Emma’s bullying mastermind is revealed | TKB (With Eng Subs)

You have to make her talk. We need to get
information out of her. Or else we’ll be in big trouble. Papa? Papa! [SCREAMS] Are you the “Papa”
she was calling out to? Are you worried that your
dad might fall for Emma because you saw
his secret room? Didn’t I tell you not to
bring up that secret room?! What’s wrong, dear? Luna got upset
with me earlier. I just brought up
her dad’s secret room, and then she just
suddenly flared up. Wait. Vito has a secret room? That’s where Vito is keeping
all the information he gathered from investigating about
what happened to Camila. How sad. He still hasn’t moved on. I think it’s romantic. Well, too bad for his wife. [PANTING] This is where they brought
her after drugging her? Those people are sick. Are we really
going in there? Wait for me, boss! Are you going to get in my
way too, Vito dela Cuesta? You still can’t let go
of the past. And I’ll make sure
you will regret that.