eSafety for parents – Cyberbullying 08

If you discover that your child has been
engaging in bullying, either on or offline, I think this is
probably a clarion call for you to get involved
and find out what’s going on in your child’s life. What lies behind this behavior? The most important thing is to
stay as calm as you possibly can, not get angry with
the people who told you, but to thank them
for the information. And then sit your child down,
explain what has been said. Get their side of the story
without interrupting them. And then you need to get
the facts from the school. You need to talk to the
school about your role in helping resolve this problem. Many parents get quite defensive
and start blaming other people. I don’t think that’s helpful. But for me, this
is a sign that you need to get inside
your child’s head. Find out what’s going
on in their life. What’s happening
with their friends? What’s happening in school? Are they, in fact, happy or
anxious or depressed or sad? What’s going on? This is your opportunity
to get involved.