eSafety for parents – Cyberbullying 01

of the most important skills for young people to
learn is how to respond when they are, in fact,
being harassed online. And it’s pretty simple really. We have to make
sure that they do not, under any
circumstances, respond. You mustn’t feed the trolls. You mustn’t give
them encouragement. So the most important
lesson that parents need to articulate
really clearly– And I’m talking about hold your
child’s face in their hands, and say, look at me. –is not to respond. The second is to get
some help from an adult, to basically let someone
know that this has happened. And then what you
do is you block the person who has
been horrible to you. But you do not
delete the evidence. You need to save the
evidence so that we can show the authorities,
the school what has actually transpired. And we also need to sit
with them a little bit and get them to understand
that they haven’t done anything wrong, to think about
this a bit differently, that this is actually about the
insecurities of someone else, that they’re not a bad
person, and that this is no reflection on them.