Challenges of a Lightworker, about 11 in the morning here today I wanted
to do hopefully a short video to understanding your spiritual Path encourage lightworkers out there and to
help you become aware of the challenges that you’re gonna fees as a lecturer so
when I was about seven years old I remember thinking like where is my
mother ship because these people are batshit crazy like they are I remember
thinking that there was absolutely something wrong with my family but the
outside looking in perfect but there was nothing wrong and
but on the inside my inner reality never matched by a reality so inside I’m
thinking this all doesn’t feel right but I knew that from people on the outside
looking in it looks right so we had I had come by
cognitive dissonance because I had to completely which which one that is what
that means you want is that you’re holding Chu ideas in your head and
complex or two beliefs within you that are in conflict so I’m feeling con
Edison is now what happens in honor all 10 level is that lets save use this is
one neural pathway this is another no power or New Orleans right so what
happens is when talking about pathways we’re still has the greenest city so
when you have two conflicting beliefs you don’t have synchronicity and so the
space between my fingers as a sent out right and Ty Lawson apps now in helping
belief system what happens is you have a circuit so there’s one circuit that that
is in alignment with the 2nd circuit and i was just just as beautiful flow of
electricity so think of it as a belief I am enough I am I not I am NOT the
conscious mind is in alignment with the subconscious mind that I am enough this
beautiful infinity gets created when I am enough and I know that I am enough
and I feel in our hearts days we have enough space would shock membership has
been hell there’s this big beautiful infinity loop that goes on in my body
and I feel is agreed I feel enough and I know I am NOT
whenever you have two conflicting ideas in your head that are not in alignment
you get decent it so the circuits girl interrupted the flow can’t flow because
i think im enough but I don’t feel like I’m enough I think I feel real but my
out no one acts like I’m Rio I have these feelings but mom doesn’t validate
you feeling so we get we get a mismatch so we have a misfiring so the electrical
impulses that is supposed to use this this circuit together or allowed our
circuit of flowers does this right includes broken and I believe that in
this broken space in the bread in the brain on oral on a normal level is
that’s where we get an interruption in our signal that’s where we get BrainPOP
because the circus just aren’t there just not driving and so I thought that
was my constants know what I was messed up you know what I grew up you know I
grew up with this convo dissonance what’s happening but everybody’s out
like everything’s ok it’s the elephant in the room syndrome so as early as
seven years old and I think probably even earlier but I have memories
attached to being seven and thinking something’s wrong i talked about the
road back to me talk about being seven years old and climbing on top of my
father’s Latin saying and I remember the feeling I mean I literally go back in
time right now I’m speaking to you I can go back in time around number feeling seven and sliding on my father’s
lap and being afraid but I said it anyway which means I had courage because
there is no cars without fear so as young as 7 I felt this the fear and I
went ahead anyway I don’t think mommy loves me and he said don’t you ever say
that and I never did and in that moment this
belief was created that it’s better to tell people how you feel and so think
about what happens on a normal level when you you unconsciously this down on
has been created like it’s bad to tell people how you feel now there’s fear
associated with that so now we’re talking about the pain vs pleasure
principle where there is fear associated with challenged people how do you feel
now the brand I want to seek pleasure and the closure is don’t tell people how
you feel because you’re afraid of that I was gonna happen if you do so as one of
the many challenges of life worker is becoming aware that you have this
dysfunctional and that this cognitive dissonance is not involved we you enter
into the spot time-space reality hole and a divine being and when you got here
because you were born to alcohol and so narcissistic whatever the hell that
probably was you know there was a media cognitive dissonance because you weren’t
treated like you a whole and or enough and so when you become when you become a
human being an umbilical cord gets where you are you but when umbilical cord gets
cut you are completely dependent upon these people outside of you and when
your dependency needs are not met you don’t feel like you’re enough so there’s
cognitive dissonance so on level I’m not but I’m not treated like
him enough I’m manner I am matter but I’m not treated like i matter so right
in the get-go so many of us have had these types of issues so some of the
challenges that you face as a light worker is coming into the awareness of
being treated like you weren’t enough which is painful as a lot worker as an
adult what you’re going to go through as a child with my children go through as a
child is they don’t they’re always yout true purpose usually met with people who cheat them I
didn’t matter and a lot more child has this need to connect to people and is
continually pushed away and a cruise group and a child who is not very common because of the nature of the brain will
assume that that what she feels is true but should assume or he will assume
responsibility for that when she feels because the brain is not subject to the
Braves not objective and subjective so when I am treated like I’m not enough
and I feel I am enough the Grand Prix prisons is because I am not enough so if
you were alive work if you let your child you probably felt this deep deep
need to connect people which is good but because of the nature of your light worker
environment and culture you were pushed away so we have these great room so
healing that is essential which is why I created my coaching program which is why
I create these videos which is why I blog which is why I’m on Twitter which
is why I’m on inside time are which is why I’m eating intentions it’s all
because I understand the need to heal those wounds because you to be an
effective lightworkers to your communities and to do what you need to
do is a program to enhance your your environment with like you need to heal
that first and once you heal that when you come into contact with that analogy
healer that’s when your true Liebert began for the healing process is part of
our network some of us are out there telling people what we’re going through
through our through our process which is also but as an adult as a worker as you
move forward let’s say you’ve come to the veil and you know I am Alive worker
and I don’t care if you are a lot of my client is a financial advisor another
client is real estate agent another spiritual purpose client is a psychologist another client
is you know and entertainment industry another client is in the in politics but
let’s say you’re one of those people and you’ve come to the Valentine you know
that your labor moving forward you want don’t expect things to be easy because
when people went dark energy see your light they’re going to try to put you
down because misery loves company company but in addition to that the is
sort of like someone who has acne I just really really insecure about
their acne they want the lights off you know like off lights off so you can see
their dog smiles so as a light worker the more you shine the morning to be
able to to cast a light on dark energy and dark energies don’t like that so
moving forward as a laborer just want to encourage you to understand that it’s
never it’s never the goal is never to go backwards and to diminish alight your goal moving forward is to know who
you are connect your life and stay there and may
have burned brightly and expect that long way family members in laws you know
people at work people maybe a new church or synagogue or in your culture you know
even in your culture the bride you true purpose become the more able you’re gonna be
able to see the dark spots in other people and they’ll be able to the dark
spots in themselves as long as you two small lights to dim then the event you
don’t see the dark spots on other people and so you might hear them and help them
transcend is to help them understand that if they’re true if they’re meant to
heal in this last time the only way to help them is to help them understand
they’re not the dark spots even they’re not disclosed but if they believe that
they are you can help them and if they don’t want to heal you can help them and
by turning herself down and turning down your beautiful magnificent life will
never help them so your job here one as well as a Huber tendency and
narcissistic abuse and all that that’s just the cover story you know that’s
just what happened to us and the recovery that I teach is really the way
of becoming your own highlight and then doing what you want on this planet with
this gift lightheartedness and divine finally united airlines to be learning
to know that you are now it’s up to you so I hope this helped has helped
encourage you current you and how can you give you
confidence you know in terms of moving you will be challenged people will talk
about you but it’s okay it’s okay let them talk because got it gossipers Gaza mean people I mean I
think it’s tell us with Friday’s gonna hate you just have to accept that you
know and so when I say except that you know you accept it because you can’t
change it and you don’t want to drive yourself crazy because if you stay in
resistance to opposition if you are resistant people talking about you you
are in resistance is something you can control and that’s when you’re ready to
pull down the rabbit hole because you cannot control comes out of people’s
mouths so you have to learn to the in non resistance two things which you
cannot control so that you can stay in the flow and in the gym abundance and I
promise you dear ones day by day get better please consider
joining up signing up for my upcoming webinars which will hopefully began the
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because my coaching program will launch very shortly just within a few weeks and
I’m is going to change lives and it’s the way we should have been here all day
one mind body and soul not just not just psychologically
spiritually emotionally vibrationally scientifically this is scientific stop
it you’re not gonna help you feel confident about healing which is true path
emotional and and logical so we have to address all aspects and energetics we
have to address all aspects of a result and i cant wait to hear about your
stories on the other side once you guys have finished this coaching program I am
so excited about the limelight and you know it’s not just a shine on shine on