when I see them, I forget about everything else and just feels so happy I think I’m a pretty emotional woman I’m always touched and happy by the smallest thing When I was at home, I went to shoot a TVC, an ad it took a day and the next day I was packing again with Santa lying there and crying again After packing, this time I’m flying to Paris alone the next day it took 17 hours to get to Paris including transits are about a day, including check in and check out time as well When I landed in Paris everyone were there already everyone flew from Hanoi to Paris Thắng flew from Germany to Paris and I flew from Saigon and when I met them, I was so happy and the 1st thing I do as soon as I get to my Airbnb is to take out my roller this roller is what I can never live without because it helps me to relax and make my back feel much better place your legs like this and be in this exact position then roll it relax and breathe Let loose! Zip your pants first! This time I decided to invest worthily by bring my equipe with me including my cameraman, photographer my make up artist Thắng as well this time Thắng is coming to show with me so it’s the FULL TEAM! which makes me really happy about this time because this is an investment of course it’s costly because now that I’m a representation of Vietnam so instead of the time I spent 3 hours doing makeup in front of the mirror by myself 3 hours doing makeup in front of the window or many times for shooting both photos and videos by myself now I have these time to calm my nerves, get my spirits back after so many long hours of flying, traveling I don’t have the energy to do all the work by myself anymore that’s why this time I need to have my team, my crew with me here in Paris This is very worthy! because I’m super super pleased with the photos this time Instead of the money that I invest in, I could use it to buy new handbags or to travel or go somewhere to relax and enjoy But the older that I am, the more that I work I realise I want to invest in my job, my pictures because the more supportive you guys are to me and the chances I get to go out to the world and attend big international shows tell me that I need to invest in it, put my best effort into it to make it up to you guys Now it’s time to show you guys my days in Paris This is Tú say hello to everyone Tú! This is Châu Chau Chau Chau Chau Bui! This is Thắng #1 rapper in Hanoi the wig is too tight it hurts! Please be careful guys, in Paris they always try to come help us and then charge us, force us to pay them even though we don’t even ask for it and don’t need help 2nd is they will pickpocket us this guy is an example he’s not a staff here but just stands there and tell everyone what to do go here, come here but he’s not actually someone who works here it’s true that to get a good picture, you’ll do anything regardless of what sometimes we can be a bit foolish like the last time I was in Paris there’s a location that I tell Phan – my photographer that I want to go to somewhere a bit deserted, not have too many people somewhere that doesn’t have many tourists so that I can get good photos with unique, exotic angles so he took me to a place that doesn’t have anyone like I wish and… here are the behind the scenes of my shooting there we took many good photos and it’s empty like I wanted but it’s really dangerous guys because this is where they sell illegal products, just overall very dangerous When I arrived here to take photos while I was shooting, there’s an apartment nearby there’s a condominium above where I was shooting there were some very scary guys came to me and whistled and then pointed at some youngsters, their gang By looking we can already tell that they are dangerous, scary people and they were pointing at us and talking all of them turned to see us we ran so fast and when we ran to a car park to get to the mall to feel safer but not knowing that when we passed through it there were so many bad guys like that there and they saw I was taking photos with my crew I was shooting and I had my suitcase with me and so many cameras so they already saw that we carried a lot of stuff to follow us so they followed us through 2 floors at the car park wherever we go they follow us I started to feel scared and nervous afraid of being shot as well because I didn’t know if they had guns with them or not it was told that they had So I looked really dull like I didn’t have any spirit left all I was thinking was “I’m gonna die. We need to run” the whole crew were running and running and we got to the street, away from their lair if anything happened… I don’t even wanna think about it I did some research about that place I only knew that it’s dangerous and that we don’t do anything to them so it’d be okay but I was foolish this time so this is also my wakeup call to not be foolish like this anymore omg omg are you Chau? who’s Chau? Chau Buiii I’m zooming into your face it’s ugly is it ok to film Too ugly? Yea It’s fine, everyone knows I’m ugly I’m so tired I don’t wanna walk anymore.. Even though I woke up at 5 but I’m still always rushing! because it’s really hard to get a car and it’s raining Do you think I speak too much in this video? What do you guys think, can you guys stay till this point and listen everything? if you have been listening to me till this point then I’m sending you all my love! because I don’t even know what I was talking that was too long if you guys want to know what’s the hardest part, the most challenging part of my career it’d probably be how to get over myself because no one is your boss no one could force you to go shoot no one would force you to work seriously so you need to have that huge passion in order to success I hope you guys would still like this video I think that I speak a little too much but if I don’t then you guys wouldn’t understand what each footage means because i couldn’t film the whole thing, it was quite separated so now I’m placing 2 lamps in front of me to talk to you guys because I can only have this quite atmosphere at night to talk to you guys because in the daytime my house is pretty noisy so I don’t want it to affect you guys Thanks for watching guys! I have to go to sleep now because I’m going to shoot tomorrow! Hope you guys like this! Bye bye!