Event at Eastwood Mall teaches kids importance of kindness through fun activities

Today was Kindness Saturday today at EastWood Mall. Kids learned ways to show acts of kindness. 27 First News Reporter, Briana Ray-Turner, talked with parents and kids about what they learned. October is anti bullying… non violence awareness month The Eastwood Mall came up with an idea to bring the young community together. ZARENITEE BEANS, DAUGHTER:”WE’RE LEARNING DIFFERENT THINGS ABOUT SCIENCE.” THE MALL IN brought Mr. Science to teach THE KIDS about kindness. He performed tricks and let the kids assist him. Each task required kids to work together to learn how to communicate kindly to solve problems. Zarenitee Beans says her favorite part of the show was when Mr. Science made a cloud of smoke. BEANS, DAUGHTER:”BECA USE IT FEELS LIKE WE’RE IN THE SKY.” Zarenitee’s mother, Sarah Beans, says she heard about Kindness Day on the radio and wanted to surprise her daughter. SARAH BEANS, MOTHER:”I WAS LIKE WELL LET ME TAKE ZARENITEE TO THIS. SHE’LL HAVE A GOOD TIME. IT’S FREE.AND IT’S GOING REALLY GOOD.” Beans says teaching kindness is so important because kids can be cruel at young ages. BEANS, MOTHER:”BECAUS E MY DAUGHTER STRUGGLES WITH IT..SHE DOESN’T BULLY PEOPLE..SHE GETS BULLIED.LIKE WHAT DO YOU EVEN TELL YOUR KIDS WHAT TO DO WHEN IT’S LIKE THAT.” Beans says that she hopes that everybody learned something. BEANS, MOTHER:”BUT I’M GLAD THEY’RE HAVING AN EVENT LIKE THIS TO TEACH THEM THE KINDNESS AND THE SHARING AND STUFF.”